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My body was not fully recovered yet energy surged through it, an intensity I could not describe. I was angry not the angry from earlier that emanated from the voice or what I referred to now was the demon. This was my own anger. This anger was directed at Kobish and all the other bastards like him in superpowers inc. I don't care what happened to me, but it was what he did to Lorrie, and what he made Visp do. I was also incapable of protecting them, I was incapable of doing anything, Kobish had made me powerless to stop him. I was going to change that though the next time we meet. I will have his head! What he did was unforgivable not that his other actions could be condoned or justified, but something in me snapped. Something inside me set up a fire that wanted to be let loose and burn this whole place to the ground. Sometimes my emotion manifested itself with an orange glow. I needed to do something every second Kobish stood unharmed, was another second wasted. Every moment not escaping was another second regretfully wasted. I was pacing in the living room madly as the air around was held in tension the orange glow getting more intense, while the air started to swirl around me violently. I couldn't take it anymore! 

"I need to get out!" I yelled punching the glass separating the training arena and the living room, shattering it instantly.  My fist began to bleed but I didn't care. Shard was the only one who ran down to see what had happened, the other seemed to be distracted by their personal drama. Newt had locked herself in her room and was responding to no one. Lorrie was upset and angry about and was generally in a bad mood about Visp turning her down in the arena. As for Visp he was still dealing with the nightmares that they had fed him as well as the drama he had caused in the arena. Idiot couldn't he have picked a better time? Whatever what was done was done, and at the moment I was not in the right mindset to deal with peoples feelings. Something had to be done, and it had to be done soon. 

"Are you okay? What the hell are doing?" Shard asked calmly. 

"Just fucking dandy!" I snarled before adding, " Sorry. I need to get out of here, I have to pay him back for what he did to Lorrie, Visp, and even Newt. I can't sit here anymore, and expect everyone to pull themselves together. Everything seems shattered, especially after Visp had to spill his inner feelings out on the arena." 

"You got that right."Shard said simply," But you can't simply believe they will have the same mindset of you after everything that has happened, in fact even I 'am amazed that your still holding it together all though not in the greatest way possibly." He said with a type of compassion for others I never expect from him.

"We don't have time for personal feelings regardless not when someone like Kobish is around doing the dreadful things to whomever he wants. I won't stand for it anymore, and right now I know I can do it. I can breakout and destroy him, and this place, I feel strong very strong."

"Well if that's how you feel then let’s go, tomorrow morning, you’re still hurt, and your exhausted." Shard said offering his hand. 

"You have a plan?" I asked.

"Sort of I know away to get out of here, we should go without the others though they don't seem ready yet." He said. 

"Yeah, we'll come back from them, I have an Idea that's going to turn this place upside down." I said, clenching my fist again before kicking the table out of the way.


The next morning Shard woke me up, telling me to take this healing pill, before heading down to meet him in the living room. The same angry intensity was swirling inside of me, as I walked out my room. The others were still sleeping, I noticed as I walked down the halls. 

"I'll make it back you, I promise, but I have to do this now, I don't have the patience to wait for you all to pull yourselves together emotionally. I hope you all can forgive me for this." I whispered quietly outside of Lorries room, before meeting Shard who showed me a maintenance shaft that he had broken into. The shafts lead to the corridors outside that were patrolled by a great many of guards, but shard and I had no problem dispatching them quickly as we flashed through them knocking them out. 

"So what's your plan?" Shard asked.

"We find Kobish, and we kill him, after that im sure security will be going nuts giving us a chance to head slip into the communications room, where I will let everyone know that its national get out of hell hole day set them free, which im sure will ensue riots. By this time I'm sure the others will have to snap into action, we find them and we blow a hole straight of here. Sound good?" I explained as we ran down the hall checking every door looking for Kobish's name. 

"Sounds like fun." Shard smiled, “Hardest part is probably getting to Kobish, but I think I know how to attract his attention." He said morphing his arm into large hammer before smashing a heavily enforced out of place with a few bashes. 

"What's in here?" I asked walking beyond the vault door which was completely dark until Shard clapped his hands turning the lights on revealing huge glass tubes that stretched to the top of 20 foot ceiling inside them were humanoid like creatures that were kept alive by hoses, but they looked sick and malnourished. My clenched fists started to shake, " Shard what is this?" 

"all of Kobish's test subjects that he screwed up beyond repair. I knew all of them , they were like me. They were born with superpowers, but unlike me they couldn't survive Kobish's cruel demanding routine, he killed them mentally, destroyed their bodies, and cruelly keeps them alive for means unknown, but they don't deserve to live this way. No one does" Shard said, “It may seem cruel of me to ask this of you Apex but we need to free them by killing them. I assure ending their life instead of letting them live on in this painful existence is much better. Explode them all. Please." Shard pleaded with me. I looked at them, some of them had many cuts, and burns, some of them had grown strange mutations, but all of them had one thing in common which could be seen in their eyes, and face. Severe intense pain it was almost as if they were begging for death, but I couldn't do it.

