Close DefeatMature

"Then come and do something about it!" I retorted. 

So if I went to hit him directly he could somehow join me as I flashed away from him. It looked like he could repel one explosion so far.  I could dodge anything he had to throw at me so long I stayed a distance away from him. He wasn't a long distance fighter that was for sure, I was mid ranged but, I wanted to get up close and personnel, but it was obvious he was far stronger than me, I could afford another beating like that.

He was coming at me I flashed away and fired two explosions one directly at him which he repelled and the other at his feet shrouding him dust, and smoke. He took no damage it appeared he could negate explosion damage with his repelling power.  So only a direct hit would get him.

"Is that all you got!" He roared. I smiled, the fool had no Idea that I was analyzing him.  I started to walk towards him, my fists down. He smiled running at me like a maniac I flashed behind him he anticipated this move but I moved my arm, and allowed an explosion to stop the blow, and flashed away. No effect but it had thrown him to the ground. Here was my chance I would hit him directly and make sure the explosion would be aimed at him. At that point he could repulse it away and negation of the blade would be brought to a minimum hopefully as he getting up I him with an uppercut.  I saw him smile as we were both  engulfed in flames. I hit the ground hard, this time knocking the wind out of me. My right fist was hurting, and I was sure I had dislocated my left shoulder from that one. It was hard to control the power of each explosion some where stronger others were weaker.  The Repulsor appeared behind the curtain of smoke, he wasn't even bleeding yet!  But how?"

"Good try kid, but totally useless. Nothing is gonna hit me after I have figured out how to repel it. Your good as dead!" He laughed. I flashed out of the way as he punched. I wasn't able to get to far though I was out of breath. He turned around aiming a few other punches I just barely managed to dodge before flashing away again.

"You put a good fight kid! Hell you managed to injure me a little, but your time is up. Just give up! You have used everything, and that flashy movement of your is slowing, and the time between them has growing longer. Wait had he been analyzing me the whole entire time to? Crap!

"What you thought I wasn't watching you? Idiot! "

He came at me, I flashed but but only beside him.

"Shit!" I muttered bringing my hands up my right hand to block but I was only forced into the ground. I managed to spring up and fire off a three explosions which came right back at me. I flashed again, just barely making it as debris hit me.

"Your defiance is admirable but foolish. But seeing you won't give up, I will give you something no one has ever seen before! I give you the repulsing shred!"

What a stupid name for a power or a move! I though as he raised his right arm the ground below him compacted as the air around him blurred. Wait a second that wasn't air that was field or an aura!

"Yes what you see is the heart of my power, a field that resembles a force field but its better it evolves as it encounters new types of attacks. So it only gets stronger, and the best of all the only time it drains me is when I use make it visible like this!" Why was he bothering to tell me all of this?" and when its like this I can make my arms into deadly cutting tools!" He a laughed as he showed the field around his arms spinning rapidly. He charged at me the field around him giving him extra speed. I flashed narrowly missing one of those saw arms. It crashed into the ground throwing much of it into the air. He dragged his arms along the dirt showing its cutting capability something that was truly terrifying. I couldn't flash out of this one I was to tired! He was getting closer. I snapped my fingers an explosion went off rate in front of hims surprising him as he flew backwards a bit.  I snapped my fingers again this one aimed beside him so I could smash him into the ground.

It worked  but he managed to stay on his feet. So that damn field of his couldn't stop the forces from the explosion, but he negate the burning, effect and things flying at him.  But wait that wasn't working early. So those saws of his were weakening its ability to repulse and negate effects!  Wait where was he? I turned around I could see those saws. I had to move! I managed to squeeze out more flash but as I came to stop blood sputtered from my back, I fell to the ground in pain, he hadn't pretty deep along my left shoulder i was sure the bone had been cut to.

" I'm not sure if its bravery to stand up in your condition or just cowardly fear of death! Either way kid with that wound, its over, you’re at your limit physically, mentally, and your synchronization is probably closed to maxing o,,."

"Its not either." I said bringing myself up I was shaking, but I could still move and that's all that mattered.

"What are your talking about?"

"I'm not being Brave, nor am I afraid of dying. I'm just fulfilling my promise to myself that I will win. And a promise I didn't declare in front of the others. I promised that I will beat you down for threatening them."

"Beat me down? Look at yourself kid. You can't win!"

"Why do you keep saying that? It's as if you need to tell yourself every time I stand back up you can win. Maybe its you who are afraid."

"What did you say! That's it kid your done!" He charged quickly, I flashed to the side and punched using an explosion he flew off, then I snapped my fingers throwing him high into the air. I smiled as I flashed several times surround him with explosions sending him even higher. As he flew out of the flames I saw the field around him had disappeared. His body hit ground beside me with a sickening thud, he wasn't breathing, his eyes had gone dull. I had just killed a man! The thought filled my head as the commentator started babbling as the crowd was thrown into an uproar. I had killed a man. The thought didn't quite hit me as my wounds sent me into shock. 

"Get him into hospital!" I heard a voice say as I fell backwards through the air the last thing I saw was his dead eyes looking into mine.

The End

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