Thud. Thud. Thud. “Newt, Newt, are you awake? Did you heard Apex? We must leave now, please open the door.”

Bang. Bang Bang. “Newt, open the door, we must leave now! Please, this is not a time to behave like this, you’ll end up dead. I’m sorry for what I said yesterday. I wasn’t in control of my thoughts, please believe me. I didn’t mean what I said and I hope you can forgive me for it.”

I curled in tighter on myself feeling nothing. My body was numb. How could I have been so stupid to believe that here I was normal? My fingers clenched on the quilt of my bed but I didn't feel it. I squeezed my eyed against the small inch of light in my room. I wanted to be in darkness and sinking away from the world like I had in my dream.

Freak. Freak. Freak. Freak.

Newt is Freak. Look she can't talk. No one can hear you scream......

I screamed mentally shocking an unexpected Visp outside. Thud. Thud. Thud. "Newt! Newt, are you okay?" Visp called panicked through the door.

Visp...... My mind whispered to me. He saved you every time. I shivered as I thought about when I finally realized that Visp liked me. Not as a friend or maybe in a brotherly way but he.... he liked liked me and if I was honest there was a part of me that knew all along. A part of me that didn't want to get broken. I hugged my stomach and rocked back and forth. Besides he'd probably came to the conclusion to after Lorrie's yelling in the arena. 

I wasn't worth any time. I was a freak. It would never change no matter where I went. Tears tumbled down my cheek and I let then fall as my body trembled with sobs that stayed deep within me.

Leave.... Someone had said leave. Apex. Apex had called an escape. I hope the others would leave without me. "Newt" a voice sighed outside the door. I tensed and reached my mind out to curl around Visp. Why was he still here? Wasn't he meant to be escaping?

I searched the rest of the area but didn't find anyone. He was.... waiting for me. I struggled to my feet feeling my limbs all cramped as I wandered over to the door and opened it. Visp got up quickly. There was a blanket on the floor where he'd been sat. I slowly glanced down at it then at him. "Did you....Did you sleep here?" I thought to him.

"I've been worried, Newt. You just locked yourself away in your room like that" he said with genuine concern. "Anyway, that's beside the point right now we have to go"

His fingers closed around my wrist. "Go... why?" I thought feeling like my head was full of a thick fog. 

"To escape. Didn't you hear Apex?" he said as we got out the area. Out. How did we...? I glanced back but we had already turned a corner. Visp kept leading me and I let him. I didn't know where we were meant to be going anyway. That was when all the screaming and the fight reached my ears. I felt a furious mind to my left and looked seeing a guard racing towards us. "Newt" Visp yelled yanking me behind him.

Protecting me again as he threw his hands up and flung the guard back but another came. This time he flung a bolt of lightning straight through the man's chest. Blood. My eyes started to close. I had no will to fight them but arms caught me.

Long lanky arms that held my feather weight easily. "Newt! Wake up!" the voice said panicked. I opened my eyes and found Visp.

Oh Visp. Again he protected me. My heart began to thud faster in my chest at the sight of his green eyes so close and I didn't understand. "Where are we?" my foggy mind asked. Visp frowned worried.

"We're escaping, Newt"

Newt. The silly little name my street friend Frog had given me. I had met him about two months after I had ran away. The reason he was called Frog was cause he never stopped jumping from here to there across the city. When he'd found me he'd 'taken me under his wing' and we'd gone around together.

"Why is she following you around all the time?" his friends had demanded one time making me feel horribly unwelcome. "The little freak can't even talk. What use is she?"

"She's not a freak" Frog jumped in to my defense looking down at me. "She just small and harmless.... like a Newt"

"If you say so. Newt, huh? Kinda fits her"

And it had stuck. More cause I had wanted it to stuck then when.... when Frog had vanished off the street I had been alone. I had clung to the new name. The new chance at life he'd given me.

I looked at Visp then thought of Apex and Lorrie. They all were brave so out there with their confidence. "It's Cassie"

"What?" Visp blinked down at me.

I felt my cheeks heat up and I stepped out of Visp's arms looking down at my shoes. "My real name.... it's Cassie"

"Newt....." Visp said trailing off. I looked up at him and saw him swallow nervously. "Cassie, huh? Lets go" he held out his hand and I put my hand in his letting him pull me along. We passed other people fighting. All the guards were busy so non of them turned to stop us.

Then I saw a face a flash of green eyes and brown hair that seemed so familiar. I stumbled to a stop trying to find the person again.

"Cassie?" Visp said seeming to find my name very likable. I looked at him and shook my head like it was nothing.

"Don't tell the others" I thought to him as we ran.

"Why?" Visp asked glancing back at me.

I looked at my shoes embarrassed. How was I meant to tell him? "It's....It's just for you to know" I explained slowly making Visp stop and face me properly. We really were not escaping all that well.

He looked at me properly and for the first time I noticed peering up through the strands of hair that had fallen into my face. Visp watched me for a long time before grinning all cheesy and dorky, if I was to be honest it was adorable. "Okay" he said. "Our secret" he squeezed my hand and focused on the warmth. 

Touch. I hadn't much time to focus on it because we heard a scream. Lorrie's scream or was it a battle cry. We looked in the direction of it then at each other and started running. When we got there I was met by a very horrific sight. There were three people between me and Visp at the door and where Lorrie stood on the other side of the room with Apex and Shard.

The three people between them, if you could call them that looked over at us. One was huge towering over everyone in the room. The other two were half his size but looked creepy and ill with the way they hunched. "Are you okay?" Visp yelled over.

"We're fine" Lorrie yelled when suddenly a telepathic scream ripped through the air. Everyone put there hands over there ears while I whipped a shield round my mind. I squeezed Visp's hand and whipped a shield round him to but it was trying. Blocking off attacking thoughts was something I had not seen coming. Every wave that hit sent me rocking back on my heels. 

Visp held me up and I tried to peer passed the blur of my vision to see the others. Suddenly something threw itself at me. "Newt!" Visp yelled as I tumbled across the room trying the stop the razor sharp finger nails catching at my throat. I grabbed the things throat and threw all my telepathy at it which hit a wall that set my mind pounding.

I screamed out for Visp mentally and felt the body yanked off me. Visp threw the person seeming the struggle with the weight of the tiny figure. He helped me up and we faced it backing up. "I-I can't get in its head" I thought panicked to Visp. 

I glanced over my shoulder to see Lorrie, Apex and Shard dealing with the hunched figure and also the large one. "We have to help them but..."

The hunched figure we were dealing with gave a blood curdling scream. Visp threw lightning at it but it bounced off an invisible wall slamming up into the ceiling. Visp cursed and pushed me behind him as we backed away from the creature. How the hell were we getting out of this?

We had to get out.... we had to, I thought looking over at the others seeing the huge monster about to slam his fist down on Shard. Automatically I threw a telepathic scream at him watching it hit the monster hard he turned on me and roared. Crap. Luckily Shard acted quick jumping up onto the clones back and transforming his arm into a sword which he cut into the thing.

Crud, I thought as I saw blood then hit the ground a moment later.

The End

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