Only A LittleMature

I stood still for a moment not understanding why Lorrie was so angry. Not understanding why she'd shouted at me and ignored me. I had begun to cry just before she left and I was now stood in Apex's rooms. His bandages needed redoing but just seeing the stained white fabric made my vision start to blur.

Apex started to changed them and I had to turn away. The metallic smell was horrid and I tried to ignore it as my stomach churned uncomfortably. 'Sorry I can't help' I thought to him.

"No, its okay. I know you don't like blood" he said in a way that made me feel guilty. I wanted to help him so he wasn't left struggling to change his bandages. I shifted a bit feeling awkward. Like a useless presence in the room. "You can turn around now"

I turned to watch as Apex lay himself down on the bed. He seemed tense as he did. I guess it was from the pain in his muscles. 'Shall I leave you to rest?' I asked him. 

He looked over at me tiredly. "You don't have to, Newt. I'm sorry about Lorrie shouting at you" he said to me. Honestly she hadn't been all that scary. I'd had worse but I wasn't going to talk to anyone about that. I waved my hand dismissing it. I was getting a little tired myself with using my telepathy all the time. Although it was easy it required me to think all the time and that left me mentally drained eventually. 

I was about to say something when I noticed Apex had fallen straight off to sleep. I sighed and hesitantly walked over. I perched on the very edge of the bed and sneakily ran my fingers through his hair. It was soft despite the silvery colour making it look like sharp metal. I leant down to cheekily kiss his forehead which is when I felt something wrong. I stood up quickly and stared down at Apex. His mind wasn't the way it usually was. It was off.

I left the room feeling my body all numb out of confusion. Something was wrong with Apex and the shock had knocked her off her feet. I went to my own room and lay down. I had to be alone. I needed to think.

Biting my lip I thought about taking a cold shower which cleared my head allowing me to think about the day. I didn't though cause I felt cold enough as I was. So I wrapped myself in the covers and squeezed mt eyes shut. Maybe an early night would do me good. I could have just imagined it. I was tired.

That was proved by me falling straight to sleep a moment later.


When I woke it was early. No one else was up. I headed down the stairs checking the fighting schedule. Visp was fighting with Tiamone today. I also saw a new one up. Me and Lorrie fighting tomorrow. I swallowed. I probably should talk to Lorrie before then.

I felt like we'd ended up on bad grounds. I didn't like that. She was nice in a way. A little loud but nice. I headed to the kitchen and froze cause there stood Shard. He raised an eyebrow at me. Being around him made me feel more uncomfortable than Tiamone. With Tiamone he was just weird but I knew Shard would stab me in the back if it could get him something. 

So instead she just moved to get herself some pancakes from the weird machine before turning to leave. That's when he snickered. I turned to him and he smirked. He didn't explain though so I said what I wanted to say. 'You try anything like that again to my friends and I will make your head bleed'

I didn't wait for his answer walking out to eat my pancakes on the stairs. A while late though Lorrie came down. She sat next to me. "About shouting at you.... Sorry" she said looking at me. 

For a moment I didn't say anything before offering her the last pancake which she took. 'It's okay. This place brings out the worst in everyone' I thought keeping to myself what I'd sensed in Apex's mind still believing I'd imagined it.

Apex was nice. Protective. He wasn't cold. He was never cold. I noticed Lorrie had been talking to me and cursed silently in my head having to stop her and get her to repeat. She frowned. "I said I know what you mean about that"

I nodded and stood up gesturing her to follow. I pointed glumly at the fighting schedule. "Oh, we have a fight tomorrow" Lorrie said and I nodded. She glanced at me. "You can't stand blood can you" I shook my head and she hummed. "Well you got through your first fight. Don't worry I think we will be okay"

I relaxed a little. Only a little.

The End

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