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We soon enough left Visp’s house and found the streets crawling with patrols. “We need to try and make it to the sewers”

‘Why?’ I questioned.

“Because that is where I’m guessing the others would have gone”

I caught Visp’s wrist stopping him and making him look at me. ‘Are you sure they got out?’


‘What if they were injured also? Would they make it to the sewers?’

Visp sighed pushing his free hand back through his hair. “I just think it’s the best place to start”

Slowly I nodded then glanced up at the sky. ‘We won’t make it before nightfall. I know somewhere half way there where we can stay’


‘An inn called The Pony’

Visp face flashed with a confusing emotion. Pain? Regret? I wasn’t sure but he’d been acting strange from the moment we’d been in his house. I wanted to reassure him. Help him somehow but... how when I didn’t know what was wrong? When I didn’t know where to start?

‘It’s on the east side near the market’ I said looking down at my shoes. Visp nodded and started to move out of the alley. We travelled down toward the eastern banks moving through the alleys. When we had to move in the crowd we kept our heads down. Soon enough through there was another patrol.

“In there” Visp said shoving me ahead him to hide behind a wall. We both crouched down watching as they shoved someone to the ground. I didn’t recognise them which was reassuring but their snake eyes told me they had powers.

I put my hand on Visp’s shoulder. ‘We have to do something’

“It’s too crowded, Newt” he whispered turned his eyes to glance around at the people. They were all gathering to watch but I didn’t watch them more the patrol as they tugged out a tablet and checked some photos. Photos of the group.

I swallowed anxious. “It’s not them” the leader grunted. “Take this one to the van with the others”

‘Visp’ I said drawing his attention. ‘We have to do something’

He hesitated. “Okay” he said. We started following the patrol as they dragged the lad back to the van which was in a very empty part of town. “Perfect” Visp said and lifted up his hand before bringing them together using his powers to knock out the men by banging their heads together. We both snuck out to the guy. “You get that guy out of the cuffs”

I caught the keys Visp had thrown and unlocked the cuffs about to reassure the lad when he vanished with a loud bang.

“Teleporter” Visp cursed as he opened the back of the van and found it empty. “It’s a decoy”

That was when I felt the mind starting to swarm up. Visp grabbed my hand and started to pull me along as he ran but I knew this area and he was going the wrong way. ‘Wait! Visp! Down there is a dead end. This way’

Visp turned to me and I gestured at a slit between two buildings. He nodded and pushed me ahead of him to go first. I shuffled through the gap easily while Visp struggled a little more. “Tight squeeze” he grunted as we inched ourselves through. “Where does it come out?”

‘Two blocks from the inn’

“How long are we gonna be in here?”

‘To squeeze through to the other end?’ I questioned to which I saw Visp nod. ‘About twenty minutes’

“Great, we’re gonna be pancakes by the end” he chuckled. I smiled also and kept on shuffling along till suddenly we both tumbled out. Visp fell on top of me and I flushed. “Sorry” he said getting up and then helping me.

‘We’re close’ I said looking around and recognising a lot. I started to walk hearing Visp follow as we moved along the almost empty streets. We soon enough reached the inn and I took Visp round the back.

I knocked on the back door and soon enough Thatcher’s face appeared. He froze at the sight of me. “Newt?” he stuttered. I smiled and gave him a little wave. He broke out into a smile and soon enough was swinging me round a huge grin on his face.

Visp watched confused. I pushed myself out of Thatcher’s arms. ‘Thatcher... don’t freak out’

Thatcher froze his eyes widening. “Newt? Oh shit, you went to Superpowers Inc, didn’t you?” he says. “Is that where you have been these six months?”

‘Not all of them. Look me and Visp need somewhere to stay’ I say gesturing to Visp. Thatcher nibbled on his lower lip.

“I might have a backroom for you” he says and gestured we followed as he limped into the inn.

Visp stopped me. “Are you sure we can trust him, Newt?”

‘Positive’ I said taking hold of Visp’s hand and looking down at it. My cheeks heated up and I let go quickly following Thatcher into the inn. Visp followed hesitantly and didn’t seem that comfortable as we moved through. The heavy smell of smoke and beer was overpowering.

The familiarity reminded me of all those times me and Frog snuck here for a place to sleep. I shook the memory out of my head and focused on the present. “Here we go” Thatcher said opening the door to a storage cupboard. “The sleeping bags are at the back”

I nodded and kissed Thatcher’s cheek. ‘Thank you, Thatch’ I smiled.

“Yeah, thanks” Visp said. Thatcher looked at Visp then me before back to Visp.

“May I talk to you, lad?”

Visp hesitated as I went to get the sleeping bags. “Sure” Visp finally said and left the cupboard. Thatcher closed the door which didn’t stop me from inching over and listening in.

“I don’t know what is going on but I’ve known Newt for ages and I know that look she gives you”

“What lo-”

“Don’t play dumb, lad. I don’t know what shit you two are in but protect that girl. There aren’t many like her who can see the good in everyone” Thatcher snapped before striding off. I quickly raced back to the sleeping bags to set them up.

Apparently I didn’t need to cause Visp didn’t come back straight away but when he did he was quiet. ‘Something wrong?’

“How do you look at me?” he says turning to look at me. I flushed and fiddled with my shirt. “Look, Newt-”

My lips met Visp’s hard as my fingers stayed curled round his shirt. He seemed shocked. I was shocked and soon enough yanked myself away. ‘I, uh... I need some fresh air’ I said and ran out of the room before Visp could stop me.

Hell. Shoot. Fuck! What had I done? Now was not the time to be declaring my feelings when we were on the run. I leant against the wall just stood in the corridor and reached up to touch my lips. I flushed. He hadn’t pushed me away. Although, I hadn’t much given him chance. Taking a shaky breath I turned and wandered into the inn feeling very flustered.

“I had a daughter once” I heard a familiar voice slur that spread horrid chill down my spine. “She was an ungrateful shit”

“Now, now, Lucas. I think you’ve had enough” Thatcher said and I saw him try to usher a man out of his bar stool.

The man shrugged Thatcher off with a grunt and stumbled out of his stool. Then he saw me and I saw him. The dark eyes that pierced my chest making me feel cold. Fury spread over his face. I turned and slipped into the bathroom hiding in the stall. I heard the door bang open a moment later. “Oh, Cassie...” my father’s called darkly before chuckling. He kicked open a stall with a loud thud making me jump.

I hugged my knees up to my chest as my body started to shake. Where was Visp when I needed him?

Suddenly my cubical door was kicked open and I found a tall figure leaning over me. “Well. Well. Well” my father said with a slur to his words. “What bitch do we have here?” he then grabbed my hair. My mouth opened in a scream but no sound came out as the first tear spilled out. “You never should have run.

Let me go. Let me go. VISP!

The End

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