Bloody DefeatMature

We had to go but we couldn't leave a man behind, Shard dodged a flurry of punches with ease before returning his own but his opponent had already set up his next attack catching him in mid air and then throwing a punch that ignited in orange. I knew what was going to happen next and I needed to stop it.  I flashed in between the two putting my hands up and forming an ice barrier as both shard and I were pushed back from an immense explosion I slide across the floor and debris as shard hit the ground. 

"You will die!"  That same voice that paralyzed cried through my head. A shot of fear shot through my veins, but Shard put a hand on my shoulder. 

"Be strong, believe in yourself! Don't let him destroy you from the inside!" Before pushing me forward loosening my muscles and snapping me out of the paralysis, our opponent was heading for Lorrie who still seemed to be combating the effects of the mind attack she was doing better than I seeing I needed help but she wasn't going to be able to dodge the explosion he was readying. I flashed again but this time I went to knock him over. He somehow knew this was going to happen and prepared himself, aiming the explosion at me instead. I flashed beside him narrowly dodging the explosion and countering with my own. We were both sent flying back as burning sensation burrowed through my left shoulder a warm liquid began to poor down my torso. I look at my shoulder to see a small bloody hole that was heavily singed that that had torn between the collar bone and chest.  I wasn't feeling the pain from the blow but I could feel my body go directly into shock as I watched more of my blood drip down onto the floor.  My left arm had gone completely limp, and devoid of feeling. 

"APEX!" I heard a voice cry from what seemed to be distant, ahead of me I could see him coming towards, but it seemed also distant and slow. I didn't have the will to move or do anything. 


“do you want to die? You’re going to be ripped to pieces if you don't move. I don't think that would be benificial for either one of us! Move! Or I will!"  The other part of me screamed in my head, I looked at my wound some more seeing my ice powers subconsciously cover the wound and stop the bleeding.  I swayed out of the way of his fist but i was still taken by what appeared to be telekinesis and was sent flying towards the wall but Shard caught me before I did. 

"You’re not looking so good, what happened?" Shard shouted while Lorrie and he came towards us. 

"I don't know he managed to get me good though." I replied, "Flashing towards Lorrie as an explosion erupted at our previous position. 

"We can't fight him right now he has the edge on all of us, we have to go." Lorrie pleaded with us, but I didn't see that happening either unless we could distract him somehow. 

"We can't all..."  Our enemy was upon as again His attacks were directed at Lorrie again but not for to long as we collectively overcame him with our own strengths but with all three of us vs one. We seemed to be matched in martial power. 

"Get back!" I yelled giving off an explosion that scarred the ground below us yet out opponent burst through unaffected picking me and slamming me against the wall with just his right arm, before picking me up again hitting me with a punch combined with an explosion. I was lucky to have covered my body in ice while doing this but I could feel the shockwaves rumble through my body and a blinding pain as I hit the ground. My sight darkened a little as my opponent appeared in the corner I tried to counter but he was there. 

" Get out the way let me handle him, you’ve nearly killed yourself twice now!" 

"No." I replied but my body still wouldn't move. I was punched and picked up again ice covered my body but I could feel myself falling through the air. Consciousness was slipping away, " Let me do this, there isn't anything you can do with how beat up I am anyways."I tried reasoning with my other side, " Besides your interference has got us here now, I could have dodged that last attack." 

" have it your way!" He sneered, I managed to stand up and evade the next attack but I could feel my legs shaking, beneath me, my body was in pain, everything was heavily tasking yet I could stand, and fight, or was it because I had to?  Shard was beside me in an instant Lorrie was between us and the enemy phasing as he sent an explosion at her. In rage he turned on us, and that’s when I knew I only had one move left and I needed to make the best of it. With the remaining amount of energy I had I built it all up in my right hand the orange glow building up I charged stepping in the line of the his explosion

"you’re going to die if you fight him this way." The other side warned giving the enemy the advantage, but I managed to force my tired and broken body to  flash beyond before slamming my fist on his large torso releasing the blast scoring a hit sending him backwards his blood spattering on the ground as I fell backwards from the ability to stand leaving my body.  The rest began to blur but I heard Shard say “I will stay here, take him ,and go." Brief moments of consciousness lead me to believe we had escaped the compounds and Lorrie was struggling to carry my barely cooperative body. I saw some Martian landscape before catching a view of the slums. I slipped into my dreams the fear that I had died came over me, as body felt myself fall through darkness as breathing became.  I awoke gasping for air before I noticed i was in a darker building my body bandaged up, and weak, I could hear the sound of Lorrie's breathing close by. 

"Finally your awake. How are you feeling?" She asked in a calm tone her footsteps coming closer. 

It took me a moment to access the state I was in but I concluded that " I feel like I have been hit train several times." Her face came into view with a slight look of concern, “Thanks for getting me here, and I guess it was you who bandaged me all up so thanks for that to." I said not being able to shake that fear I had felt. a


The End

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