Dumped in a HallwayMature

When Lii's day at college had finally come to an end, she glanced at the note she'd written in blue ink on her left hand: Supermarket add!! 

It was as if a little light bulb when off in her head and she nodded as she recalled her train of thoughts from her English lesson earlier that day. Lii found one of the curls at the tip of her hair and wrapped it around her finger as she sauntered towards the footpath. 

'Hey, Lii!' Jerad, a friend of hers, called out.

'Hm.' She grunted in response, still walking. She dropped the lock of hair she was toying with a pulled out a fresh piece of chewing gum - strawberry flavoured.  

'Where you going tonight?' Jerad pestered. Lii shrugged, looking over at the boy. In Lii's eyes Jerad was certainly not classed as a "man". Whenever she looked at him, all she saw was a overexcited puppy who constantly wanted to be loved. 

Lii giggled as she pictured it in her head.

'What's so funny?' Jerad frowned.

'Nothing.' Lii smiled, 'I'm taking a detour tonight, so I wont need you to give me a ride home.' She told him as they approached Jerad's shitty little car. 

'Okay... but it's winter, Lii. It gets dark quickly, you have to watch out for perverts.' He said in a deadly serious voice. Lii laughed out loud, Jerad pouted at her unconcern. He didn't know how she saw herself, but Jerad lnew she was pretty - an easy target for creepers. 

'I'll be fine, I can run fast, right? See you tomorrow.' 

"See you tomorrow"


'Ouch! No! What are you doing! Get the fuck away from me with those needles!' Lii screeched. Why-oh-why did she have to sign up for the add? Just because it promised power and excitement?! Now she was strapped to a hospital bed with several doctors coming at her with several needles.

'We wouldn't have had to strap you down if you hadn't acted so violently to staff! You'll be fine when you wake up!' A nurse said frantically, clutching her hand. But Lii just dug in her nails, causing her to ket go with a painful gasp.

'Get the B16, combine Z9 with Fe3.' The menacing man at the back barked. 

'Shit.' Lii whispered as she fell unconscious, her shoulders slumped and head tilted forwards. 

As she slept, the poor teenager went through some horrific changes as she was locked in a lab chamber. Electricity sparked all around her body, yet it never touched her skin. The whole room shook with the strain of keeping the force of it locked up. From her roots down to the tips of her hair, lurid blue covered the golden shine that once made her proud. 


Lii opened her eyes. Everything seemed blurry and painful to look at. The bright lights did nothing to her seemingly pupilless iris of pitch black. She coughed, her mouth and throat were raw and dray from screaming. She was covered in a cold, sticky sweat which had developed whilst she was asleep. 

She sat up, could she leave now? All she wanted was a bit of fun. They couldn't possibly keep her here. That was against human rights. 

'Excuse me.' A quiet voice murmured not unkindly. Lii soon realised she was lying on the floor of a thin, brightly lit hallway. 

'Sorry.' She croaked, standing up on legs she didn't think could support her.  She looked at the departing girl, whose hair was so black it was hard to focus on. 

She just ignored Lii and carried on with her business. Lii thought this was a little rude, due to the state she was in. Surely someone would help her. 

'Oi! Blue girl! Move!' Lii was spun out of the way as a white-haired boy darted past her. She noticed they were all dashing toward a large set of double doors, behind which an incredible amount of noise was being emitted. 

The End

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