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Smoke, Sirens, chaos, screaming. It was all happening too fast. Lorrie and I were heading towards the smoke where there had once been a radio tower.  No one knew what had happened to it but one thing was clear; the radio wasn't there anymore, and people were absolutely sure the rebellion had started and it was the end of peace as they knew it. I had my own guess's and one of them was that Shard, Visp, or Newt were there and they needed help , despite the dangers that were associated with going. Aircrafts shook the ground as they flew over the streets.  Soldiers and police men were already starting road blocks, but Lorrie had managed to find us ways around them.  We hadn't talked much since last night we both agreed we were too tired to come up with a plan, and by the time morning came around the current situation had reared its head. We barely came up with a plan on what we were going to but it was clear that due to the situation we would have to make it up as we went.

"Apex, what if we meet those experiments back in the compound?"

"If we do we better hope they don't see us." I replied as we ran down a narrow alley way that smelled of must and decay.

“what about the authorities, the police, military, officials that work with superpowers inc are going to be their being undetected is going to be almost impossible." Lorrie reasoned.

"What other choice do we have, if Visp, Newt, or Shard are there, they need our help. I know the risk is high and the rewards are low but we don't have much else to go on." I said between each breath stopping at the end of the alleyway poking my head out and around to see what was going on.

"We need a plan Apex simply and impulsively walking around there is just not going to work, and you know that going in there and doing your usual routine is going to end badly. don't you?"  Lorrie said slightly out of breath.

"I can't really think of anything. Do you have an idea then?" I said taking note of the two trucks that had parked themselves on the road.

"Well.... maybe causing a huge explosion at a different block will get some of the attention off of the radio tower area.” Lorrie said swapping places with me at the end of the alleyway.

"Yeah that's good, but it might also call over more attention when we’re trying to leave." I responded leaning up against the wall trying catching the rest of my breath.

"The numbers really don't matter, the odds are already against us having a few more aircraft and soldiers, and officials isn't going to make it any harder than it is." Lorrie countered.

"Point taken, how much farther? and where do you reckon we cause this explosion?" I replied looking up at the orange sky through the dusted biodome.

" Just down a couple blocks we destroy that factory building." She said coming back into the alleyway a bit.

"Is everyone in the factory evacuated?" I asked gazing into her beautiful dark blue eyes.

"Of course."

"Fine. I'll use my speed to get their before those guys who are setting up a watch notice us, and destroy the factory, then..."

"I'll meet inside the across from the factory on the top floor." She said cutting me off.

"Alright." I said forcing a smile on my face," I will be right back."

I took off making it to the factory within only a few brief seconds. I didn't want to admit to her I was afraid of using my explosions my body still felt weak and beaten, but right now wasn't the time to be showing weakness or fear. I have to be strong if I wasn't I was afraid my fears and doubts would be passed along, we didn't need that. I belt up energy in my right arm and slammed it against the side of the building. I flashed away as the building was enveloped in a bright light, before the sound of destruction shook the air, ground, and sky.  Smoke began to fill the streets. I found my way into the building that Lorrie had mentioned. It looked recently lived in but it was very drab, and not well kept. The walls had scrapes, holes, and even water damage. the ceiling was missing tiles, and insulation was hanging out. The recently evacuated apartments looked in just as much as disarray. It was a cut above the slums but still unsuitable still impoverished. I wondered though if I would have been any different here. I tried to imagine a younger version of myself wandering up and down the halls. A hand suddenly clasped my shoulder turning me around, I froze in fear, I had been caught!

"What are you doing?" Lorrie said, snapping me back into reality, while relieving the immense panic that I had just felt. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah fine just kinda got ... caught up in thought.... I don't know why." I said trying to make myself aware of my surroundings. The destruction of the factory was definitely attracting attention the aircrafts were shaking the buildings and the sounds of sirens were getting closer.

"Let's get a move on there is a group of soldiers heading this way but its left us a hole to make into the vicinity of the radio tower, we still should be careful though. So follow me." Lorrie said grabbing my hand for just a second as she moved down the hall.

The smoke was very thick around the radio tower compound making it hard to avoid the debris on the ground, but easy to stay concealed from soldiers, and aircraft. However the smell of burning metal and the thinness of air made it hard not to gag.

"I can sense them. Newt, and Visp. They are here." Lorrie said in a worried tone.

"Are they close to death, caught, what is it?" I said grabbing her shoulder.

"Their tastes both reveal distress and Visps is weaker, but I don't think they're caught." Lorrie said her voice still filled with concern.

"Can we get to them?"  I asked starting to fidget I didn't like the idea of sitting any longer.

"I think so there just ahead but its impossible to see in all this smoke." Lorrie said.

"Well we'll just have to find out." I said darting into a thicker, warmer smoke that stole the air from your lungs and replaced it with ash. My eyes watered, I wanted to cough, but I couldn't let go of whatever pressure air I had left in my lungs.  How was I going to find them I could hardly walk? I stumbled over something and hit the ground; I could feel the air rushing from my lungs. Dammit! I wheezed as I sucked in the oxygen poor air. It was barely enough. A hand grabbed mine and lead me back out of it. It was Lorrie's. 

