Begining of the MatchMature

I woke up feeling pretty damn sore, someone had patched me up and had gotten me back to my room, or was it mine? It didn't matter I got myself up, I was hurting but the pain was minor, everything was moving fine, surprising considering that I got caught in a huge explosion.  Was I fast enough to pull of the attack? Was the reason I was like this because I wasn't or because there wasn't enough space?  I think it was because there wasn’t enough room in the training area. Even if that wasn't the case I wasn't going to pull that one off to soon anyways.  I went to open the door but Tiamone had beaten me to it.

"Oh your finally up. Lorrie is on her way up here. You wouldn't believe what happened while you and I were sleeping. The Repulsor was having a match, that broke out of the arena, and well..." He paused then continued," things got a little messy in the hallway outside our area. The guy is a raging lunatic, he went after Visp and Lorrie after.." He paused again," Dealt with his opponent then he went after them."

"He went after them." I said with  a tone of anger.

"Ah yeah, point being he is a blood thirsty mons." I cracked my knuckles shutting him up," Whats got your hackles up? "

I ignored him shouldered him as I went by, yup not my room but it was close enough. As I headed down the stairs Lorrie met me half way, with a concerned look. I smiled.

" I'll be fine, you've seen me in worse condition. As for that man, I think I have more then enough reason to fight him, a real reason." I said darkly," Did you patch me up?"

She nodded.

"Thank you, there is a lot I owe you for."

"Hey man, you wouldn't even believe what happened!" Visp rushed up, then suddenly just changed his tone of voice," Oh I will just leave..."

"huh? And I heard, I guess you, Lorrie and Tiamone handled him."

"Uh No Tiamone wasn't there, but ya we kicked his ass. You shouldn't have a problem at all!"He smiled confidently, but when I looked at Lorrie all I saw was fear. 

"Alright then, if thats the case this should be easy." I said with a fake smile, hoping it would lighten Lorrie up a little. 

"Gladiator, Aden Thornkeis also known as The Replusor, and Gladiator Apex Runiake make your ways to the arena now or face the consequences." Said A male voice sound similar to Kobish's.

"That's me. Wish me luck." I as Visp and Lorried made their way down before me.

A girl with blue hair was sitting uselessly in the hallway. Her eyes were droopy it seemed to me the drugs they had her one were still taking a effect, she probably needed someone to help her out she seemed hardly aware of her surroundings. 

"Oi Blue girl!Move!" I said rudely pushing past her.  I used my flash skill and appeared at the double doors ahead. It looked banged up but recently repaired. Tiamone appeared behind us quietly kinda freaking me out. This guy was odd that was the one thing I know was for sure about this guy.

"One of you, look after that blue haired girl. Get her something to drink or something. Looks like she got hit pretty hard by the drugs this craphole of a company gave her." I said before the door gave a click and opened outwards to an over-lit stadium packed pretty full with spectators. What kinda sick people would watch this? I stepped forwards without hesitation, I smiled confidently taking off any exposed bandages. I wanted to say something inspiring, but nothing came to mind so I did the lamest thing ever. I gave the thumbs up symbol, and said," I'll be back."  At least I saw Visp give a smile as the doors started to close.

My entrance to the arena was not a warm entrance as the crowd went silent and the general question probably being "Who is this punk?" Or  maybe everyone was saying "He is gonna be dead in no time."  Either way it was hard sum up what all these people could possibly be thinking nor did it fully matter. All I knew was I was going to prove them wrong about me, and I was going to beat this guy down for coming at my friends even if I hardly knew and despite the fact he thought I was trying to kill because of his vision. I still considered him a friend.

"The crowd Cheered as The Repulsor stepped onto the arena, waving his large overly muscular arms in the air, the crowd roared with each step the noise getting more intense. It was almost as if I could feel the intensity of their voices on the ground I stood on. We made our way to the centre staying five meters away from each other.

"Hey sorry about breaking into your place, and all. oh and I forgot when I kill ya, all of this is nothing Personnel." He smirked.  

I didn't give him the pleasure of any reaction, I kept my emotions back and focused on what the fight to come. No point in getting all riled up before a fight.

"This round begins in T Minus five seconds!" The voice cried over the speakers again, the crowd shouted. Adrenaline was kicking in the five seconds seemed to take forever, I was zoning in  on his breathing. It was perfectly calm, this man had no fear. Something I could possibly exploit?  I noted.


I flashed behind the Repulsor and gave him a normal round house kick to the side, he hit the ground hard as I flashed away from to his other side, and slamming my elbow into his face. He was now lying flat on the ground daze and confused.  I leaped into the hair using my agility giving me a good hieght to fire off an explosion.  I brought both of my hands together and slammed downwards. Orange and red grew below my fists, as a roar filled the stadium pushing me far away from ground zero. The smoke and flames had made it very hard to see what was going on.

"Wow folks, I don't think anyone seen the Repulsor on the defensive twice in one day especially by just one lone gladiator. Still lets see how things have turned out so far."The commentator babbled the smoke finally cleared, The Repulsor was kneeling, his shoulders and face were bloodied and burnt, but the rest of his body was fine. 

"Good one kid you caught me by surprise there! But it won't be happening a second time!" he yelled charging. I let him get close then flashed behind him, he swung his arm wildly missing me I got him in the gut with another roundhouse from the front, I went to flash away again but this time he came along with me.

"Gotcha!"  He left me above his head and slammed me on the ground with incredible strength. My already injured body shrieked at me. I ignored it with clenched teeth as he picked me up and threw me to the ground again. I flashed away as blood started to pool in my mouth. He started to laugh maniacally running towards me.  I fired off an explosion but as it hit him it was sent flying back at me. I flashed out of the way as the explosion hit the force field protecting the crowd.

"Don't turn this into a game of cat and mouse kid! No one here has the patients!" He yelled.

The End

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