A TailMature

Ugh, how many times does a girl have to wake to people talking like she wasn't there?

"...to keep an eye on her." Mr Left? No his voice was a little deeper and there was an accent. Proper one, too. 

"Understood." That voice was Mr Left. I knew he was here. Gotta have someone drag an unconscious girl around like a bag of salt. No respect here. None. At. All. 

"Her powers should even out soon and we can get proper data then," Mr Proper said. For some reason, I felt like someone was touching my lower back, but not touching it as well. Odd. Very odd. "It seems the Wm is integrating nicely at least. She already has a tail with no side effects."

Oh. Tail. 

Wait! Scorpion tail!? Oh God... I had to see this, but I wanted to hear more, too. Hmmm, what to do? Given I would probably be knocked out as soon as I woke up, I decided I could wait. I still had some third power I wasn't aware of, after all. 

"I... See that, sir." So much respect. Mr Proper must be important to be called sir. 

"Anyway, take her to her rooms." A prick in my arm. Some drug? Well, I wasn't too worried. "Back to sleep, Victoria." That voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't focus on why. I felt drowsy and eventually sleep came.


"Ugh..." I groaned as I sat up. Damn, I was stiff. 

I found myself in a nice room. Looked like a college dorm, actually. Desk, dresser, small closet, and even the bed was actually nice. Thank God I didn't have a roommate. I stood and stretched, only to realize two things.

One, and holy hell I was going to kill them, I was in a simple dress made for sleeping. They had changed me! Gah, was there no privacy here? But, I could ignore that easily thanks to the number two thing I noticed.

My tail. 

It came from under the edge of the dress and lay on the ground around me, giving me a perfect view. It was dark red and segmented like a scorpion's tail would be, as well as being as thick as my calf. The tip held the stinger I expected, of course. All pointy and stuff. I noticed the tail was coated in a soft thin fur when I knelt down to touch it.

Woah. I could feel it. So, that proper guy must have been touching my tail. Well, I can forgive that, I guess. 

I stood and tried to move it through willpower. To be honest, I was expecting it to be hard or something, but after maybe a minute or two of playing around, I had gotten down how to make the thing do what I want. Well, except go away. 

"I hope you aren't permanent..." I said to the tail while searching the dresser for clothes. I found some jeans, a change of under garments, and a plain white t-shirt. Not the best clothing, but not bad. And I had a change of jeans, so... 

After putting on the clothes, I used my tail to pierce the rear of my jeans and then put on a belt. My shirt was long enough that if the tail did go away I could hide the hole from anyone who wanted a glimpse. 

"OK! Now to explore!" Again, no one to answer. I tossed the dress in a clothes hamper in the closet and left the room. Maybe there were some others I could talk to. Or maybe they would see my tail and be just as freaked out as I should be. 

Come on, Vic! Be optimistic! These guys had powers too. They wouldn't judge. 


The End

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