Hate leads to... killing stuff.Mature

I watched Lorrie go off in search of Apex. I was a little worried. For a moment it seemed like she had sensed that I had wanted to say more. She didn't say anything about it which meant she was either being polite or hadn't caught on. I looked around the training area at the piles of bricks laying around. I knew telekinesis was one of her weaker abilities, but if you had seen the damage she had done you wouldn't have guessed.

"Computer! Reset training room. Send hologram opponents with random powers until I say stop."

My first enemy materialized. I lashed out with the force and sent it hurling into the wall behind it. From the realistic cracking sound I heard, I assumed I had broken its neck.

I wanted to talk to Lorrie. But I knew that even if I did I wouldn't be able to admit anything to her. Girls weren't my forte. I felt my next opponent materialize but something inside me, jealousy maybe, had prompted a new idea.

"Computer change simulated opponent to Apex Runiake."

The hologram shimmered and a glaring Apex stood staring at me. I smiled grimly, I wouldn't let my vision come true, and I could work out my jealousy on this creation. He threw up a hand and I leapt up, avoiding the explosion that had sprung up beneath me. As I landed I looked back but Apex was gone. I felt him to my left and threw out a hand, lightning forking out from my fingers. It him in the chest sending him backwards, but before he could hit the wall he disappeared again. He was suddenly behind me and he unleashed a stunning barrage of punches into my back. I dropped to my stomach and spun and kicking his feet out from underneath him. I threw a punch at his face but his hand reached me first and an explosion blossomed on my chest.

I flew through the air, but called on the force and flipped as I fell. I landed in a crouch but was taken by surprise as icicles began to pelt the ground around me. I didn't know he had ice. It was obvious that it was his weaker power because the icicles weren't big nor were they very accurate.

I surrounded myself in a force cloak and the pelting stopped, turned away by the power surrounding me. I charged Apex and pulled him towards me with the force as I did so. I brought my knee up as he came towards me and felt the synthetic breath exit his lungs. As he fell backwards I made a pinching motion and began to slowly choke Apex, forgetting that it was a simulation. His face slowly turned red, and his gasping motions became more frequent. I could tell he was on the brink of death when suddenly... he was gone.

The computer spoke up "Simulation Terminated for message delivery." Message delivery? I thought. Who could possibly be sending me a mes-. My heart began to sink. It was inevitable, but I had hoped to avoid it as long as I could... I knew what the computer was going to tell me before it said a word.

"Your first match has been scheduled for tomorrow at 9 am."

Crap. I was afraid, and struggled to compose myself. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate... leads to killing stuff. I trudged inside to tell the others the news.

The End

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