Lorander or LorrieMature

When Apex had told me he was gonna go to Power Inc... Lets just say I wasn't happy. He hadn't listened to me of course. Living on a better side of town for a part of my life I had heard the gossip. The stories. So when Apex didn't come back I started to panic that they were true.

Then I did the most idiotic thing in my life, that tops running away to live in the slums. I went to Power Inc. I shifted in the chair nervous staring at the viles as a young women hummed to herself checking my paper work. "Everything seems in check, Miss Snow. I must ask thought despite your age that your parents approve of this choice?"

I paled. "I-I haven't got any parents" I stuttered.

The women smiled. "Well then I have nothing else to ask" she says turning to a tray that was brought it. She picked a needle off it and flicked the tip to check there was no air in the tubing. "You're not allergic to anything your papers say. I'd like to confirm that is correct?"

"Yes" I mutter as the person that brought in the tray readies the other viles. I swallow panicked. I had chosen purely defensive powers purposefully. Ones that would keep me alive if the gladiators were true.

"Okay, well I'm going to put you under. You chose serums E13, W12, E13+ and R12, correct?"

"Yes" I mutter as the needle approaches my arm feeling my heart begin to race. The women smiles at me then pushes the needle into my arm. The moment it leaves I begin to feel very tired and too soon I find myself completely under.


"She's waking up" a voice says which I recognise to be the women's voice that put me under.

"This one is much more calm" a male voice says. "All defensive she chose you say?"

"Yeah, very odd. She didn't seem at all aggressive" the women says.

"She won't last a day" the man sighs seeming disapointed but I can tell its not for my benefit. No... I can hear its not for my benefit. His thoughts swarm at me along with several other making my head pound. I groan and hear shuffling. "I'll take it from here, Helen"

"Okay, Kobish" she says just as a shock is sent through my body making me scream. My eyes snap open and I try to catch my breath.

"Welcome" a young man says. I squirm hearing the coldness to his thoughts. I see the blood and the violence. "Hmm, E13 serum plussed. Nasty stuff. Get her straight to her room she knows what's going on"

I kick out as a man comes in clamping some handcuffs round my wrist. I struggle as the man lifts me up swearing and screaming at him. They must of done this to Apex. No wonder he didn't come home. I try and hear Kobish's thoughts again but its like my powers are gone. Like the handcuffs have sucked away the powers they've just given me.

So I stop fighting and Kobish smiles. "Maybe you will last" he says coldly. I spit at him. He wipes it off his face disgusted and I hear a cool female voice chuckle just before I'm dragged away.

The End

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