Lii Rohan's Boring Life.Mature

Lii chewed on her gum slowly, her jaw rising and falling very deliberately as she stared at the film she was watching in her English lesson. Everyone around her was scribbling down notes in they books, whereas the lazy girl just sat there, slumped. 

Her tangled hair tumbled down her back, spilling over the chair back in some places. The petite girl shifted in her plastic seat, wincing as her bare knee-high-sock-clad legs stuck to the sweaty seat. Lii was not designed for this sort of scorching heat.

As the teenage girl zoned out, she recalled an add that she had spotted in her local supermarket. It was fuzzy, and the more she thought about it, the more is faded. But she was sure it was about "powers" and "trial" and "volunteers welcome". 

She'd have to check it out on her way back home. Maybe it would be fun, maybe something interesting would actually happen to her other than the pasta sauce changing in the college canteen. Lii puffed out her cheeks before plucking her gum from her lips and pressing it to the rim of the table. 

It really  was a boring life. Nothing cool or exciting ever happened in her town, not even the odd robbery. Her town was too quaint. The film supplied sufficient background noise as Lii dreamed up impossible scenarios about the advert in the shop.  They'd give her genetic mutations so she'd be able to use magic, or fly, or maybe she'd be able to stop time like the Chinese guy off of Heroes? Either way, if that would happen, it would be pretty rad. 

Before Lii had a chance to put her imagination to work once again, people around her started getting up, scooting their chairs backwards.

'I want a six thousand word essay on any of the issues which could relate to present day ones from King Leer two weeks friday.' Our teacher bellowed, creating a chorus of moans to rumble through the hoards of students 

It really was a boring life.

The End

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