Anger, and UnderstandingMature


"kill him"  The voice rang through my head as I slowly re-witnessed the destruction of my last opponents. " Destroy and let the blood flow! Kill all of them!"  The voice urged me, further as anger flowed through every single vain and artery in my body. "Leave me alone!" I said rolled in my bed, unable to sleep as the voice kept nagging. I was more afraid than I had ever been in my life now. At first I thought the voice was just an inner instinct nothing to be worried about...maybe even normal. But then since I had collapsed the voice never left, continued to tell me to kill, maim, murder. The angrier I got the worse it got, and I had a lot of anger, I hated what I done. I hated what I said to Lorrie, I hated Shard, I hated myself. I was not being myself.  That's what truly stung me.  Before I had got here I was mentally stronger, I was not a coward, I was not a killer, I wouldn't be turning my friends away from me like I did to Lorrie. I wouldn't let others worry about me like I see Newt did, and now Visp was hurt. Not directly because of me but I wasn't there to help him train, and I wasn't there to kick Tiamone's self righteous but for not wanting to work as team player. Speaking of that I still had a bone to pick with Shard.  I replayed the memory of his betrayal in my head again, I could my will to destroy him build as my hands began to glow orange. I couldn't take lying here uselessly anymore I didn't want to be banished to my room as an invalid anymore. I sat up willfully pushing past my bodies protests. I wasn't fully recovered, but I was confident that my wounds wouldn't reopen, and in a short period of time I could get used to the pain. 

I slowly made my way to the door each step getting stronger and less wobbly than the first. By the time I had made it to the living room I was walking normally pushing the pain to the back of my mind. It was six in the morning and I wasn't expecting to see anyone yet especially all the commotion with Visp blasting a 6 inch hole through his chest, but that wasn't the case. One of the more detached members of our group was leaning against the counter looking all cool and composed. 

"Guess you finished milking all the attention you could get, now that the other weakling has blown a hole through himself." He said. I clenched my fists , I promised myself I was going to kill him. But I had promised myself to prove to Lorrie I wasn't the murderous person she thought I was that I would hold back, but if he provoked any further I was unsure If I could refrain myself from attacking him.  I ignored him and went to get a drink with the voice urging " make him beg for mercy! Make him bow before you, while you reward by separating his limbs from his body, before you  set fire to his insides and watch him burn. He does not deserve your forgiveness, and you know that!"  The idea played nicely in my head as I found my body making some movement towards shard.

"Go away." I said quietly through clenched teeth. Shard looked at me with a strange look, more anger surged through me as I imagined his face when he impaled me, he probably laughed, thinking how brilliant he was for surprising his enemies which made me think, " Why did you do that?" I asked him. 

"Are you referring to the arena?"

"What else would I be referring to." I snarled. 

"The reason isn't as complicated as you think. I don't work with weaklings, and if they get in my way. I kill them!" He said with a raised voice, and that was when I snapped, before I knew what I was doing I grabbed him and pushed him and myself through the class into the training yard. He slid to the other side of yard, a small look of surprise on his face. 

"Computer activate a force field around the training area, and if possible something to muffle the sound coming from the training area." I commanded, I looked Shard.

"I'll give you fair warning, I'm not holding back and I do intend to kill you!"  

He smiled and opened his mouth but at that point I couldn't hear him because an explosion had smothered his smug arrogant voice. The explosion pressed him against the ground. Once it was over I appeared beside him with my flash agility and went to punch, but he had turned his skin into metal, good thing that my agility wasn't limited to my legs. He rolled away and stood up. They were deep cuts on his but within a few seconds they had completely disappeared.  

"Instant regeneration, huh? I guess you at least new you were going to be a good punching bag." I said, but he didn't bother to respond and attacked turning his fingers into spikes that quickly extended out to me, but I could easily evade and appeared beside him, releasing an array of punches that he couldn’t keep up with.  I ended the flurry with a spinning kick that sent him a good distance backwards. 

"Still think I'm weak?" 

"Don't get to excited you haven't managed to leave an everlasting mark on me yet, and I'm not even started." 

I charged at him he didn't try to evade as I punched at him at the same rate as before but now he was a little faster, and even though he took a bunch of hits he was starting to dodge and block more until he matched my speed. I flashed behind him but he was nowhere to be seen, a shattering metallic punch hit me from my side sending me against the force field. I hit the ground and he was beside me, since when did he become so fast? I flashed away but he was just as quick as me. 

"I thought you're weren't going to hold back." He said launching himself at me, I evaded again but he was rate beside me pushing me as his arms had turned into blades striking me at the same speed I was earlier. I couldn't block, and I evading all of them was just as impossible. Shit! In fear I closed my eyes, but nothing happened as a wall of ice had appeared between me and him. He smashed through the ice and charged at me but I had flashed above him and had caused several explosions that shook the entire training yard, while the force field flickered nearly failing from the the force.  Shard was bleeding but the instant regeneration had him back to new by the time I was beside him readying another explosion. He striked at me some more this time I consciously created the ice armour stopping his attacks he jumps back with a smirk on his face.

