Repelling the RepulsorMature

It kinda surprised me when Lorrie spoke to me. It surprised me even more when she agreed to come and investigate with me. I kinda liked her even though #1: she was quiet and #2: she hit me with a frying pan.  Of course I couldn't say anything about it because #1: it would make living and fighting here extremely awkward and #2: It was obvious she had feelings for Apex. I sighed inwardly, maybe once... if Apex was ever... I shook my head. I couldn't think those kind of thoughts. I turned my mind back to the task at hand: walking down the hallway.

We turned the corner. I wish we hadn't. There were two guys, or rather, a guy and what used to be a guy. It was the Repulsor. He had completely demolished whoever he had been fighting, and he had done it with the other person's powers. That was the Repulsor's power. He could use what made a person strong against them. It effectively made the two of them equals, but from the looks of it, the Repulsor was more powerful.

Lorrie and I stood there, shocked that something like this would happen here. The arena was a given, but the hallway!?! The Repulsor finished his dirty work then turned. Right. Towards. Us.


He lunged at Lorrie and I threw out a hand, using the force to throw him back. I looked at Lorrie expecting her to be afraid, but to my surprise, and delight, she was mad. Why was that a good thing? From what I heard learned so far, people's powers are sometimes reliant on emotions. Anger was a good supercharger to the powers. Lorrie ran towards The Repulsor, and before I could shout at her to come back, she punched him. He swung back but Lorrie dodged it. In fact he didn;t even touch her. It was as if she knew what he was thinking!

...Wow I'm stupid. That was one of her powers. I watched the fight in stupefied amazement as Lorrie then stuck her hand out and threw The Repulsor into the wall. It looked like she was going to win! But then The Repulsor smiled, and looked hard into Lorrie's eyes."Sleep" He said in a soothing voice. A look of confusion crossed over Lorrie's face and then she began to slow down, and hunch over. Her eyes closed as she sunk to the floor. The Repulsor's eyes turned towards me, and I began to think fast. It appeared that it took him a little while to cipher out and utilize his opponent's powers. I had to act fast and not give him a chance to think.

I leapt forward and force pushed him into the wall. Then I made a pinching motion and began to choke him. I stuck my free hand out and began to shoot lightning at him again and again. He started screaming and I hoped that his mind was now far from lucid, otherwise my coup de grace would fail. I looked him in the eyes and began to force my will on him. I waved my hand through the air as I said "You don't want to keep fighting." His face began to grow blank and he uttered back "I-I don;t want to k-keep fighting." I slowly released the choke and waved my hand again "You want to go back to your dorm and forget this entire incident." Like a zombie he repeated my phrase  back to me, and he began to shuffle off.

I sighed. That fight had taken a bunch out of me... I'd need to train hard to raise my stamina. Suddenly a prickle flared up in the back of my head... Something wasn't right. I turned my head left to see what the matter was.

That gesture saved my life. A knife went wizzing through the air an inch away from my ear. I saw The Repulsor rushing at me fury in his eyes. I didn't have time to think of what went wrong. I only had tim e to register the sight of The Repulsor pissed as hell coming to kill me.

That's when Lorrie stuck out her foot, tripped him, grabbed him with telekinesis and threw him down the hall into his Area. Then she made a cruching motion with her hands and the doorway collapsed. Lorrie and I stared at each other. Then we laughed.

The End

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