Headaches and VisionsMature

Okay, I don't make great first impressions. The frying pan in the face though that really was a first for me. The way I met Apex was in a scramble and I'd hit him with a peg from a fence when he'd come running at me.It had been the slum kids taking on the rich kids who had started the whole thing with lame 'your mamas so fat' jokes.

I mean seriously? Those jokes went out of fashion when my nanan was my age I have to say. Glancing at the new kid, Visp I think he said his name was, an was glad to see he had calmed down a little.

Suddenly a flash went through my head. I was stood in the arena with a dagger in each hand staring at Visp who was looking as freaked out as I felt. We were expected to kill each other we both knew but I had an advantage.... Visp had already seen me win.

Suddenly my chair fell back and I hit my head. "Lorrie" Apex called out worried then his face suddenly above me. "I've never known you to lose your balance"

He offered me a hand which I took and was to my feet a moment later. I couldn't look at Visp. He was right. We would soon be in an arena fighting to the death. The gladiator fights were real. I felt cold to the bone. Apex was suddenly waving a hand in front of my face.

"Lorrie?" his voice calls reaching my ears muffled.

"What's the matter with her?" Visp says. "It's like she keeps daydreaming"

"Well that would be nothing new" Apex laughs and I shoot him a death glare. He jumps guilty and smiles sheepishly. "Sorry, but it is true"

I sigh and look at Visp finally. When our eyes meet I don't know what happens but his eyes go blank. I blink and step back looking at his face which is when he turns back to himself. "What the hell?" he says stepping back. "Do you have some sort of-"

"Hypnosis" I say. "I picked the syrum for it"

"That's pretty cool" Apex says to me. I shrug and rub my temple feeling like I've suddenly got a major headache. I feel thoughts beginning to swarm my head to muddled for me to even work one of the scentences out.

Several pictures come to mind as well and soon I feel like its too much. "I'm going to bed" I say to Apex and before he or anyone can protest I'm walking off to where I had been told my room was.

The End

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