Death ScentenceMature

I was sleeping until I felt like someone hit me over the head with a jackhammer. I bolted up from my bed which was more just a mattress up on a block of metal with one pillow and a blanket. So sitting up on the edge of the bed I immediatly knew it had been my telepathy that had woke me up.

Someone must be really hurt, I find myself thinking. Getting up I swap clothes back into the ones I had worn in here from the pj's that were provided. Moving out of the bedroom and along the corridor I glance into the training area which is when I saw Apex collapsed on the flat terrain. My feet were moving before I could register the movement and I slid the last part to him on my knees scooping his head into my lap.

"You idiot" I hissed quietly. I often spoke a lot when I was alone. Just because I was a quiet person didn't mean I didn't like to speak. I just didn't like to talk to people. Odd, huh?

Looking at Apex's body I saw several wounds and found myself wincing at the amount. Last time he was this badly injured was when he took on that rich kids older brother. In fact he looked worse that time. He was more cut than bruised where as this time it was more of the reverse.

Heaving a sigh I scoop an arm round Apex and hauled the sleeping body to his feet. I staggered a little under the weight but I got him back to his room, or what I just assumed was his room, okay. Grabbing some bandages that I found, a bowel of water and a flannel I cleared all the wounds and bound them. Who ever said that first aid class would never come in handy? Oh yeah, Apex.


Apex was still completely blacked out when the roaring sounded. Glancing at him once and making sure he was all set for when he woke up with water and food I got up heading out the room.

Seeing the new girl on the floor I thought it might be here but the roar sounded again. "Excuse me" I said which she croaked an apology to before moving aside. I probably should of introduced myself but I was so intrigued by the sound that I continued to follow it.

Visp was next to me a moment later. "I wonder whose fighting?"

"You think its a fight?" I muttered. Visp glanced at me wide eyes and I realised this was the first time I had directed any words to him.

"Yeah, shall we go look?"

I nod and we were then off down the hallway in a moment. Then I found myself staring in horror because I was watching apparently the person Apex was meant to fight tearing someone apart with their own powers.

The End

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