Resting area 50Mature

Apex Runiake

The robots hovered two feet off the ground and I was carried through a network of hallways humming with other robots. I was still fuming, how could I be stupid enough to fall into this mess? How could these bastards dare do this to people? Why aren't they being called on it, and brought to justice? I thought about that last one. The people who picked on us from the slums got away with a lot of bad things to. Its almost like the Authorities wanted us out of the way so we could stop ruining the mars colonies reputation.  I hated it, I knew they didn't care because their were evil horrible people, they did it for money. Yes money had become more important than peoples lives. Its been like that for a very long time. I didn't have a clue how I was going to change things, but I was going to fix things myself with these powers. A piece of the wall in the hall slid backwards, and slide behind the wall revealing a room the two robots that had been holding me turned towards the opening which was now filling the hall way with an extremely bright light.

"This is resting area 50, this is your new home." On of the robots said dully releasing the handcuff whilst throwing me into the bright room I fell five feet below the opening the bright light got only brighter. A computerized voice then informed me," Cleaning cycle is almost over destroying a mutagens, and all things deemed dangerous by Superpowers Inc."  That meant the disappearance of my pocket knife in my back pocket. 

The bright light disappeared and the wall in front of me split into two section and slid away from each other. I walked through them finding earthen hardwood floors, orange coloured walls, a few steps down into an oval shaped living room with white furniture surround a holo screen on top of a fire place. To the left of the Living room was a kitchen with more earthen wood cabinets with a food replicator. This was far beyond what I was used to at my house. I had to make and buy my own food, still the idea of living like a rich kid and fight in the ring did not make me feel any better but rather really disgusted. To my right was a hallway with several doors which I presumed to be bedrooms, and a bathroom, at the end of the hall was a stair case probably leading to more beds.

"Is anyone here?" I called out.  There was no answer, just the still silence of the living room, and artificial crackle from the fake fire. I walked in wondering if I was the first one here, or if all the occupants were fighting in the ring.

I went to the other end of living room where part of the wall slid up revealing windows to a practicing area outside, there was someone meditating in the middle of the area.

"Is there a way for me to enter the training area?" I asked not expecting a response, but a female computer voice answered the question.

"Press on the glass which will retract allowing you entrance to the area." I pressed the glass which whipped quickly into the ceiling.

"Hello!" I said hoping the stranger did not mind me interrupting his meditation.

"Hello, are presume you are new?" The strange asked still in his meditative stance.

"Yes, my name is Apex Runiake."

"I call myself Taimone, and I have been here for half of a month, before you ask my ability is time. It was a horrible choice, for it is hard to control and you must understand a great amount of physics to get it. All I can do at this point is slow it down, and speed it up, on two objects at a time. In short I am practising and I would like to be left alone for the time being Runiake."

"Uh sure. Nice meeting you Taimone." I said a little confused at the meeting and unhappy with its outcome, but perhaps he would soon understand the frustration of not using a power to its fullest capacity. The window close behind me as I headed towards the bedroom area. The first door on the right Read Taimone on it, so I past it by without investigating it.

The other bedrooms were the same, all with hard wood flooring white beds, desk with a small communicative holographic screen, empty shelves, and drawers. Did they actually think anyone was coming with extra clothing, and other worldly objects?  I headed upstairs taking the first door to the left, this one had a window overlooking the colony, at the other side I could make out the slums. I wondered what they were all doing since I haven't been there for a full day.

"I will get out of here." I vowed under my breath  laying myself on the bed.


Hours later I woke up it was getting dark outside, and I hadn't trained, with my powers at all and I had battle tomorrow. I raced out of bed running downstairs running into a girl with seriously dark hair, it was almost unbelievable how dark it was. I looked her in the eye , and face recognizing her instantly.

"Lorri..." I was cut off has she kicked me has hard as she could in the gut, then hitting me across the face as I fell to my knees," Ow." I managed to say, as she went to hug me.

"Why didn't you listen to me." She said quietly taking a step back.

I looked away, down at the floor a little towards the wall, I had nothing to say, I was to ashamed," I I I, didn't see another option but never did I foresee this happening. I'm Sorry Lorrie. All I wanted was the power to stop and protect you, and everyone else, and change how the system works here, but I I I messe...." I stopped talking when it hit me hard. Lorrie had followed me here I had put her in more danger! Why did she follow me. I slight amount of anger poured into my veins, anger at myself, and anger for her following me.

"Why did you come here when you knew it was dangerous?" I finally stood up. She didn't answer I could see anger cross her face. I dropped it knowing that there was nothing that could be done about it now," I'm sorry." I said quietly," Lets get something to drink. After that I have to practice, I have a match tomorrow. Also did you meet the other resident here?"

She nodded not opening her lips.

"His name is Taimone, something isn't right about that guy, so be careful when you do meet him." I said walking over to the food replicator.

The End

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