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I woke up with Cassie still asleep in my arms, and I wasn't really sure what to do. I didn't want to wake her, but we had already stayed longer than we should have. 

And I couldn't feel my arm.

But still... just looking at Cassie was enough to make me forget any thought of moving. So instead I looked out and watched as the sun started to peek over the martian mountains in the distance. I thought about Apex and Lorrie and wondered how they were getting along, and more specifically how we were going to find them. The city was by no means huge, but it definitely was a city, and there was a lot of ground to cover. 

As I continued to watch and think, the sky lightened from black to dull reds and pinks. It was a thing of beauty, and as I stared, I realized it was a scene I had not witnessed in months. 

"It is really pretty isn't it?"

I was jolted from my reverie by Newt's telepathic voice inside my head. I wasn't expecting it yet, I didn't even know she had been awake.

"How long have you been up?"

"Long enough. Sorry about your arm by the way."

"You heard that?"


I fell into an embarrassed silence for a few moments before a thought struck me.

"You knew, and you still didn't move?" I asked slowly.

Now it was Newt's turn to look away, only she did it to cover up the smile on her face.


I could only stare at Newt's back in disbelief and then confusion as her shoulders shook. Why was she crying? Was it something I-

Then I heard it. Perhaps the most beautiful sound that had ever floated into my ears... or head in this case.

Newt was laughing. 

And my gaze became a transfixed one. She turned around, took one look at me, and blushed.

"It's not polite to stare Visp. Besides, don't we need to get going?"

I blinked and look down at my feet in a hurry. 

"Um right. Sorry. Let's get our stuff downstairs and we'll head out."

We said goodbye to Thatcher and told him what we could of our plans. He seemed to approve, but gave Cassie a glance to make sure she was ok with it. And with me.

When we finally hit the road, Cassie looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to lead. The problem was that I had no clue where to go. Picking a random direction, I set off down the street, Cassie in tow. 

Half an hour later I was struck with an idea. I could see a radio tower off in the distance. If I could sneak in and make a quick broadcast, I might be able to catch Apex or Lorrie's attention. Cassie seemed to agree, because as I looked back to explain it to her she was already nodding. 

Mind reading. Got me every time.

We approached, and I motioned for Cassie to stay back as I walked up to the door and tried to peek inside.

It was locked. 

Counting to three, I kicked it open and ran inside hands crackling. 

No one.

The place was completely deserted, and a quick search showed why. Nothing would turn on. There was no power. Cassie tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to a sign on the wall.

Generators  ->

I gave her a quizzical look, prompting her to explain. She mentally sighed.

"Visp, this place runs on electricity."

"Cassie you're a genius!" And off I ran, holding a glowing hand out in front of me. When we made it to the generator room, we began yet another search to see where I could plug myself in. The generators all had masses of cords stick out of them, but what caught my eye was a huge cord the shot into the ceiling. All of the generators were linked to it, that had to be what I was looking for. 

Using my telekinesis, I tore the gigantic cord open and grabbed as many of the smaller wires as I could. Then I tentatively shot a small amount of electricity into it. 


I put a little more juice into it and was rewarded by a flicker of lights. I shot Cassie a grin. This would work.

"Go see if you can find a broadcasting station. Once I power this up, I'll need to get to it in a hurry."

She nodded and ran off.

I turned my attention back to the wires and began to pump electricity once more. The lights flickered again and then eventually turned all the way on. I could hear the humming of machinery begin to fade in and counted to ten before I let go. I ran for the hallway, but the lights died out before I reached the door. 


I repeated the process once again and kept it going a few minutes longer this time. The light stayed on until I reached the end of the hallway. 

Growling in frustration I stomped back to the Generator room and grabbed the cord. I yelled and poured every ounce of electricity that I could muster into that cord. The lights came on but I wasn't done. 

The patter of feet announced Cassie's return. "Visp? I found th-"

"I'm... a little... busy" I managed, and kept the energy flowing.

I was pumping in so much that the lights began to grow brighter, and brighter until they were almost blinding. But I still wasn't ready to stop.

"Visp? Is this saf-"

"Of... course! Besides... we have... no other... plan!"

I was about ready to drop but I was going to stop until I pumped enough electricity in to keep this station going for days. Nothing would stop me no-


A light shattered. 

Pop. Pop. Pop.

The whirring of machinery was almost deafening.

Pop. Pop. Pop.

Something down the hall blew.

"VISP! You're pushing too hard!"

I wasn't going to give up.



The room exploded, and the rest of the tower with it.

I blacked out to the sound of Cassie screaming.

The End

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