A Cheery MeetingMature


There wasn't much I could do for Newt, but I had no intention in stringing her on and I hoped I hadn't given her the wrong impression from something I said or did earlier.  It was completely true I thought of her as a sister, she was small almost harmless looking, and her hyperness reminded me of what I thought a sister would be like. Hopefully she would come to understand that. Thinking about since Newt kissed me Visp has been slamming doors and acting all sullen, for a moment a stared at the wall putting the pieces together then jumped off the corner of the bed a little to quickly hitting when I had realized it.

"Ow! I get it now!" I said holding my head. He must like Newt it would make sense why he looks at her like that.  I needed to let him know that I turned her down, but that's if he would want to talk to me.  He hadn't left his room in a while, maybe if I talked to him I could get it all sorted, or in the very least enjoy a unfriendly spar, either or would do I wouldn't mind practicing. I left my room and headed over to his, knocking on the door sort.

"Who is it?" He said quietly. 

"It's Apex can I come in."  There was a long silence afterwards but he came to the door opening it up ever so slightly to let me in. 

"Why are you here?" He said looking away from me with some contempt in his voice.

"I wanted to tell you..." 

"Tell me what!" He turned around his face contorted with rage. 

"To tell you that when you saw Newt Kissing me, I.." 

"Didn't want me to see you ki..."

"Will you shut up for a moment?" I raised my voice," I don't like Newt that way, she is like a little sister, I didn't want her to kiss me."  I finished lowering my voice as it hit him, his anger vanished and was replaced by depression. 

"That doesn't change anything though if she still wants you." He said quietly again. 

"That may change over time Visp, I see the way you look at her, and I've noticed you do quite a bit for her eventually she is going to see that. Don't let it get you girls are troublesome creatures anyways, and we have a job to do. We need to get out of here, I’m gonna call all of  us together in my room in about in a half an hour after I tell the mainframe to call for Tiamone away for a bit." 

"What about Shard?" 

"I trust him." 

"What?! He tried to kill you! Don't you remember that?" He said confounded.

"It's in the past, don't worry about it. You'll be surprised how much in common he has with us, and besides isn't there term that goes like, you keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer?" I replied. 

"I guess, but I still won't trust him." 

"I'm not asking you to, I'm asking you to trust me, and no you don't have to like it." 

"Fine."  He said. 

"See you in half an hour." 


With a few ropes pulled on the good ole wall mounted console our troublesome friend was sent off an a wonderful excursion through the maze like corridors of superpowers inc looking for Dr. Iliktacustu , who was ordered to look for abnormalities using some big complex machine that was guaranteed to give us enough Tiamone free time to get our plan rolling.  With him gone it did mean that there would be time for us to hold a meeting in the living room but I wasn't too sure if they were monitoring devices there or not, I knew for sure in my room there was one but I had hacked it. So it mistranslated what we were saying and turned it into gibberish which would come up as a computer glitch to anyone who may be watching.  I had gotten the message to everyone, but Lorrie didn't seem to interested in talking to me but understood when I mouthed escape, as for Newt I couldn't manage to talk to her and had to ask Lorrie to bring her along. As for Shard he wasn't too interested but when I told him that it was about getting out of here he suddenly became persuaded.  Visp walked in first his spirits still a little trodden, but better than before. 

"Why are we meeting here? Tiamone is gone." 

" I know about all the surveillance in this room I don't know about the others, and I got it locked down here."

"Alright." He said as Lorrie came while Newt stayed at the door. I felt badly for what I said but I couldn’t let it get to me right now. Lorrie avoided making eye contact with me. I guess what I had said when I was recovering really hurt her, and she didn't seem to interested in talking to me so it was probably best I gave her some space.  I took my eyes off her looking down at my shoes which I noticed that they didn't really resemble shoes anymore, they were torn, burn and covered in blood stains, and my toes stuck out like they were a pair of sandals. The air seemed get even colder when Shard walked in with his usual emotionless expression.

"What is he doing here?" Lorrie said confused and slightly angry," You’re not going to tell me you invited.." 

"Me?" Shard suggested coolly.

"Yup, Can you close the door?"  I said to which he returned a grunt as Lorrie lost it. 

“What’s he doing here? He has nearly killed you, has attempted to harm Newt and I.  I can't believe you would invite him here!" She snarled while making aggressive gestures at him.  

"I am not entirely thrilled that your here either but you don't see me whining." He said to Lorrie with contempt.

"That's enough! Whether or not we get along we need to get out of here. Agreed?" I broke in.

"I’m not working with him!" Lorrie said.

"I assure you that you won't be working with him directly after this." I returned with a calm  tone reinforced with a air of command to which Lorrie didn't like much but ended her protest, " Do you guys understand that, we work together regardless of the past there isn't time to worry about that."  Visp nodded. 

"Yeah how do you know I can trust you?" Lorrie said to Shard. 

