Master VispMature

People came up with many reasons to go to Power Inc. For some it was about protection. For some it was revenge. For me?

I was just a nerd.

"Visp Rainer?" I stood up. A woman holding a clipboard stood in the doorway. I walked over and started to head through the door when she stopped me. "Hang on there tiger. Let's see you are 18 correct?" I nodded. "And you agree to the terms and conditions?" I nodded again. She smiled. "Alright then let's go!"

I was laid down on an examination table. The lady with the clipboard said "Alrighty you wanted..." Her eyebrows rose, "All the SW serums?" She looked at me and again I nodded. "Don't say much do you?" I smiled and shook my head this time. The last thing I saw was the needle she stuck in my arm. Then everything went back.

When I woke up everything was still black. I tried to open my eyes, and move my arms but it was as if I have never learned or possessed the ability to move my appendages. I heard voices, they sounded far away but I was still able to make out what they said. "He's awake." A different voice, male this time replied "Yeah. Another calm one... that makes two in a row now doesn't?" "Yes it does" the first voice said with a laugh. I am now returning motor skills." Ouch. A shock jolted me forward, and my eyes felt like they had been torn open. I blinked a few times and looked around. A man was standing in front of me and he said "Welcome back." I didn't say anything. The man smiled, motioned for me to stand up and went on. "Let's go try out those powers!" I smiled and nodded vigorously. Craig was going to soo jealous.

I was just walking out the door when fear suddenly gripped my heart. My vision faded and an arena came to my sight. People, kids my own age, were fighting mercilessly. As I watched one of them was stabbed through the chest and he dropped lifeless. A man was laughing... I turned to look at the man and then my jaw dropped. It was the man who was currently leading me into the testing room. What the hell was going on? Then I realized what was happening... the powers had started working already, I was experiencing a force-vision. This organization was using the people it had turned and was using them as GLADIATORS! I heard a yell of to my left, I turned quickly and raised my hands as a boy wearing a torn red coat came charging at me. He was followed by a girl with extremely black hair. A third kid came running at the boy who simply raised his hand and the third kid was suddenly engulfed in an explosion. As I watched in slow motion horror, the boy turned back to me and raised his hand... I blinked... the vision was over.

I looked around me, the whole vision had taken only a few seconds. No one seemed to have noticed. I began to panic. I had to get out of here! The man in front of me must have sensed my fear and he turned quick as lightning. "HE KNOWS!" The man shouted then he grabbed for me. Now was as good a time as ever to give my powers a try. I pushed my forward and the man was sent flying back. I ran. Three more men with guns stepped around the corner and I brought my hand up again, splaying my finger. Blue-lightning came coursing out of them striking the three men in their chests. I laughed and took another step forward when I felt a prick in my back. I reached behind and pulled out a small pellet.

Aw Sh-

I blacked out.

The End

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