A New HopeMature


So yeah, I don't turn green or grow muscles or anything like that, but I do identify with the Hulk in one respect.

You touch the girl I like and your life expectancy drops.

To zero.

Only that wasn't happening here. Nothing I did affected my opponent, which only made me angrier. I shot a glance over at Apex and Lorrie and saw that they were having similar problems.

We had to step outside of our boxes.

I ducked a swing and gave the room a quick survey. A glint caught my eye, and an idea started to form. 

"Apex! Lorrie!" I shouted, then used my telekinesis to pull a beam from the ceiling and swing it baseball style at the clone attacking us, which sent him hurtling towards the the clone that Lorrie and Apex were fighting and left them in a tangled heap.

"HOME RUN!" I shouted. 

Shard was still dancing with the huge guy, and the three of us remaining began to converge on him. Then I began to shiver and my mind exploded.


I can't begin to describe what that was like. My mind went numb and felt like shattering... and I could feel a presence there... a dirty fetid presence.

It was evil.

I couldn't take another step forward. Neither could Lorrie or Apex. But Shard seemed unaffected. 

"How can he stand it?" I asked.

"He protected himself against my mind attacks... I guess it applied to those ones too..." said Lorrie shakily.

"We have to help Shard. We're just gonna have to fight it." stated Apex.

"Apex, we can't do that. He just paralyzed us without even touching us. And I bet he can do it again. Easily. And-"

The two clones had managed to free themselves and began to rush at us with wild cries.

"And then there's them." I finished. "We're gonna have to do a tactical retreat. They have us beat this time."

Apex wasn't about to give up though. "We can still-"

"Apex, no we can't" cut in Lorrie. "I think Visp is right."

I nodded my thanks. "Ok so the four of us will-"

"I think we should split up" said Lorrie. "It might split up the clones and we'll be less conspicuous in smaller groups."

"I'm taking Newt then."

Because that was totally unexpected of me.

The two nodded, although Lorrie didn't look very happy. Apex flashed in front of the clones, blew a hole in the floor, and flashed back to grab. Then he was gone. 

The two clones had no idea that the floor was gone until they were falling through it, and I took that chance to run over and pickup Newt before making a dash for the hole in the wall.

What was odd, was that I hardly noticed that I was finally free from the compound. I just kept running with complete disregard to the fulfillment of months and months of hoping. I just kept running. I ran until I had lost track of where I was going and decided to let my feet take control. 

Then it happened. I recognized something. 

I was still on auto-pilot but every turn I took brought up another familiar sight. As I took a final left, I realized where I was a split second before it came into view.

I was home.

I almost dropped Newt as I came to a stop in front of the door. That door had been closed for nearly three years. I hadn't come back after the accident.

I pushed on the door and it didn't move. Which made sense actually, we would have locked it before we left. Of course that wasn't a problem now. I lifted my hand and knocked the door off it's hinges. 

It was exactly how I remembered it. It smelled of rotting food, but that was one of the few differences. The living room was the first room you came to after walking down the hallway. I laid Newt down on a couch and began to explore. I skirted the kitchen and went to my parents room first. Their bed was neatly made and everything was still nice and neat. There was the closet with all the clothes that I was told I might fit into someday. My favorite tie of my dad's was hanging on its own hanger so that I'd know where to find it whenever I wanted to wear it. It was a Miami Dolphins tie that my Dad had brought from Earth... the Miami Dolphins were a sports team... they played a game called football. I never learned much about it, because there wasn't much emphasis on sports here. I left my parent's room as soon as possible. They had a lot of pictures hung and framed in their room... and those wouldn't be very beneficial to me. 

I moved on to my brothers' room. Brandon and Craig shared a bunk bed, Brandon had been nine and Craig had been thirteen when they died. Their room looked the same as it always did. Messy. Toys and games were strewn everywhere. There was a pile of books on Randy's dresser and a few wrappers on on Craig's bed. I saw a bucket of large lego blocks on the floor and couldn't resist the urge to play with them. We loved legos. But not the small ones, or the ridiculously large ones. The medium ones were perfect, and we created all manner of forts, robots, planes, and other epic creations.

A creak sounded behind me and I whipped around, lightning already crackling in my hand. 

"It's just me Visp!"  thought Newt.

I lowered my hands, "Oh... sorry Newt." 

Newt sat down, and I joined her. I began to resume work on my lego creation and to my surprise, Newt picked up a few blocks and began to tinker with them as well. We built side by side for almos thalf an hour before Newt said, 

"So... where exactly are we?"

"We're... we're at my home."

"Your home? Where is your family?"

Then, as if she had answered her own question, Newt hands flew to her mouth, 

"Oh Visp... I'm sorry... I'm really really sorry. I didn't mean to bring it up..."

"It's... ok."

I let the blocks in my hands fall to the floor as I stared at the wall in front of me. I heard Newt move around a little and then felt her slide closer to me. She took my hand and we just sat in silence for a good long while.

I hated to break up a moment like this, but it wasn't safe to stay in one place for too long, and I hadn't even checked my own room. I was about to tell Newt when she let go of my hand and stood. It was almost as if she had read my m-


We made our way into my room and I tried my best to explore everything as quickly as I could. My books, my Lord of the Rings pez dispenser set, my video games, my toy lightsabers... everything. Once I was satisfied I began to leave, when I realized I had forgotten something. I ran to my closet, pulled open the door and began to feel along the wall for a loose section of panel. When I found it, I slid it aside and pulled out a small zippered up bag with Obi-Wan Kenobi on it. It was a gift from Grandmother and I used it to keep really important things inside. Like the small star wars figures that my mom decorated my graduation cake with. A bullet shell from a memorial day service. My dad had given it me. I had memorized each and every piece in there. 

That's why I was surprised to see a small slip of folded paper. I hadn't put anything like that in there. I opened it up and immediately my attention was drawn to it. 

There was a small excerpt from Lord of the Rings, "Make for the village of Bree. Meet me at the inn of the Prancing Pony."

It was in my brother's handwriting. 

But that was impossible... he had died in a crash.

There were no survivors. 

There had been no hope of living... that's what they said...

Maybe it had been put in there before the crash...

Or maybe...

Maybe my brother was alive.

The End

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