As Lorrie lay asleep I worked on the radio, which only took a few hours to complete, but whether it worked or not was another question. The sounds of airships and lights piercing the sky and windows discouraged me to turn the radio on in fear of being detected. I looked at Lorrie who was now peacefully asleep reminding me of the days before she was taken away, and the whole gang had decided to take a night out of the slums and camp out under the stars. Those were a happier time; I never imagined what was going on now would happen to me. Back then I guess I just imagined that I would fix everything, turn this world around and make mars a better place without a hitch. Now I was being hunted, now I had super human abilities, now I had realized things wouldn't be so easy.  I even began to doubt myself, my left shoulder wound although better was still a massive a hole and made it hard to move it without feeling intense pain. I needed medical attention on it as soon as possible, I couldn't risk losing the use of any of my limbs.  Yet it’s not like I had money to get it fixed and all the doctors on mars wanted to see the cash before doing anything to help you. Selfish bastards I thought. Although the doctors also needed a way to make a living.  I then decided to blame the government for not funding the medical system. Another searchlight pierced through the darkness missing Lorrie and I because of the shadow cast by the doorway.  We had picked a room that had no windows and was not close to the exterior of the building. The light faded as the building shook from the force of the airship flying above. We couldn't stay here another night, we needed to find a place that they would never search.

I wondered if the airship search was for the benefit of the escaped experiments from superpowers inc or if it was for the rebels that we had heard about before. I wondered if the rebels and I had a common goal. Although I feared the rebels would just use people like me as more of a weapon.  That didn't change the fact that I wanted to meet them. We needed all the friends we could get we wouldn't last long against the efforts of the government and superpowers inc trying to find us, along with those underlings and that super clone on the lookout for us. Shards faced flashed in front of me from the thought of the super clone.  Was he alive? Would he forgive me for not having the strength to aid him?

"dammit!"I slammed my fist on the ground. The man had changed and there was a good chance the change meant nothing. That wasn't the only thing that was bothering me it seemed like I was getting weaker every time I fought, and worse was the other part of me seemed to gain more control each time. He was infringing upon my ability to fight, I was afraid that in the middle of a fight I would lose myself to him and if that were to happen I would kill Lorrie, or Visp and Newt if they were okay. Or what if I killed innocent civilians if I were to lose control? I couldn't let it happen yet I doubted I could stop myself from losing control. I also doubted I could be doing much protecting with my arm and shoulder in this condition, my arm probably couldn't withstand the force of an explosion, I neglected to tell Lorrie of this but she probably already knew. I hated feeling helpless I needed to turn the tables around, on government, superpowers Inc, my own condition and everything else that stood in my way.  Another searchlight filtered through the doorway and the building began to shake but it didn't stop. The sound of engines and men shouting above filled my ears. This building was going to be searched!

"Lorrie!" I hissed loud enough to hopefully wake her up, but quiet enough to remain undetected. She groggily pushed an imaginary person away mumbling something about sleep," Lorrie wake up!"  I said a little more loudly.

"Huh, what?" She exclaimed tiredly.

"This building is being searched we need to get out."

"They found us?!" She said her voice and face suddenly becoming much sharper.

“I don't think so but they will if we don't move. It might be easier if you phase through the walls, to avoid being detected."

"What about you?" She said with concern.

"I can look after myself." I said without knowing how I was going to make that happen.

"And the radio?"

"We'll place it in this box and come back for it. You go first. If you could get their attention away from me by causing a disturbance elsewhere that would be awesome."

"Alright where will we meet up?"

" I don't know here if possible. Go!" I said anxiety filling my insides. If we were to be detected now I feared that there would be no escape. We were madly outnumbered and nowhere to go, and we were still recovering from superpowers Inc. We just couldn't catch a damn breath!  Lorrie phased through the wall, as footsteps filled the empty concrete rooms around us. I was confident nothing would happen to her but yet I still wished I could follow her to make sure nothing would happen to her.  I heard the sound of Lorrie making a racket on the side of the building drawing the attention of the most of men in her direction. It was my turn to move now, and stepped lightly out of the doorway doing my best to stay in the shadows. So far no men but around the corner two men stood guard by the staircase. Both carrying crazy big looking machine guns, and fully outfitted with gear. If I attempted to fight it would be game over, but if I stood here I would be detected. It was a no win situation. I had to rely on distraction, but just simply throwing a rock wouldn't solve the problem, and using my flash agility seemed plausible, but I bet they set up motion detectors for that. I had no doubt that superpowers Inc had prepared them. A tense thirty seconds passed by as my insides wrestled each other trying to spill out. I considered my slim options available Lorrie came to my rescue. It must have been her as loud bang from below caused both of the men to rush away from the stairs. What did she do? Please let her be safe! I thought as took my opportunity to make it down the stairs avoiding the detection systems they placed. On the next level I heard one of the men's com systems going off.

