Whisper B.Mature


"Whisper Blue?" A man calls as he opens a black door. I nod, and he waves me over with his hand.

"Miss Blue, follow me." He turns and walks down a long hallway, stopping at a door that looks like the twin to the one we just entered through. 

"I'm Tom and I'll be doing your treatment." Tom pushes the door open to reveal a white room, in the middle sat a small chair, around that chair were all sorts of devices that looked like they couldn't possibly exist, "Now, Whisper, you have to answer some questions before I do the procedure. It's required."

"Okay." I croak, and I clutch at my throat. It's the first time I've talked since i told my mom I was going to Superpowers Inc. to become abnormal.

"Please sit down." I sit down on the chair, and he stands in front of me. "Have your parents approved? You're yet to be old enough, just seventeen."

"Eighteen." I correct.

"Oh, well then, you don't need your parents permission." He smiles, "Are you ready?"


I close my eyes as Tom injects a needle into my veins. Then, I let the dark take me in it's arms.

The End

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