"I'm going to bed." Lorrie said taking off to her room before I could even respond. Things had been pretty light and fun after the incidence with Visp, but now the weight of what was to come came to bear fully on my chest. I stood up the wooden chair grinding sharply on the floor.

"Where are you going?" Visp asked, as Tiamone shovelled more food into his mouth.

"I need to train, I have a match tomorrow." I said as my stomach fluttered about nervously, what if I died tomorrow? 

"What?!" Tiamone spat his food on his plate, in some odd surprise. I gave him a questioning look urging him to speak," The rules at least as I last heard were five days after injection at the least before the first match! They can't do that that's just unfair! Do you even know who you're facing? You should protest them"

"I'm facing the Repulsor, and if they changed the rules there is nothing I can do. Even I pointed out their rules they would surely change them." I said hopelessly.

"The Repulsor!" Visp Roared," He's good! But you shouldn't worry I saw you in my vision. So you must have won." 

" Just because you saw it in your vision, doesn't mean fate is set. I will never believe in a set face." I looked at my hands clenching them," I believe certain decisions can be made to change something. However those decisions cannot be guided by those visions otherwise fate will control you."

"So you believe your going to die tomorrow?" Tiamone said not fully understanding what I was trying to say.

"No its a possibility. For example as Visp said I was in his vision. But if I stood their and did nothing I would die."

"Yes but what your saying is backwards. If you were to act like that you would be acting with previous knowledge of Visp vision, not only that you would have changed your fate and fate wouldn't be controlling you. But I know no one will stand their and let them die so you would be act, and have a probability of winning." Tiamone reasoned logically . I shook my head Visp opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off.

"Yes you have a reasonable point. A point that I can't argue with at this moment, but I will still hold my belief because I cannot describe exactly what I mean. I hope to convey what I mean through my actions." I said now sadly looking at my feet. It was always easier to show people what I mean through actions then by talking. Would thing be easier if I could explain it? I closed my eyes, it was pointless to try because right now I had to be good at what I was normally good at. I will let my fists do the talking until I could deliver the same strength with my words. I made my way to the glass that overlooked the training area.

"I can join you if you like." Visp offered.

"I would rather you, didn't."  I said shortly tapping the glass and closing it before anyone else could attempt to interrupt my progress.

I hoped that noise I was about to create wouldn't bother Lorrie, but she would understand if it did, I would hope so anyways. I closed my eyes forcing all other thoughts away. I blocked out the hums of and buzzing of the world outside of my head. I felt this was the best way to get a hold on my powers, and to zone in at the task at hand. I spread my feet and opened my eyes, and threw a punch, heat at the centre of my palm extending outwards. I stepped forwards waiting for the blast. Air crashed and slid me backwards just before the explosion went off, I tried to imagine the direction of the blast away from me but part of my arm was consumed in the heat as I flew backwards from the force. The ground shook as dust and debris covered and temporarily clouded all visibility in the training area. 

I held my right arm which had been burned however not as badly as it should have been. I had a feeling my body was made more durable because of the serum that gave me this ability, but still my arm had quite the burn and stung. I looked at the damage ahead of me amazed by the crater and the damage that I inflicted on the training area. You know your enemy can reflect your attacks rate back at you so using this tactic on your opponent would only cause sever harm on yourself. You need to find a way to get around this issue, or you can't use this power tomorrow. My voice said in my head, I nodded in agreement. It was simple enough my flash agility power. I just needed master it so I didn't hurt myself in the process.

I let an inner peace fill my head as I ran, suddenly it was if my feet were hardly touching the ground, and air had no resistance! I stopped sliding on the ground about ten feet but now I was on the other side of the training area within a second.  I felt a little out of breath though after this action, plus I doubted that I would be able to have this much open space in a prolonged battle, especially if I planned to use explosions. 

"Is there a way without destroying these training ground to get some natural protrusions from the ground as if explosions had caused them?" I asked hoping the computer would respond. It didn't but the ground began to shake as the terrain was changed. I smiled, now to practising my flash agility again!


An hour or so must have passed, I was laying down facing the sky on the highest pat of the terrain in the courtyard. I had been bruised up pretty badly, but I think I had gotten the hang of it.  I replayed my last try through my head. I had asked the computer to move the terrain so I would react to is while I moved. In front of me the ground was raising, I had managed to jump onto it and run just as another piece rose. I dropped back down again, and darted between a bunch of moving pieces. I reached the top in what should have taken by normal running speeds three minutes in less than ten, without bruising or breaking anything, but now I was exhausted.

You should now see if you can fire off explosions while running and maybe if your bold enough stand in and out of the ways to truly test your skills, but as well as get better with your main attack power. I thought, but I was to afraid I would get hurt by my own attack, but tomorrow this may be the case anyways. Come just try it once. I tried to convince my own fears. I got up pushing the exhaustion, this was stupid I think I had already pushed far past my limits, but I needed to know!

"Flatten terrain." I commanded. It took a minute or so for the training area to return to normal. I smiled trying to lift my spirits," Lets do this!" I punched out and flashed around firing off several explosions all aimed to meet in the centre, of the area. I retreated to the farthest out reaches, even then I was still caught in the area of effect. It hurt a lot as I was slammed up against the wall.  As the massive explosion died down I was sucked back down to the ground because the air was thrown out of this area. I was winded but I was in a terrible amounts of pain all my thoughts were just a massive ringing noise as I tried to breath only to scream. My scream died down as I blacked otu from the pain.

The End

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