"Shard I I don't think I can do this. It seems wrong even if they want it."  I said, feeling my anger waiver for a moment. 

" Apex I have went through the same things, I wished for death many times, until one day I found the same anger that you have inside you. The same anger to that will right things, I promise. Trust me, like you trusted me before, and do..." Before he could finish his sentence to beams of light erupted from his chest leaving two massive holes. 

"Shard!" I shouted shocked turning around to see Kobish smooth cruel face smiling. 

"Do you boy's have a death wish? I do have to wonder, you idiots don't get the idea. Especially you Runiake, are you some sort of glutton for punishment?" Kobish  said coldly his blue eyes look into my orange ones. My anger began to bubble up, I looked down at shard his wounds had healed quickly and he began to breath again, he stood back up looking rather pale, but none the less ready to fight, " Ah subject 15 always ready to take more and more punishment as usual, but I think this time this goes beyond punishment this time you die!" Kobish said his blue eyes glowing, which I assumed as control power activating, I flashed beside him creating an ice pick trying to gouge his eye out but he was quick and managed to escape still to my credit I cut one of his eyes. 

"Kobish, this will be your grave! You can't use your control power I bet if one of you eyes are injured!" I said throwing an explosion at him which stopped with telekinesis, and threw back at me but I was already out of the way as Shard charged him again, but was quickly thrown against the wall with the telekinesis power. 

"Ha, smart move kid but even I can't use my control power you still can't beat me!" He said throwing a bunch of lasers at me which marked the ground up badly but all of them missed. Shard and I flashed to his side I reinforced my arm with ice an formed a spike while he turned arm into a drill he came from the front while I came behind. Kobish however masterfully used telekinesis to throw backwards through the air.  I made the ice fly at him but he managed dodged it. However as it impacted the ground a massive explosion tore through his sick laboratory. Lazer shot everywhere as Kobish emerged from the explosion for the most part unharmed, my anger built up I flashed beside him, punching him in the face, then kicking through one of those tubes, he tried to use telekinesis but I was behind him. My body was glowing orange the air around me was once again swirling violently as it heated from the explosion I was about create, my hand shot outwards an explosion erupted towards him. He caught it with telekinesis but I didn't back down. With my resolve to make him pay for what he had done to Lorrie, to what he did to Visp and Newt. I couldn't allow him to block this explosion my resolve to destroy him with it was too great. The explosion grew as it pushed against Kobish's telekinetic barrier. 

"What is this?" He cried out. 

"Revenge for everything, you bastard. This explosion will tear you apart atom by atom, and you can't stop it, no matter what you throw at me, Kobish!" I yelled pushing downwards focussing the explosion and compact it before letting go and flashing well out of harms way. The explosion not only filled the lab but shook the building as if it was being assaulted by a massive earthquake, it also blown a hole that went ten floors up and down.  Shard appeared beside me amazed. 

"Could have warned me what you had in mind." He said shocked.

" I didn't know I could do that, I just..." I looked at my hands I still felt a immense power pulsing inside me what was this feeling, what was going on?  " I just feel strong, like I have unlimited amounts of power maybe its because that torture has made me strong somehow. Anyways lets head to the communication room before this place is swarming with guards and security." I offered, Shard nodded in agreement as we took off.

It wasn't hard to get into the communication room, since most the attention was diverted to Kobish's ruined lab. We had to still knock out a few goons before barricading the door though, no big deal though as I turned my attention the array of consoles and buttons. "This might take a while Shard your gonna have to be on surveillance while I figure this out. 

"Alright don't take to long who knows how long we can hold up here." He answered. 

"I would say hour at most if they might blame the failure on the explosion." I replied getting to work.

With some luck I had managed to figure out the console and hack some of the systems within an hour, and was ready to broadcast. 

"Alright all contestants of superpowers inc! I am Apex Runiake of area 50 and once again I have managed to escape, despite superpowers inc’s attempts to dissuade me through torture, and other methods. Point is it's time to get out of this hell hole, you don't have to leave if you don't want to but I’m going to invite anyone who wants to join me and the rest of area 50, by opening all of your doors. With all of our strength combined they cannot confine us, they cannot force us to stay here any longer, and be subjugated to torture, and fights to the death in the arena. The ball is in your court now stay or go it doesn't matter to me .In the end Im getting out of here and there is nothing stopping me!"

The End

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