In over our headsMature


"planetary war." He said so simply as if it dinner time commonality. Despite that the air froze with the weight that those words carried.  

"Planetary war?" Lorrie repeated.

"That's what I said. Planetary war." Randall said then continued," Not that what you did was unjustified but it's exposed a great number of things that some would say would break the camels back. I'm sure you're aware that mars out of the rest of the interstellar colonies is out of line in most cases and given more independence because of its proximity to earth as well as being the second oldest colony within the federation of interstellar colonies; but that doesn't mean the politicians back on earth are happy with how mars is operated.  We all moved here in chance of escaping the tight regulations on earth and hope for something better we were given a glorified trash heap, but we could all justify it was better than the overpopulated over controlled earth. At least we had the hope of chiseling mars into something better. That chance may be disappearing as your actions sent earth's politician into a frenzy. Their propagating propaganda left right and center of terrorism and extremist colonial separatists. Not only that their spies have used the confusion started by what happened at superpowers inc to find and manipulate sensitive information, that would give earth more than enough reason to do a military take over. That is why I propose we work together to unite mars. To end the commercial rule that we live under and keep mars a more autonomous colony."  

Being in my tired exhausted, battle battered body I had a hard time swallowing that speech or hell half even understanding. Despite that I didn't like this I for sure didn't have the energy right now to make a snap decision joining these guys, or even judging whether they were trustworthy. How did we even get here?  I felt as if they wanted force our allegiance they brought us here then quickly started trying to recruit us.  My mouth started to open with half formed ideas, spewing forth.

" Look man I agree with some of what you're saying. Mars's current condition is terrible and its not going to be made better with what earth has in mind especially if their only alternative is a show of force. But that doesn't change what's happening..." I froze as a pain started to erupt from all over my body. What's happening?

"here," I continued my voice haggard," here.  We've been used once already what you're doing here isn't any different from before in fact possibly worse in some ways.  you brought us here and just started asking for our allegiance not really giving us a time to know who you are."  I was out of breath now, and shaking droplets of sweat were forming on my skin. Lorrie and the others were staring at me in concern.  She was biting her lip while Randall hesitated to respond to what I had said.

" I think we need more time Randall before we join you at least let us have days rest. We've been fighting nonstop for the last few weeks struggling to stay alive till the next day." Lorrie took over thankfully. 

" I understand. In that case if you are comfortable I would...l invite where we can...saftey fro ...po....... find you.... ontinue this discuss... I am............." His voice seemed to be getting farther and more garbled, my vision was blurring my head was spinning, I could feel wounds reopening; breathing was like trying to lift a 100 tonne weight with only your lungs. Whatever was keeping me on my feet in the last 20 minutes had worn off. I think I was falling but I wasn't sure. Someone was grabbing my hand.


I was on my knees, covered in warm blood coming from wounds all over my body. Meta the hulking super weapon stood above me with his pale body, and his grin of vicious violence. I couldn't move. Inside my mind I was begging for him to kill me. All the fight and fire in me was gone. Meta smiled more gleefully as his hand rose up in the air as if he was deaths executioner.  It lowered causing an explosion that obliterated my entire being.


I could feel myself surface into consciousness. My body was numb for the most part but I could hear the faint noise of whirring electronic motors, and the warmth of a human hand within my own. I tightened my grip softly on the other hand as if pulling on it would wake me up faster. I forced my eyes open only to be welcomed by a dim light that lit what could've been a rag tag hospital room. Lorries head was resting on the bed her hand firmly in my own. How long had I been here? Were we still with the Randall guy and Frog? I tried to move but my body resisted it as if it was still in deep sleep.  Footsteps began nearing the door, and a panic grew in my chest as I tried to decide whether to pretend to be sleeping or stay up. Halfway in-between the two a woman walked in.

"Oh you're awake." She whispered," don't worry it hasn't been to long only a day and half, and by tomorrow the drugs will have worn off. So save your attempts on moving for now you still need rest. We've managed to put you back together in one piece and it would be best if you let the drugs finish making that more permanent."

" I wasn't when I got here?" I said trying not to wake Lorrie up. I imagined she had spent the last day and half up making sure I was going to be okay.

"No," She said almost raising her voice to talking level in astonishment in the stupidity of the statement,"  when you had first gotten here you were lucky to be alive and paramedics had stitched you together and had given you something to get you stabilized, and on your feet for the time being. during that time you should have been sent to me, but instead you must have followed after your friends which was more than enough time for the paramedics work to become undone." 


"oh," She said mocking beneath her voice, " boys. You're lucky to have this young lady look over you by the way. You should really thank her when she wakes up, she was up hours making sure you were okay."

" I have more than that to thank her for." I said cracking a slight smile the storm, the monster in my head had disappeared, and somehow I knew that Lorrie was responsible for it.

"Im sure." the doctor whispered before leaving.

I looked down at Lorrie sleeping, it was nostalgic kind of. It was like this years before superpowers inc before she was taken to earth. Me getting beaten up her being their afterwards making sure that I was okay. Back then was easier though I wasn't almost getting killed and my actions never would have mounted a planetary war. Now I was in way over my head and still lacked the tools or the knowledge of what to do other than keep fighting. The stakes were high though at any moment I could lose Lorrie, Visp, and Newt and right now that's all I had left.

The End

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