Newt FeverMature

I paced feeling a throbbing in my head. They been gone a whole day now and I was worried. What state were they going to be in when I got there? Not just physically but mentally. I hadn’t slept the first night or had been able to eat.

I laid down trying to sleep then got straight back up starting to pace again. Why had Visp saved me? Why?

I lay back down on the sofa and tried to sleep again. Apparently I could now cause my eyes slowly drifted closed. I felt my mind drift back through the day when we had been caught.

"You can't torture Newt. I won't let you."

Visp... He had said that. He’d done it to protect me. He had stood in front of me tall and had acted like a shield. I had felt safe behind him.

My mind swirled off to that kiss with Apex but when I turned to lean in it wasn’t Apex but Visp. I couldn’t stop myself either. I kept leaning in. Leaning towards what would mess up everything. Visp’s hand’s laid themselves on my shoulders and pushed me back. His eyes looked into mine.

“We’re just friends” his voice said and began to echo or was it repeating. Over and over as the world seem to crack and break around me suddenly smashing like glass. Everything fell out from beneath me and I tried to grab out for Visp, for anything, but he stepped back letting me fall. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t.

Tears splattered down my face and I kept falling with pieces of the reality I had been in falling with me like shards of glass. I tried to grab out at them. Anything. I needed something to cling to. Everything was out of reach though so I fell till nothing was around me.

I woke up screaming out mentally feeling Shard wake suddenly in his room. ‘Sorry’ I thought over to him. I realised then there was a blanket round me.

Did... Shard put it over me? I tugged it round me as I pulled my knees to my chest. I buried my face in my knees feeling the wet cheeks that wouldn’t be drying up any time soon cause the tears kept falling. My body shook and I tried to cry but only air came out.

No words. No sound. Nothing.

I couldn’t express my sadness at all so sat their trembling till my stomach growled at me to go get something to eat. I walked around for the rest of the day shaky which wasn’t helped by the fact I was still expecting Visp, Lorrie and Apex to turn up all horribly hurt and I... I would have to bandage them.

As I walked around I swear even Shard notice something wrong glancing at me when we passed each other. I just hunched in on myself and kept wandering round. I had to keep moving otherwise I’d go back to sleep and the nightmares would come back. I was still extremely tired and hungry. My stomach growled at me a lot but my worry wouldn’t let me eat.

Then some men turned up grunting at me to grab the medic gear. I only had just got a hold of it when one shoved me in the back hard ordering me to go after the other. I trailed behind the man till we got to the cells. The smell of blood was starting to reach me as I was faced with Kobish. He opened his mouth. “Where’s Visp?” I said the words slipping out of my mouth.

Kobish glared at me and jerked his head at the guards to lead me to one of the cells. I swallowed the scent hitting me before the sight of it. I squeezed my eyes shut feeling a tear slide down my cheek as I inched across till I reached him on the ground.

I struggled to kneel down with the box without opening my eyes. I swallowed and scrambled to find the disinfectant. Gosh, I was going to have to open my eyes eventually but the smell so far. My throat was tightening. I rolled out some bandages.

“Newt” Visp’s voice croaked. I opened my eyes and met his. They were soft as they met mine but there was something broken in them. Whether it was from the torture or something else I couldn’t really tell. “Let me help you” he said trying to help me but wincing when he did.

“No don’t” I said putting a hand on his arm and feeling the blood under my fingers making me squirm. Visp looked at me and I nodded at him to lay down so he did. I grabbed the bandages and took a slow breath before turning to his arm. I almost black out instantly had my eyes not shot closed.

I opened my eyes to see Visp look worried but I got down to wiping the disinfectant over the wound then binding it with the bandage quickly. Eventually I had bound it all and I sat down breathing heavily. My eyes blinked repetitively against the dizziness as I sway back. I almost fell but Visp caught me with his telekinesis holding me upright.

“You came to me first?” he questioned. I nodded wondering how he could tell and accidently projecting it in my dizzy state. “You didn’t look so in shock before”

“I’m okay” I said and felt Visp unconvinced insisting it again. “D-Do you want some water?” he shook his head and I relaxed a bit glancing back at to the door. “Then you should sleep. Rest as much as you can”

“Thanks, Newt”

I turned to him and shook my head looking down at my heads. “I should be thanking you. For protecting me” I flushed and began to stand up but the head rush made me fall forward. “Sor-” I stopped short as my face came direct with Visp’s.

For a moment it felt like my dream all over again but then quickly I shuffled back. Visp looked shocked as well. “You shouldn’t get up so quickly” he said trying to get rid of the awkwardness as he looked away from me.

My head flashed back to when Lorrie had kissed him. Maybe he liked her but... “Apex’s likes Lorrie”

“What?” Visp said turning to look at me.

I shrugged fiddling with my nails staring at them. “I thought you should know since you and Lorrie were getting close. I saw it in his mind by accident when he turned me down” I said and felt my heart churn with pain. I stood to my feet. “I just thought you should know”

Then I strode out with my basket going next to Lorrie’s cell. She was better. My guess was from her regeneration. I cleaned away the blood off her and put a wet flannel on her head. “How’s Visp? Have you seen him”

“He’s…. He’s okay” I said struggling with my telepathy against the fever. Lorrie tried to say something but I shook my head. “I have to get to Apex before time runs out”

I got up and swayed. Lorrie tried to steady me but I was already heading out the cell and on to Apex’s. My head was hurting as my fever got worse. Sweat was sliding down my skin. My breathing ragged.

I got to Apex’s cell and kneeled down next to him. My hands shook as I took out bandages. Apex stirred with a horrid grunt of pain. I put my hand on his chest pushing him to lay back down as he tried to sit up. He looked at me his eyes turning worried.

“You okay, Newt?” Apex asked shakily and I nodded not looking at him. “Ow!” he yelled as I bounded a wound a little too tight.

“Sorry” I said feeling a part of me not really sorry. That was the part of my heart which he had broken. A heart which had only held together through my own strength and that of the strength of those round me.

Apex didn’t say anything again and I had only done half of his wounds when my body gave out and thumped to the floor. It hurt so much. My main screamed at me and my stomach churned. I was lifted out the cell into somewhere else where I felt the cold stone under me. I shook my body starting to get cold from the sweat.

“We will have to wake her up” a voice grunted stirring me out of the darkness. A reply was given but I blacked out woken when a boot connected with my stomach. I screamed out silent before arms grabbed my wrists dragging me to my feet. I saw blotches of figures as I was dragged off.

“Newt” Visp said as I was shoved forward into him. He caught me. My vision started to clear up but I saw a very wounded Apex behind him. I turned away leaning on the wall as my body tried to bring up food that wasn’t there so I just choked on air as I struggled to breath.

“She’s in no state to fight” Lorrie said.

No state to fight. Oh god the fight. I could barely stand never mind fight. Easy target much.

The End

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