Visions to realityMature

Water was splashed on my face. I sat up quick and looked around. Two robots were on either side of me. I lifted my hand to shoot lightning but... my powers weren't responding.

"Your powers have been negated by the handcuffs you are wearing. They will be kept so until we reach our next destination. Now please follow us."

I shook my head trying to rid it of water "And where would that be exactly?" The robot to my right said "Resting Area 50. Your home for now." The robots led me to a wall which slid back to reveal a room glowing with extremely bright light. I walked inside and the light began to grow brighter until is was blindingly white. "A computerized voice informed me "Cleaning Cycle has been completed."

Cleaning Cycle? I looked at hands and arms, smelled myself, brushed a hand through my hair... nothing seemed to have changed. As if it could sense my confusion, which at this point it wouldn't surprise me if it could, said "The Cleaning Cycle removes mutagens, and all things deemed dangerous by Superpowers Inc."

I reached into my pockets, they were empty. "Hey wait a minute!" I shouted. "I want my phone and Ipod! And how is my PSP dangerous?" There was no answer. Stupid computer. At least it removed the handcuffs I thought.The wall ahead split open into a homely looking room. I walked in and looked around. It was cosy looking. At that point I could almost have forgotten that I had been kidnapped. I sat on one of the couches and kicked off my shoes. "Hey." I looked up a bit startled. What I saw was enough to make me scream.

It was him. The kid from my vision. I raised my hand and told him "Don't take a step more. Keep your hands where they are you hear?" The kid was beginning to look a little unnerved himself. He raised his hands and started to say "Hey man rel-" I didn't let him finish. I force pushed him into the wall. I flipped over the couch with a jump, not something I could have done a few hours earlier. As the kid fell to the ground I lifted my hand again and made a pinching gesture. He reached for his throat as he lost the ability to breath. I was choking him. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I looked to my left just as frying pan came smacking into my face. I released the choke and fell to the ground. When the stars cleared and I saw my new attacker I could have cried. It was the girl from the vision too. The boy, Apex I assumed, started to rise with anger in his eyes. I looked around the room for something, anything, that I could use as a weapon. My eyes fell on the steak knife rack on the counter. I used my new found force powers to pull two of them towards me. I was just about to throw them at the two nightmares when my body stopped working.

I tried to look around but all I could move was my eyes. It appeared I wasn't the only one. Apex and his female sidekick weren't moving either. A calm voice to my right said "What are you guys doing?" None of us answered. Because we couldn't."Oh. I forgot." The voice said. Suddenly my body was mine again and I slumped to the floor. "It seems that my power, Time, is most potent when I am emotionally charged. I wouldn't have thought I could do that honestly. My maximum number of targets has been two up til now, and to stop something completely... well enough about that."The owner of the calm voice walked over to me and said "Hello there stranger. You new too?" I nodded. "Well attacking your roommates doesn't typically make a good first impression." I smiled at that, but said "You don't understand... I saw them kill me... in a dream. I-I was afraid." The new boy nodded and said "I see. Welcome to Rest Area 50. I'm Taimone." He stuck out hand, which I accepted, and he pulled me to my feet. I looked at Apex and the girl who were rising to their feet as well. I looked at them,

"I apologize. Like I said, my fear kinda took control... when I first got my powers... I had a vision about the evil guy and you two... anyways... I'm Visp." The girl nodded and lessened up on the glare a little, but that was it. Guess she doesn't like to talk much. I turned to Apex, he stuck out a hand, I hesitated and then grabbed it, and we shook. "I'm Apex. Sorry for the misunderstanding. It's good to have you aboard." He laughed "That was a pretty hard push back there... what are you some kind of Jedi?" I looked at him, trying to see if he was joking... he wasn't. "Ohhh you actually did get the Star Wars powers? That's pretty cool bro." I smiled."Hey we're actually going to cook up some dinner. You want anything?"

Thirty minutes later we were all happily munching on some food. The fight was now all but a memory. I sighed, leaned back in my chair and thought,

Maybe it wouldn't be too bad here after all...

The End

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