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My watch went off, letting me know it was time to wake up and face one more horrible day in this hell hole. I leapt off my bed and jogged down the hallway to the kitchen and living room. Tiamone was still in his room, Shard was already in the Training room, Apex and newt were kissing in the living room, and Lorrie-

Wait what?

I just stared in the moment it took for things to register. Then as my mind began to flood with emotions and questions, my body switched to autopilot and turned back towards my room. 

Newt and Apex? That... that was impossible! I mean not that Apex couldn't have but... or Newt I mean she was definitely pretty and.... but she and him... it wasn't supposed to be like that... 

Grief and rage and other emotions threatened to overwhelm me as I pushed the door to my room open. Lorrie was just coming out of her own room. She stretched her arms and yawned and then glanced at me. I guess I looked as mixed up as I felt.

"Visp? What's up? You look like a zombie."

"Umm... it's... well I don't know."

A second later, Newt, now in tears, ran past us to her room and slammed the door. 

Lorrie looked from Newt's door back to me and seemed to put a thing or two together. 

"You need a distraction. Come with me, I have something you  may want to see."

She took my hand and lead me into her room, shutting the door behind behind us. She walked over to her bed and reached under her mattress. After a minute her hand came out with a piece of paper. She laid it flat out on her desk and beckoned me over. 

I had never seen it before, but by the way it was drawn, there was no mistaking what it was.

"Is that a map?" I asked, romantic troubles completely forgotten.

She nodded. "Yep. Of the entire compound. At least... I think it's the entire compound. It's all I was able to see."

"Wow... that's awesome." I studied the map in silence for a few moments and saw two parallel dotted lines running through the complex. Pointing I asked, 

"What's this?"

"A tunnel of some kind. If I'm correct, it's a sewer. It leads right to the outside."

I wrinkled my nose. "A sewer huh? Well... not my first choice, but I suppose it works."

My brain kicked into gear, and I began to pace. 

"Well it's not like they are going to just let us walk down there. We need a distraction. Or we have to be able to make it down without alerting the guards. We wouldn't be able to take them all."

Lorrie's head perked up at this. "We might not be able too... but what if wasn't just us?"

I stopped pacing. "As much as I like the idea, it has drawbacks. It'll be harder to coordinate everything, and the more people who know, the higher chance there is of word leaking out. I suppose if we had too we could, but not until we're forced."

Lorrie nodded a bit reluctantly and we both fell silent. Then I heard the floorboards shift outside the door.

I leapt up, and threw the door open just in time to catch Tiamone slinking away. 

Oh no he didn't. We had some business to settle, and as the raw emotions from early this morning came rushing back, I realized I was in a mood to mess someone up. I nominated Tiamone.

I grabbed him with Telekinesis, smiling grimly when I heard him yelp in surprise. I spun him around so he was facing me, and brought him to within an inch of my face.

"What do you think you're doing Tiamone? Sneaking around? Listening in on a private conversation? That's rather rude of you. But that's nothing compared to other things I could name now is it?"

Still keeping my invisible hold on him, I smashed him into the wall behind him. He cried out in pain, but I didn't care in the least. Lorrie had half-followed me out, and was now watching from the doorway.

"Visp. Let him go."


"It's not worth it. Let him go."

I looked hard at Tiamone for a long moment. Then without warning I released my power and Tiamone slumped to the floor. The grief from earlier reared up once again, and this time I trudged back to my room. I shot a glare at Newt's door, which was barely open. I could have sworn I saw a flash of movement, like someone had been staring through the crack, but I dismissed it and slammed my own door behind me. The thoughts from earlier began to lay siege to my brain.

I wanted to be angry, and I was... a little. I was mostly just sad... and frustrated... and... is this what being heart-broken felt like? 

I couldn't really blame Apex, it wasn't his fault that he succeeded where I failed miserably.

Lorrie and Shard didn't really fit in to this whole thing, and Tiamone was just a filthy traitor.

Could I blame anyone? It's not like I had made an announcement but... the signs were there if people opened their eyes! Newt was mute, not freaking blind! And she could read minds for pete's sake! 

The only person I could blame was myself. I wasn't good enough. Never was. 

I lost control and began punch my pillow over and over. I kept it up until my arms grew sore and exhaustion, both physical and mental, took over. 

I didn't cry... I swear.

The End

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