Ugh, girly...Mature

I screamed when I saw Apex fall and hit the ground a moment after the repulsor went done. Okay, that was just really girly. I pressed my hands up to the glass staring through it in horror as they dragged Apex off on a stretcher. My heart was in my throat and I could hear the pounding of blood in my veins. 

I brought back my fist and brought it back into the glass. I did feel the glass though because a moment before my fist hit it a force sort out smashing the glass and sending it flying. Visp looked at me with wide eyes. He'd already seen my telekinesis ability but I had barely been paying attention. The only thought that went though my mind was 'cool' and indeed it was.

Turning round and let out a slow breath trying to calm myself. I was an angry person when it came to things I cared about being hurt and Apex.... well, lets just say I cared about him alot.

"I'm going to blow off steam" I say to Visp walking off before he can reply. Honestly I don't know why I even bothered telling him but when I leave to go somewhere I always feel the need to tell someone generally where I'm going.

So I went straight to the training area and the moment I stepped in I saw walls everywhere. I smiled slowly. Seemed like the people who programmed this place already knew what I need.


"Lorrie!" Visp's voice yell. I stop spinning round quickly to find Visp racing into the training area. His movement slows as he looks around as the pile of bricks. I hadn't been able to force the bricks apart and it seemed my telekinesis could only pull things that could be pulled or break things that I could physically break myself.

"Yes?" I say walking over allowing the anger I had been allowing to fill me slowly release with that one word. Visp swallowed and scratched the back of his head.

"Well, Apex just got back and he asked after you so I thought you should know" Visp mutters. Strangely though I feel like he's holding back but I don't dare pry. I mean I could but I don't because I don't feel the need to. If it actually mattered he'd say it right? He wouldn't not.

"Okay, thanks" I say then turn and jog out of the training area into the hall. I immediately go in search of Apex. He'd been at the hospital for about 3 hours so I assumed he'd head straight to his room. I mean they'd off healed him but he'd probably been worn out. So walking to what I had assumed his room earlier I go straight in.

"Lorrie!" Apex yelled. I stopped and almost blushed because there he was stood in front of me not shirt or jeans just boxers. I stared for a moment before spinning round to face away.

"Sorry" I whispered. My heart raced in my chest pounding against my ribcage. I mean I'd caught him in worse situations but this was just embarrassing. I swallowed down my emotions though and kept a calm face.

Idiot, I merely think glad no one can hear my thoughts.

The End

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