"It’s funny, you talk all big, but truly you're scared. You scared now because you don't how to beat me, and how did I get to be as fast as you, and I tell you one thing, that's why I think your weak." He said before launching himself at me again. I made an outward explosion sending him against the force field. 

"Yeah maybe I’m scared. Scared of dying, but what about you have instant regeneration that tells me you don't wanna die either." I said to him as the smoke cleared.

"I didn't chose my powers. I was born with the ability to adapt and for me dying is not an option!"  He said throwing away that casual attitude and coming at me with anger I evaded the first two strikes but he managed cut me along my rips. I flashed away causing explosions around to which he dodges before attacking me from above. I created an Ice pillar to intercept the attack then exploded it flinging him into the force field this time causing him serious harm as shard of ice protruded from his abdomen. He grabbed the piece of ice and ripped it free letting his regenerative powers patch him up, and that’s when I noticed each time he healed he got a little bit weaker, his speed was lower than mine again. With a little more control over Ice I made a sword and slashed at him. He blocked by shape shifting his arms into blades.  With my free arm I caused another explosion sending him to his knees, and sliced at him sending him onto his back as I plunged the blade straight through his chest approximately missing his lungs, and heart so he could live.

"kill him now you got him now!" The voice said excitedly, I relished the idea but at the same time I feared what listening to my voice would do.

"NO!" I said loudly," Leave me alone."

"What are you doing?" Shard gasped," Do it already coward!" He yelled attempting to attack me but the ice from my sword expanded freezing his arm.

"No." I said," I would kill you, I would truly enjoy it, I hate you, but something here isn't right. Killing you for what you did to me back in the ring is almost a little to much, and among all of this a part of me believes your human." I said, still nagged by the voice but somehow I was able to avoid it through my curiosity when he said dying wasn't an option.

"When you said dying wasn't an option, I felt a common ground between us. Why must you stay alive, and why did you come here." 

"Hmph! Common ground? There is nothing that we have in common!" 

"maybe not but we're stuck here together, and we have to fight survive and neither one of us want to die, who knows maybe we'll have more in common than what you had first thought." 

"Well I tell you by saying this. My father was a scientist here once, and found out about my ability when I was young. So he took a sample of my DNA to the lab but that wasn't enough for them. So one night they came in arrested my father for some crime they framed him for and they took custody of me because my mother had disappeared shortly after I was born. So superpowers inc 'kindly took care of me' which really meant they could do whatever they wanted. So for years they tested me dissected me learning about me in any way possible. I managed to survive through it all, and all that's kept me going is that I will kill them all, and I will avenge myself, and my father, no matter what. I will not die until then; I will not rest until then. And by any means could you ever understand what they have done to me. So if you think we have something in common, go fuck yourself!" 

"That's pretty harsh and unfortunate but don't think I had easy life either. I didn't grow up on the softer part of the planet either. My dad was one of the builders of this colony, and wasn't paid much for his efforts, so I grew up in the slums without a mother to, mine had shot herself, I don't even remember what she looked like. I’m sure you heard a few things about living in the slum, and they’re all true. Kids there are treated no better than ugly stray dogs. Day to day survival was like a darwinistic theme, survival of the fittest. If it wasn't your own parents kicking the crap out of you, it was a bigger kid, or another worthless adult, and worst of all rich kids who don't even see as living creatures but punching bags. When the colony stopped needing my dad when I was 8 he went from tolerable asshole to a crazy sonnova who tried to kill me and more than one occasion so I struck out on my own, and I swore to myself that I would protect those closest to, and change things till their right. But I didn't have the money for education or the time to learn how I could change things. I needed to resort to violence to bring attention what was happening their on the slums, but even then it wasn't enough so I came here hoping that with super powers I could change it all. Here I only found a worse place than the slums I'll admit it, but here things are simpler, and that is we need to escape before our humanity is taken from us. I already feel my own slipping away, and maybe you don't have any left, but right now I think there is so I recommend we strike a bargain. You take care of my back and I'll take care of yours, we both intend to get out of here to meet separate ends but for now we share a common goal. It would be easier if we got along then fought each other every step of the way. Understand?" I said to him while removing the sword and offering my hand.  

For a moment I saw his impulse to attack me, and hurt in his green eyes, but then it softened for a smaller moment, before returning to the cold look he usually had. He grabbed my hand pulling himself up as the sword wound disappeared, " Allies..... for now." He said before making his way to the common area, " Runiake if you ever mention anything  about me striking a bargain with you to the others, I will hurt you." He said going inside. 

"Fair enough." I replied quietly to myself beginning to feel the physical drain on my body, as well as how heavy it felt mixed in with amount of pain I was ignoring. My legs began to wobble before they collapsed under my weight. I smiled at my own frailty; I guess I pushed myself a little hard, a little too early.

"You should have killed him!" 

"Piss off."  I said with the most confidence I had in days.


The End

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