When I woke gentle fingers were wrapping bandages round my wounds. They were so gentle. I opened my eyes expecting to see Apex and found Visp instead. My heart sunk a bit. "Oh you're awake" he said moving back to give me my space as I sat myself up.There was a horrible pounding in my skull and I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. I looked over at Visp who was sat waiting patiently.

'Thank you for helping me' I thought to him. 'How's Lorrie?'

"Someone else is tending to her. Not exactly sure who" I nodded and reached for the glass of water on the bedside but my shaking fingers just knocked it over. Visp acted quickly his telekinesis catching it before the contents spilled.

'Sorry' I thought with a sigh and sat back.

"Here let me help you" he said taking my hand and putting the glass in it. He seemed to hesitate before letting go and I glanced at him. When I did he let go. Odd.I drank the contents and then held it out to him. Visp put it back then gestured to my arm. "I still have to bandage that" he said before I looked.

I squeezed my eyes shut and didn't look as Visp took a bandage and began to wrap it gentle round my arm. He was so soft which touched a part of me. That part also wished it was Apex which made me feel guilty. I should be thankful that Visp was nice enough to help me out.

"Done"I opened my eyes and met Visp. He was staring at me in an intense way for what reason I don't know. He opened his mouth to say something then decided against it. He leant forward which made me frown and pull back.

'What are you doing?'Visp pulled back and away seeing my frowning face and swallowing. It was as if he'd been nervous.

"Nothing" he said getting to his feet suddenly. "You should sleep" then he strode out. I blinked a few times.What had that been about? I shrugged and decided it would be a good idea to rest. So I closed my eyes and drifted off.


When I woke it was very early. I stared at the ceiling for a long whole before deciding to get up. "Hey"The sudden voice made me jump and I almost fell over when I met familiar warm eyes.

'God Apex you scared me' I frowned.

"Sorry" he laughed and let go of my arm. I took at step away and saw he seemed wide awake.'Can't sleep?' I asked.

"Nah, you too?"

'I've slept enough' I told him then nibbled my lip. I thought about how he hadn't come to help me. Maybe I needed to.. to show him how I feel. I was about to say something when instead he spoke.

"Wanna sit?" he asked and I nodded so we sat down on the couch the silence around us almost comforting. It allowed me to think o what to say. "How are you healing up?" he asked.

I touched my bandages and looked at him. 'Okay, my body still aches alot'

"Well that's to be expected" he shrugged.  I nibbled my lip unsure of what we should talk about. I felt like no topic that entered my head is what I really wanted to say. I swallowed and was about to think to him when I realised that's not wanted to do.

Quickly I leant across and kissed him just as Visp walked into the room. Everything froze then happened so fast. Visp left his mind hitting me hard knocking me back from Apex who was also pushing me away. "Newt.." he said slowly seeming to think of what to say but I was ahead of him.

'I like you' I thought to him quickly allowing myself to flush.Apex winced and looked away. "Newt... I'm sorry but you're not my type" he said slowly making sure to be careful with his words. "You're... Like a sister to me"

My eyes stared into his feeling heart broken and I accidentally slipped into his mind. He was thinking of one person. Lorrie. My heart snapped painfully at how he thought of her. How he felt deep inside. I turned my head away and yanked my self away to my feet.I barely thought about running until my feet were moving pounding against the floor as I ran. Tears were burning down my cheeks and my throat was clogged with pain. "Newt!" Apex yelled after me but I didn't stop. I couldn't.

I got to my room and collapsed onto my bed. I cried. Just cried. I had been stupid. Stupid to even think he liked me back. What had I done?

The End

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