Apex Runiake

"He is coming out of his Torpor!" Was the first thing I heard as I regained my consciousness.

"Yeah we know, his vitals, and energy are spiking! I hate B15serum!" Another voice shouted nervously somewhere from my right? What's going, why are they so scared? I tried opening my eyes but there was no response. The chair or whatever I was lying on was begging to shake.

"Kobish! He needs control of his motor functions, he is conscious now!" A woman shrieks from somewhere around my right. A

"Alright here goes nothing." Said  the voice of the man who brought me here. From the chair I was electrocuted, it hurt but suddenly my eyes were open and the shaking from the chair began to die down.

"How are you feeling?" Kobish asked as I turned around to see his silver lab coat. It took a minute, I felt weak at the moment, but otherwise I couldn't wait to try out these powers. 

"I feel weak." I said quietly it proved hard to speak at the moment. Kobish wrote something down on a clipboard and released the straps around my ankles and legs.

"That is a normal side effect of this treatment. Within the hour you will feel stronger than ever, then you can test your powers out." He smirked shortly after talking, I got strange feeling from that smirk. Kobish lead me through a maze of halls that I could hardly remember, everything seemed a bit foggy. We ended up in a large gymnasium like room with targets, and punching bags, an array of things you would see on a military training ground.

"How are you feeling now Apex?" Kobish asked. I moved my hand back in forth to signify i felt mediocre," That’s alright we'll get you to try something easy. Your strongest and probably easiest to use is explosions, so why don't you tr..."


I punched a mannikin and explosion burnt my hand and sent me flying backwards, I managed to keep my balance and not fall, adrenaline began to pump through me things became less cloudy quickly. 

"That’s one way to do it." Kobish mumbled, I didn't let him continue next was snapping my fingers and thinking of a place that I wanted it to happen. It worked but the explosion stayed with an radius of probably 5 meters.  A smile of intrigue crossed my face, I ran but I was so fast it was hard to control. I ran into something immediately.

"Yes Flash agility is a hard power to control, but if it makes you feel any better most people can't activate it rate after treatment. Now if you please try forging ice."  I  got nursing my head and ,moved my hand out and strained the muscles in my fingers imagining a ball of ice, but nothing happened, nothing at all.  I heard his pen scratch against the paper, why couldn't I make ice?

"Hey nothings happening!" I said alarmed.

"Its nothing to worry about it just means its on a lower range of your ability. For whatever reason some peoples can synchronize better with some powers more then others. We have some of our best researchers trying to find out why so we can recommend powers in the future." Kobish said, in a very matter of fact tone," Don't be saddened though it appears two of the three powers you now have are on a higher synchronization level which is in my opinion quite impressive." 

"Is that so, then is it possible to increase synchronization?" 

"Sure but thats up to you and whatever training method you develop, we have tried to make treatments but ah. er uhm I'm not allowed to give details of what happened. Now I'm sorry I have to this but powers aren't free." Kobish said with that same smirk, behind two robots silent placed cuffs magnetic cuffs on my wrists. I tried to use my powers but nothing would happen.

"Its pointless, there is a field neutralizing your powers. Its very foolish of you to think we would just give away powers, and not have away of insuring our own safety. No that would be very reckless.  Tomorrow Apex you will be in the gladiator tournament. Till then you will be kept with with the rest of the...."

"What? You can't do this! I didn't sign up for this!" I screamed angrily as he talked, I saw his lips move with that irritating smirk of his. 

"Actually you did agree to this!" A cool female computer voice said loudly that it muffled my screams of anger. On the ceiling appeared my application paper showing me the fine print which did indeed say that since I could not financially back the treatment I would serve in the Martian gladiator ring, and that they had full use of my body in the name of science.

"You Bastards!" I yelled angrily. Kobish gave a calm wave and and said something, I couldn't here it but I read his lips and I knew he said"Good luck."  I kicked outwards trying to escape , it was futile end eventually when I ran out of steam I hung limp between the two robots.

"Well now that you've calmed down, I think its fair to say this is probably for the better, the last things Mars needs is young teenaged Delinquents running around with powers!" 

I raised my head shaking in anger," I will not be killed in that inhuman, barbaric tournament. I will come back and I will find out the sick truths about this place, and I will take your head!" I snarled.

"Oh that's to bad, I doubt you will be able to survive one round against the Repulsor!" I don't think I will lose a wink of sleep tonight. Kobish laughed as a hole opened in the floor.  The former confidence I had before was crushed, the Repulsor from what I could remember of the ads was undefeated because he had force fields and could reverse someones attacks. No I couldn't think like this I had to survive, I had to protect Lorrie , and the rest of them I had to let them know what this corporation is doing.

The End

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