Shard and PainMature


I was moving ever closer to my goal to make superpowers inc pay for what they had done. I would never have thought that teaming up with these kids would have hastened my goal. I guess I had forgotten there were loving people in this massive hole in human rights.  I smothered a smile as Apex destroys the rock that stood between us and our freedom, but that was soon changed when we were met by a couple dozen or so robotic guards.  The battle commenced quickly as they launched grenades and before long total chaos consumed our group. As I fought one of the guards managed to get behind me and I hadn't the time to save myself but then apex burst in between us taking a wound on his lower abdomen. 

"At this rate we’re going to be caught.  Shard get back to the area 50 and if anything happens we need someone on the outside that can help us. Get outta here." He said. I listened but without the intentions of staying here, however I didn't get to far before feeling something tugging on my mind. Was it guilt? or was it the fact that I owed apex one for saving me? I wasn't too sure but at this point the whole of my soul decided to expand beyond itself and help others. I didn't know but I turned around only to find myself to late to help them. They had all been captured, like Apex had predicted. Dammit! That left me one option which was to return to area 50 and low and see what I can from there."


Our hands were cuffed behind our backs but these cuffs also sealed our abilities like before when we were taken to area fifty. Yet somehow I could feel a pulse of my powers at the ready, but something told me I should wait on using it. There were to many of those robotic guards around us who guided down shining white halls with obsurdly bright lights. The lights were so bright it was almost like they sterilized everything that they shone upon. even look at the ground my eyes still seemed to burn.  I looked at the other's; Visp seemed to have a face of  fear, mixed anger and concern for the future, Lorrie looked a lot better, but somehow I could feel that there was fear there. I myself could feel my stomach filling with a black ball of fear. I shook my head, no; we were going to be fine. I won't let them bring me down. I won't let them take my humanity; in fact I will show them how strong the human spirit they appear to lack is! I looked back at my comrades with a face that wore the resolve and not the fear it held before. 

"We'll make it through this." I said as the robotic guard shoved my head forward. 

"Left!"It barked, " Stop we're here." 

There was a cold stainless steel door that was so clean, and pristine I could see all of our reflections perfectly upon it. The door opened soundlessly as a cold breeze greeted us, while a Colum light blinded us from the terrors that awaited us on the other side of the door way. 

"Proceed." The cold robotic voice said. We went in the revealing three chairs circling hooked up to a array of wires, and sickening instruments which I was sure would take part in our torture. A door opened on the other side of the room, as our good friend Kobish rejoined us. 

"Please take a seat, I promise it will pinch." He said with a smirk. 

"No." I said firmly waiting to receive a punch from the guard but instead a hot feeling filled me as I felt control over my body fade away. 

"Unfortunately the choice isn't your's to make Runiake." Kobish said as my body seemed to fill with hot needles. I wanted to scream but that wasn't a choice I could make either. I found my body placing itself in the chair before a cold sweaty clamminess took over. I could feel my chest breathing heavily as Kobish's power wore off. I felt ill.  Visp and Lorrie then made their way to their seats, I wasn't sure if they're movements were voluntary either but I felt like all the strength I had earlier turn to dust and was scattered to the wind. 

"Thank you for your cooperation. I’m sure though the pleasure will all be mine." 

"You’re sick." Lorrie protested. 

"Hmm call it what you will, but in a place like this what I do wouldn't be considered sick if you had seen what I have seen happen here. What desperation does to a man, you couldn't believe. Humanity is a hard thing to keep down here, and sanity is out of the question." Kobish replied," Now Apex Runiake the computer has estimated that your pain tolerance is high seeing what you have gone through in the arena, so let’s start at level 4. Shall we?" 

Before I knew it I was screaming so hard, every nerve in my body was firing with pain, it was like fire, electricity and ice was running through my veins. In my head though the voice laughed. 

"Pathetic! Let me have a turn. I can get us out of this!" 

"Bugger off! I don't need your help!"  I screamed out loud. 

"Suit yourself, but I assure you, I'll be back; you don't have what it takes to get the job done." 

"I got this so don't bother!" I screamed again as the pain continued on. My vision was beginning to fade as my ability to draw breath seemed to be completely lost in chaos that was my body.  I tried to focus on the others but it was impossible as my head was filled with the sharp seemingly never ending pain. Suddenly it began to fade and I could see light again,as I heard thought, and other types of stimuli fill the emptiness the lack of pain left. 

I could hear the others in pain, but it was hard to tell what was happening, anger filled my tired body, I had to stop their pain! "Kobish you bastard! Leave them alone! " I screamed harshly as as I heard Lorrie scream out in pain," I'll kill you!" 

"Kill me?" Kobish said coming from my left his face coming close to my own," Not unconscious yet? Guess the computer was right, lets jump it up a notch!" He shouted as Visp roared out in pain. 

"NO!" I said feeling some of my power ready to use. I focussed on breaking the restraints that held me down. There was an orange glow around me as Kobish went to strike me for my disobedience, shifting my focus as Imagined his face exploding but instead there was a bang and he was knocked back, with gash on his shoulder. 

"How?" He yelled out angrily," I'll make you pay for this!" He said angrily trotting over to the controls, and before I knew it I was feeling another incredible burst of pain. This time it was so intense I felt as if my body was being pulled apart in every single direction. All I head was a sharp ringing, as my mind seemed to deteriorate and crumble against the overwhelming wave of pain that crushed every thought, feeling, smell, sight, sounds, and memory. Everything turned red before I remembered nothing more of the world anymore. 


Through the pain and chaos that consumed my mind and old memory seemed to make its way into my dreams.

"Boy why do you always come back home look as you do? cut up bruised?" My father said tiredly as I leaned on the Lorrie's shoulders.