"I don't have to give you any reason." Shard shot back. 

"Guys, I trust him he wants out of here just as much as we do, and that's what matters because we need as much help as we can get. I won't ask you to trust him and I will personally take responsibility if crosses us, but at this point trust me on this." 

"You're nuts! He tried to kill you! Now you trusting him and even prepared to bare responsibility for his actions. On top of that you’re asking that I trust you after what I have seen you do to your enemies on in the arena which beyond inhumane." She seethed at me, “  I could feel anger pick up in me I don't remember what I did and I why was she painting me as a murderous creature? The voice started to make an appearance in the front of my mind. 

“What do you think Newt you can read minds. Is Shard trustworthy?” Lorrie asked.

“Somethings changed about him it a possibility.”

“And what about him?” she pointed at me.

 "Hit her! She has no idea what you've been through. She has no right to speak to you like this."  It said. "Shutup!"  I said in my head trying push it away. I responded  as Newt tried to hold back tears.

"You're not my enemy, and I have already told I don't remember that. Also at the moment its not a topic up for discussion so bare with me here. So if you feel like accusing me you can do so afterwards." I said trying to keep my composure but I was sure some of the anger inside me slipped out , " Anyways we're all here because we all want out of here, I don't want to be killing anymore kids in the arena, and I definitely don't want to be caught up in any other schemes superpowers inc has in store for us. I also have a feeling it won't be as easy as finding away out, we might have to fight our way, out, or use some ingenuity, so all the help we can get is well welcomed. So far I have managed to hack these consoles that are attached to the walls here, but I don't know how far or how long I can do that before getting caught. So does anyone else have any ideas?" I looked around the room, Lorrie still seemed to upset to respond but Visp had something.

"Lorrie has a map of this place there is a sewer that leads directly out of here."  He said.  I looked over at Lorrie. 

"Yeah, I managed to get a good look at this place when I tried to phase through the force field. " She explained. 

"Well at least we have a route as unpleasant as the sewer sounds to me." I replied. 

"Seems a little to easy to me." Shard said," Is there any other way out? It's a pretty traditional escape route in the books." 

"Or maybe you don't like the idea of having to do actual work?" Lorrie said quietly.

"It wouldn't harm us to see if there are any other options." I reasoned, " But let’s say we take the sewers out how would we go about doing that?" 

"Well Visp and I were thinking that we needed a distraction to get  the guard’s attention there would be no way we could take them all, or possibly sneak by them. I was personally thinking we could try to alert everyone and save more than our own lives, but Visp said that would be extremely hard to coordinate, and its possible we could get exposed trying to do that." 

"Yeah that's true. Hmm" I said raising myself off the wall. 

"I can fight them." Shard said," I don't plan on just leaving this place. I intend on doing as much damage as possible." 

"You would be risking our lives, I won't have it." I said giving him the look of remember the deal. He scowled and opened his mouth to say something but closed it, " I can see what I can do on the technological side of things to see if optimize our chances of success, but I'm going to need help. Does anyone else have some electronic wiring knowledge?" None of them answered.

"Alright so I'm going to have to do a crash course for all of you, but we'll talk about that later. How exactly are we getting out of here, and it might be good if split up our groups and take separate routes to to the sewer once we get out to attract less attention? We’re going to need to think about these things."

"Why do all of us need to know how to hack the consoles?"

"Well it's gonna look suspicious if I’m the only one spending lots of time with these things, pluse the more we hack the harder it is for them to find the source of it." 

"We should work in pairs to, say if manage to hack a console outside of our area once can spot while the other one hacks." Lorrie suggested. 

"We should practice that even when Tiamone is around, the way he skulks around who knows what he is up to." 

"Can we even get out of area right without getting detected?" 

"Well we haven't tried yet." Visp said. 

" I think I know of a way, but I’m going to check it out no need saying it here if it doesn't work." Lorrie said. 

"Alright, well in that time then I will get started on showing how to hack these things. Let’s get to work."  I said, but as we got out of my room, our good friend Tiamone was already walking down the hall towards us. Already back from his appointment. That was fast had some one caught on that, that order was a false order? The others casually walked away, although Newt still looked very upset, I wanted to say sorry to her but something told me that wouldn't help her much right now.  Lorrie followed Visp to the dining area while shard stuck around, and waited for Tiamone to disappear into his room. He then grabbed me by the collar and pushed me against the wall. 

"Just because I made a deal with you doesn't mean you can tell me what to do." He said quietly but with enough anger to get his point across," You also have to hold up your end of the bargain and help me out. Understand! I say we do damage to this place, and you and I will do it when we split up into smaller groups." 

"Alright, but remember we can't give ourselves away by doing too much damage." 

"I'll dictate the apropiate level of damage.." He said letting go and walking towards his own room. 

Man that guy needed to lighten up. 

The End

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