"You idiot. Follow me next time also take a deep breath." Lorrie exclaimed letting me sit down and wheeze out the all the dense smoke," Come on we don't have much time." She said grabbing my hand and leading us back into the smoke. I didn't know how she intended to see them in this mess. I was afraid they were trapped underneath the debris and we wouldn't be able to reach them without endangering them further. 

"Lorrie, Apex. Is that you?"

"Newt!" I said out loud, regretting the decision immediately as I began to feel the urge to gag and cough.

"We're trapped inside a collapsed generator room. Visp is unconscious. " She said.

"What happened?" I thought back to her.

"We'll explain later. Do you think you can get us out. We're running out of air in here."

"I can't even see I don't know what I can do if I blast you guys out I could it worse. What's Lorrie saying? she has a better idea what’s going but I can't talk to her it’s impossible to breath out here." Lorrie led me a little further and placed my hand on a cold piece of pavement. 

"She said that piece of concrete is just above our tastes." Newt said, “You’ve got to blast through it." She said.

“I don't want to hurt you and Visp." I thought back to her. It wasn't like we had another choice though. I had to, even if it made it worse. I created the smallest explosion I could.  I barely managed to achieve shattering that one piece of concrete.  It did that and more the ground seemed to loosen up.

"We need to hurry!" I thought jumping in stabbing my hands around until I found a limp visp like object.

Lorrie and Newt helped me out, but now my lungs wanted to explode. I was out of breath, and my body was at its limit of this oxygen free zone. "COME ON JUST A BIT FURTHER!"I screamed pushing my body with every ounce of strength and will to move running with Visp hung over my shoulder. I began to stumble but did my best to move forward.  I fell over and rolled out into the open air rushed into my lungs, and we had made it. Newt and Lorrie appeared of the smoke just shortly afterwards. A smile grew on my face as the pain in my lungs subsided.  It was good to be alive, and it was good that I could share this moment with everyone. Even though the danger was nowhere near gone I just felt relief in the fact I could breathe, see, and move. The colours of world seemed much brighter, the sky seemed much oranger, and the grey on the concrete building seemed more crisp. Everything seemed better it must have been the lack of oxygen getting to my head. I stood up with the large grin, checking Visp's wrists for a pulse. It was still there thank goodness. Just then everything got darker as a silhouette in the smoke began to come forward.  A dark presence appeared in my mind.

"I will devour you! I will crush your spirit, I will level this world and destroy everything!" We all froze as the thing that had utterly defeated back at superpowers inc busted through the smoke staring us down with his cold black eyes. My legs turned to jelly, my heart pounded time slowed I wouldn't dare move it was if I moved I would be cut by his presence alone.  With a flick of his wrist I was sent flying into a pile of degree. As I laid in pain, I was attacked by one of his minions. It went for my throat, I still couldn't move and its fingers got ever so tighter closing up my trachea. Just as I was about pass out I managed force it off me, hold it off. Witch each breath I regained my strength. I place one hand on its chest and attempted to explode the bastard but nothing.

"What?" I said in surprise taking punch to the face. I recovered and managed to pick it up and throw it away from me. My left shoulder shot out in pain, and stammered in pain. With incredible speed the minion was upon me; tying my arms behind my back while biting my face. I used my ice powers this time something happening as spiky ice spirals shot through the minion. It squawked in pain but this force of anger stopped me from feeling pity I chose to freeze it completely. As ice covered the minion I charged towards the others. The experiment had managed to pin Lorrie to the ground and was holding her against the ground with a single hand against her neck. He was also launching attacks on Newt who was standing over Visp.  I charged hard preparing another explosion yet again nothing and as I got closer he shifted his focus to me and suddenly deep cuts ran up my torso. Blood shot forth as I felt my body began to feel suspended in mid air as I slowly fell to the ground. 

"stand down you dog. Killing you will not be as fun if you make it so easy. I want to see you all suffer!" His voice although telepathic shook every bone in my body. I felt angry, I wanted to tear him apart, but I felt this dark void opening up in my chest and I felt cold, dead and hopeless. The world was still slow; I could see my own blood still flying across through the air. I could see Newt fighting her impulse to pass out, while Lorrie struggled for breath. I found myself thinking. Come on Visp you have to be the only one who can turn the tables around.

"Ridiculous. You have the power to turn the tables, your just to damn scared to protect your friends, your too damn afraid to unleash me. You're to weak and pathetic. You worm, if I was him I would take great joy in seeing you squirm underneath my boot. However I’m stuck with you, and if you die, I die. So with my anger, I will show you. I will show you what you can do when you lose your mercy, and humanity. Are you going to let Lorrie die, look? Take a look look." The demon said.

She struggled against the experiment, she was kicking but each kick was getting weaker and weaker. I wanted to protect her I wanted to make him pay for causing her pain, yet I couldn't find the will to stop falling. It was like my body was no longer my own it wasn't mine to use only to observe through.

"Let’s take him onto together, we'll destroy him watch. I will destroy every last atom like you wanted!" the demon reasoned with me as I could feel the anger, and the void get bigger I couldn't resist. I let him take over and the colour from the world drained to black and light as I my body stopped falling, and this feeling of utter anger and chaos took over. A smile crept over my face as ice covered my wounds, and power built up around my arms, I had lost control.

The End

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