"Because I don't sit around all day and criticize every body and whine how life has been so hard." I said strength that I didn't have. My father’s face contorted with rage as Lorrie began to squirm under my weight from the fear of my father’s own rage, he balled a fist as his bright blue eyes flashed with sheen of anger that was common when he was drunk, or just full of rage.

"Sometimes I wonder why I haven't killed such an ungrateful kid." He said morbidly raising his arm. 

"Lorrie get out of here!" I ordered while she was already for the door. I dodged the punch by falling to the floor limply. 

"Ungrateful son. You have no idea how much your mother paid to keep you, you have no idea how much I miss her! She took her life because of you!" He blamed," You have no idea how much I have suffered since your mother brought you into existence!" He said picking me off the ground with single hand pushing me through the old rotten wall and onto the kitchen counter.  I was powerless to stop him, he could have killed me then, but he didn't. The flash of anger was gone and he let me go letting me slump to the dirty kitchen floor.

"Never, never lay a hand on him again!" He screamed his voice filled of a sorrowful sadness. I had never understood why, it was like he had two personalities, his whining hopelessness, then uncontrollable rage, both taking equal turns of control during the day, but it had never had been something I had thought were different. Not until a voice had taken residence in my own head.  The memory had began to shift as I was standing on the orange martain road that lead to the old workers village that was here when mars had first been colonized. Two other kids of the slums had joined me, we were fighting a couple punks from the rich districts, this time we had won, and they took off running. 

"That'll show them. Stupid bastards have it easy, why come after us?" I said. wiping some dust from my torn up jacket. 

"Hell if I know, but they never seem to get the idea to stop." Jack the one on my right had said. 

"Oh they will some day. There is no way im going to let this continue, as long as I am alive every moment will be spent to make this place different, to make this place better for everyone. No one deserves what’s happened here, even criminals in jail get treated the same as we do." 

"Hey where is Lorrie?" Erik the kid on my left said.  

"Her parents said she wasn't home this morning when I came calling so I figured she had something on her mind, but now that you mention it is a bit strange....." A memory flashed in my head when Lorrie and I were at the butchers the other day, it was something he had said, " You would make me a lot of money."  

"Come with me, I think something may have happened to her!"  I yelled anxiously running back into the town breaking down the butchers door, " Where is she? Where is Lorrie? What did you do with her?" I said grabbing him his shirt as I jumped up onto the counter pulling upon his shirt and neck as I stood up.  

" I don't.." WHACK! I hit him with my fist.

" I have no time for you lies, I remember you saying to her that she would make you a lot of money! Where is she?"

" I sold her to a wealthier family alright. She'll be happier. She won't be a stray scoundrel like yourself, ruling the streets with brute strength. and yes I made a buck of it so what, where all tight on mon..." WHACK. 

" Fuck you." I said holding back the tears and sadness that had rushed up my throat. I let go of the man , and rushed out the door. 

"Apex!" Erik and Jack called behind me but I didn't wait for them.  Lorrie had always been there for me, during my best and worst times, since the day we met. I never did anything for her, I put her in danger if anything, so I vowed to myself that if she ever needed help or protection i would be there, but not she was gone.  If only I had taken that comment more seriously if I had given that old bastard a good beating for saying something like that to her.  It was to late now though, I had heard the stories of the wealthy auctioning off slum kids once they had been taken there it was out of our hands, and out of sight and out of mind to the martain authorities. 

"I am sorry Lorrie. If I ever meet you again, I will be there to protect you next time, I promise. I will be there for you like you were for me." I said quietly to myself holding the tears back again once I had gotten far enough from everyone. 


Suddenly I was awake again, but not in control, my body was thrashing madly as the voice screamed out gleefully. 

"See what I told you Apex you didn't have what it takes! Don't worry though, I kill them all for you! Free of charge to, because I’m feeling super generous today!" the voice said through my lips. Thoughts filled my head of violence, and rage, sick perversions flashed before me. Where these my thoughts? Or were these thought the voice’s? Was the voice me, or part of me? Were these thoughts my true desires? I couldn't tell I felt like had been forced from control. The smoke had cleared and it was easy to see that somehow I had managed free myself from the constraints and I was holding Kobish by the throat he was surprised, but not afraid.

"Are you not Apex?" He said. 

“No, Apex is soft , cowardly, caring, he doesn't see the world right, he is weakened by morals and what is apparently right or wrong. I on the other hand am perfect, I don't let those things keep me back from suriviving, I will kill anything that gets in my way or threatens my survival, and your the first one in this room that has to go!" I found myself cackling manically, " And after that to make sure Apex has nothing left fight for I’m taking care of you two next!" 

"No!" I thought out strongly in  my mind hoping to catch the voices attention. 

"You had your turn weakling, now watch how I handle it. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two!" The voice made me, while raising my arm, readying to make an explosion but before that happened I was sent flying across the room; while Kobish regained his composure. 

"What an interesting little development, but to be honest er umm other Apex, that you cannot beat me. You caught me off guard, something that won't happen again. So stay still until this chair is repaired. While in the meantime I torture you myself." Kobish said as that hot needle feeling came over again I was compelled to follow each order he said.  Even the voice slid away from conscious control. 

" Im taking control again!" I said feeling the dark presence of the voice close by.

" Go ahead, I have no interest in being controlled by him, so I'll let you deal with him, I don't have the patience to think about killing him. I 'll let you do that, but Apex let it be known that I to can make decisions about what our body does, so be ware."  The voice said gleefully slipping away. 

"What are you?" I asked.

"Your darkest desires, the inner chaos and instincts that you should truly answer to." The voice responded before disappearing entirely. 

"Alright Apex or other Apex. Lets have some fun." Kobish said brandishing a scalpel.


The End

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