"It was nothing, possibly just a loose beam from above falling from airship surveillance."

"How much longer are we going to be here sir?"  Another voice came through the com.

“As long as it takes to make sure no one is hiding in it and as long as it takes to fill it full of traps for those who may take up residence here."

Dammit coming back here wasn't going to be an option, but we needed that radio. I had a decision to make: go back and grab the radio, or leave it and build another. It was a no brainer but being set back another day displeased me.  I made my way to a window avoiding the men who were checking empty rusted crates. Before crawling out the window I checked the skies for  airships so I wouldn't be seen in one of their spotlights. Once I stood outside with the breeze caused by the airships I needed to make a run for it. I didn't see any signs of Lorrie but I tried to think of a place we both knew of that we would go to. Nothing came to mind exactly except for the old hideout that used to be an underground cavern but unfortunately the ceiling had collapsed on itself; however that was after Lorrie's disappearance so she might have thought of going there, but the option that she had already found that out while she was dragging me here might have happened. I still went for it though because it was all I had. I didn't make it that far though because search teams had already forced me to take up residence in an alleyway narrowly being discovered a few times. This didn't bode well for me, what if Lorrie had already been caught? No she would have put up enough of a fight that I would have noticed, but what of Visp and Newt? I waited for an hour hoping that when the sun rose that the search teams would leave. It was a foolish hope but it was all I had now. More men with flashlights searched the alley again. I pressed myself up against the wall praying that I would phase or fade away into it, I held my breath, and my insides squirmed. The men stopped and started to have some trivial conversations about their jobs, and how pissed their wives were. I couldn't hold my breath much longer. My lungs were going to explode any moment.  I let my breath out and breathed in deeply catching the attention of the men but before their lights found me I heard the sound of swift combat before, then the appearance of Lorrie extending her hand. I smiled but avoided taking her hand. 

"Where were you earlier?" I asked quietly.

“Finding a safer place. I will tell you everything later. Just head up this alleyway till the red building; I will keep the search teams off your back till then." She said before phasing through the wall opposite of me. Now she was protecting me despite my promise to protect her. I was slightly frustrated by that it was true that I could do nothing in this current situation except run, and hide even if I was at 100 percent. This was Lorries realm, she could escape easily with her ability to phase, and physic navigation, she knew where to go, and could forge a path of least resistance. Staying hidden and escaping was just something she had with choices of powers she chose. I chose brutal force and combat, I probably should have picked something that would aid in escape.  I made it to the red building but Lorrie wasn't there yet, and wasn't for a while. It was unnerving especially when she phased through the wall behind pretending to capture me. I almost shouted but she covered my mouth.

"Quiet it's just me. Look at this place." She said pushing panel over revealing a hole in the side of the house that lead into an underground service tunnel that’s access had been cut off by debris.

"It's perfect." I said in awe as Lorrie replaced the panel quietly.

"Yeah I thought so too."

"So how did you find me?"

"Physic navigation, although I didn't let you get to far away from me, I had a feeling that you would run into trouble , so I kept an eye on things and you can thank me for not running into much trouble."

"Thanks." I said, trying not to sound like I needed the help but she and I both new I would have been discovered if it weren't for her. Maybe it was more for my sake I didn't want to feel helpless and useless but that's all I could feel right now, " I guess you also know we can't go back to grab the radio." She nodded, “Do you think the search teams will be gone by morning?" I asked. 

"I think for the most part they can't search everybody, but there will be stops, and there will still be an effort to suppress all movements made by anyone who escaped superpowers inc. Although i doubt it will to hard to move on the streets by day undetected."

"That's good. I am no good at this staying hidden thing."  I said finding myself looking directly into her dark blue eyes. I thought about earlier for a second remembering how close her face was to mine, something inside of me to longed to hold her again, but I was too afraid of what she would say or do or how it would be perceived to her. I also couldn't let myself go farther then we already did not while I wrestled with the other side of me, not while we just had narrowly avoided capture.

"So what now?" I asked feeling tiredness overcome me forcing me to take a seat on the cold concrete. 

The End

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