A FirstMature

When Batman sees the bat signal, he leaps into action.

When Spiderman sees a bad guy, he leaps into action.

When I hear Newt shout "Visp!" I leap into action.

My fists were already sparking as I ran out of the storage closet and into the common room.

Only there was no Newt.

There was a Thatcher but no Newt. I only needed to look at him before he pointed to the Women's Restroom. I sprinted over, kicked the door in, and was about ready to burst in when I hesitated.

Rescue or not, I was still about to go into the Women's restroom. There was a brief awkward moment as I stood in the doorway unsure of what to do next, then Newt screamed again and I made up my mind. 

Eyes closed I charged inside. 

After running into a stall, I decided to risk it, and allowed my eyelids to open. No one. Huzzah. It wasn't hard to tell where Newt and her attacker were. For one, I could hear sounds of struggle. For another, I could see the attacker's feet under the stall.

I almost pulled a Newt and fainted when I saw the red tinged floor. I ripped the stall door off its hinges and saw a grown man pinning Newt and hitting her repeatedly. 

Let me rephrase that: I saw a dead man pinning Newt and hitting her repeatedly.

Using my telekinesis, I formed a barrier around Newt so that the man's punches couldn't hit her. When the attacker realized this, he spun around angrily. 

I had been practicing my Angel of Death look in the mirror when I had spare time, and I must have been mighty convincing because the man lowered his fist and he blinked a few times.

And then he charged at me.

I was really looking forward to this.

He sung once and I dodged. He swung twice and I twisted away. He swung a third time and I stopped his fist cold with my telekinesis. I did the same to his other hand and watched in amusement as he struggled to free himself. After a moment I decided enough was enough and started to act. I released his hands and ducked under the obvious blow, surrounding my fists with energy as I did so. Then I came up strong and punched the man in the stomach, releasing the electricity as I did so. 

I pulled Newt over to me to make sure that none of injuries were life-threatening, then I turned back to deal with the man. I slowly walked towards, building up enough electricity to stop a charging elephant. Or kill a man. Then he spoke,

"Give me my daughter back you-"

I gave him a jolt to shut him up, but I had heard what he said. Daughter? That meant that... he was...

Newt's father.

That changed things ever so slightly. As much as I wanted to kill this man, I couldn't. Not in front of Newt. Instead of releasing the energy in my fists, I let one of them die down slightly and simply touched the man's chest. He acted much the way he would have if I had used a taser on him. 

I left it at that and turned back to Newt. She was crying pretty hard, but she was still conscious. She collapsed into my arms, sobbing uncontrollably, and since I'm the authority on girls I stood there like an idiot, not sure what to do.

Story of my life.

We must have stood there for a while, because eventually Newt's crying subsided and she actually fell asleep. I used my telekinesis to shift her into a better position, then let her drop into my arms. I carried her out of the restroom and made for the closet, glancing briefly at Thatcher.

He gave me a brusque nod and a grunt, and went in to Ladies room to grab Newt's dad.

Once in the room, I laid Newt on a sleeping bag. I found a first-aid kit among the supplies and did what I could for Newt's injuries. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do for the bruises.

When I was done, I sat on the floor, back against the wall. There was a lot to think about. My brother might be alive. The others might be dead. Newt kissed me.

I blamed my ineptitude with girls largely on the fact that I was awful at reading them. I never knew how much was ok. I couldn't read any of the "signs." I didn't understand them.  Even at this point, I wasn't sure if Newt like me, or if that had just been a weird emotional hiccup, or even something completely different. I didn't like to guess, or hypothesize. I needed to know. I needed a giant glowing sign that said "Newt likes you."

I suppose mind reading would also be handy.

Could I kiss her back? Would she slap me? Would she-

Knock knock.

Another emotional crisis averted, thanks to polite manners.

"Who is it?"


"Come in."

He let himself in and closed the door softly behind him. He looked at Newt for a while then turned to me.

"She ok?"

"Yeah. Just tired out I guess. We've... we've had an eventful few days."

"I believe it."

"Anything I can help you with?"

"No. Actually, I thought I should tell you. There was someone asking for you downstairs."

My heart stopped. Was it the clones? Was it someone from Superpowers Inc.?


"He wouldn't tell me his real name. He was weird. Wore a hood over his face so I couldn't tell what he looked like. He only said that if you showed up, I was supposed to tell you his name was Underhill. I got the impression that he was lying. He also wanted me to tell you that you can no longer wait for the wizard. The Nazgul are coming."

Underhill. That was... that was what Frodo called himself when he was looking for Gandalf...

At the inn of the Prancing Pony.

We were at the Pony. Which meant...

That was my brother. 

And I couldn't wait for him. And if I was correct...

One or both of the clones was following us.

"Th-thanks. I'll keep a look out for him I guess."

Thatcher nodded and turned to leave.

I had even more questions now, but looking at Newt, I knew one thing for certain. We couldn't leave tonight. Newt needed rest. 

There were too many thoughts bouncing around in my head for me to sleep so I quietly opened the door and left. I nodded at Thatcher as I passed him, and took a step out into the quiet night. I walked around the building, looking for a way up and found a retractable ladder. Unfortunately for most people, the ladder was up in the air and the sliding end had been retracted up and locked into place.

Not really a problem for a guy with telekinesis.

I slid the ladder down and climbed up it onto the roof. Thatcher wouldn't let anybody up to our "room" without a fight, and I could see anyone who tried to enter the building. I could keep watch from up here.

I looked through the streets, and thought of my brother. How had he survived? How he found me? How did he know about the clones?

I looked back in the direction of Superpowers Inc. and wondered how Apex and Shard were doing. And Lorrie. I wondered if she still hated me. 

"I don't think it's hate."

I spun to see Newt standing off to the side.

"Newt how the heck did yo-"

"I can float dummy. And I don't think it's hate."

Recovering from the small shock, I thought about what she said.

"Then what is it?"

"I don't know. Disappointment. Jealousy. Injured pride. Something like that. But I wouldn't say she hates you."

"Oh. Ok." I found most of that a little hard to believe.



"Why is it so hard to believe?"

I really had to watch what I thought about when Newt was around.

"I don't know. I just don't see a girl getting disappointed or jealous over me. I'm not that kind of guy."

"So you're saying Lorrie... and I... have bad taste?"

"Ye... no! No... that's... not what I meant!" I protested, grabbing my head with my hands.

"I know." She said with a small mental laugh. Her hand found mine, and I had to take a few deep breaths to acclimate myself to this whole situation. It was a first for me.

So was me waking up on the roof of a building, with New-... Cassie... asleep in my arms.

I could almost have forgotten that we were a few missteps away from being killed.

The End

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