Introducing FrogMature

All I could do was watch. With the wound to my back blood was slowly spilling making it harder and harder to grasp onto the handle of consciousness. My vision was so blurry as I barely supported myself up next to Visp that as I watched the fight I was sure who I was watching. I knew the only ones left out there were Lorrie, Shard and Apex. Well, no, I can’t say Apex because all the darkness that was screaming from his mind would have been enough to give me a headache had I not already been suffering from wounds far greater that blocked out the pain his loud and angry wailing from his head.

I wanted to help. I so desperately wanted to help but laying where I was I felt so weak. My limbs felt heavy and my brain felt fogged and I knew if I were to do anything, were I to get involved, I would not help my friends in anyway. I was a waste of a super powered person right then laying weak on the ground trying to half defend Visp from any debris randomly coming this way.

Then all of a sudden the fight began to fall apart. People were going down one by one and all I could do was stare in horror as we began to lose. We had been winning with Apex in his rage but Lorrie had been unable to let him keep going. Of course she had. Apex had been losing himself and the monster had been taking him she had had to do something but in her act to save him we were left defenceless laid sprawled across the debris field all upon the ground and with only me awake.

I gazed around over and over in horror before catching a blurred sight of Meta moving across the ground to the weak and unconscious Apex. “NO!” I screamed loud sending my head pounding from the use of my own powers but the loud scream had just nicked through the monsters mind field. He turned and began to walk again but this time towards me and I was panicking. Why had I lead him towards me? I couldn’t do anything I couldn’t-

There was sudden shock on the monsters face gazing behind me to a source of loud yelled mess of words I couldn’t really make out. The monster did growl though I could here and then a rush. A rush of wind and... I was somewhere warm. I didn’t know how I’d got there or who had brought me there but for a brief moment I felt safe and with that safe warm feeling settled in my head my body finally made the decision to follow and I drifted off into the dark blackness of sleep.


I felt confused as I woke. Thi wasn’t in my room. I wasn’t anywhere familiar. I wasn’t even with Visp. Then the rush of knowledge of all that had happened hit me like a wave making my stomach turn and I wanted to be sick. Slowly I began to look around more and then even more but I didn’t see any of my friends nearby before realising I was alone in a room. I cursed myself for being so panicky but after all that had happened could anyone blame me?

Well, people could but it wasn’t my fault. Taking my time I sat myself up my limbs feeling weak and shaky. That was when I realised my back wasn’t hurting so bad. Looking down to find a bandage wrapped round my whole torso and for a moment I thought it was Lorrie but then... the door suddenly opened. I looked up expecting it to be one of my friends and it was but it was the last friend I ever thought I was going to see again.

“Frog” my mind whispered out in shock. He looked at first like he was going to smile and jump for joy but when he heard me speak he froze his eyes widening in complete and utter shock.

“N-Newt?” he stuttered out moving over and kneeling before me taking my hands into his grasp. “You... You can speak?”

I hesitated ready to speak again but I stopped myself nodding slowly a little too lost for words to really have the right ones to say. How was Frog here? How had Frog saved her? Had that been where he had gone? Superpowers Inc? But then why hadn’t I seen him or heard of him. Maybe he used his real name which I had never learned. That was all irrelevant to some but I needed to know.

After all he had just left me and I felt the need to demand a reason and I was about to when I heard a voice. “Newt?! Newt, where are you?” called a voice but not any voice but Visp’s panicking and scared that she wasn’t with him.

Without even thinking more about Frog I jumped up and raced out of the room in search of Visp following the feel of his mind till I stumbled into a main room where he stop looking around heavily befuddled. “Visp!” I cried out mentally watching him turn to me luckily just in time to catch me as I raced at him tears of relief already spilling down my cheek. His smell filled my nose and I felt warm and right.

“Newt” Visp quickly said making me look up at him. “Are you okay? I didn’t... I didn’t think that would happen I didn’t mean to put you in danger. I’m sorry”


I quickly shut my head pressing a finger to his lips. “Dont. Don’t its okay. The.... The only thing I was worried about when that room exploded was if I’d get to see you again....” I whispered privately into his mind feeling my cheeks heat up and my heart thump softly against the ribcage of my chest. I moved forward wanting so desperately to kiss Visp. To feel his lips. I needed to.

“Newt?” Frog’s voice spoke up behind me and I froze cursing softly in my own head. Drawing back I looked over to him my cheeks still a little flushed. He saw them and paused. “Oh.... Uh....”

“Who is this?” Visp jumped in his arms drawing me closer to him out of nervous protection which made Frog frown irritated. I knew why. His mind screamed jealous because the last time we were together it was just him and me on the streets fighting to together like brother and sister, best friends, but now... now he was realising that wasn’t going to be the case.

“Um.... Frog this is Visp. Visp... this is Frog” I introduced awkwardly the tension thick in the air.

The End

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