I turned the T.V on and started watching one of the battles not truly paying attention to what was going on. All I could think about was that bastard, Shard. It wasn't just what he says or does that made me want to rip his head off. I associated him with all the things I hated, the rich brats, this place, Tiamone, Selfishness, arrogance.  My fists clenched the more I thought of him, I tried to take my mind off of him and remember the nights I would lie out in the outskirts looking out in the sky and more specifically the blue dot that was there just before the sun set. It was Earth, the birth place of the human race. I had only seen a few pictures of what it was like there, it seemed to be a kinder place than mars for one it didn't look like it had been drenched in blood like mars had been.  Blood. An image of my last opponent came to mind, and anger started to flow again. How did I let myself become this way, and how am I going to survive? How do I get out with becoming a physcopath, not as a dead body, not as a shell of man? Maybe that was already impossible even after the battle I keep hearing this voice a voice that is not my own.  On top of that when I asked the medical examiner if that was a normal side effect of the serums she just shrugged and kept doing her thing. Thinking about that she seemed astonish at the results at my synchronization had produced. 

 “That’s unbelievably quick!” She gasped.


“Your synchronization with your powers, they are much higher than anyone in the first weeks ever been. Even higher than the erm..... Some longer term residence.”

“All though it’s funny that your Ice power stills seems abnormally low.”

Was my synchronization truly high? I didn’t feel like I was any stronger than anyone else here, in-fact I was dead sure I would lose in a fight against Visp. With telekinesis he could stop my explosion reaching him, or with his breath thing he could fire it back at me, and with his lightning he could hurt me, he could also do that with his telekinesis. The only vantage I had over him was my flash agility and I could probably get a few hits, if I managed to get around his telekinesis.

Transfer from area 34 to area 50. A computerized voice interrupted my thoughts.

“ Who could that be?” I said turning my head towards the doors.

“Anyone home? I’m the new transfer..... Lorrie.”

My jaw dropped stupidly in surprise as she walked through the doors, as she did I could feel  my face turn three different shades of red, before I managed to regain my composure, and get my sorry butt off the couch. 

"Yup. I’m here, what brings you here today?" I said feeling like I was sounding like a retard. Man she was pretty.

"Well the guys in area 34 except for one.... would kill me, and this was my original assignment anyways."She said. 

"Oh well welcome, and yeah you know the rest of it." I said as Visp walked in which I noticed made Lorrie smile a bit. 

"Welcome to the the Team." He said. 

"Thanks."  Lorrie said while Newt walked.  Her hands beginning to sign as she said telepathically. 

"Hey."  As she said that I saw Visp momentarily blushed at the sight of Newt. What was that about?" 

"Thanks Newt nice seeing you to."

"Can I make you something to eat?" I asked Lorrie but at that same moment my favourite member of area 50 had to make his usual unwanted appearance.

"You better train for tomorrow, you don't need to be more of a dead weight than you already are."  Shard said condescendingly from the entrance to the training area.  An explosive amount of anger rose through me. 

"You better watch who your calling a deadweight. At least I would consider working with you as a team. I bet you wouldn't even dream working alongside with me." I said doing my best to hide my tone of anger. 

“I don't need your help, I don't need help from weaklings." 

That was the last straw, I was going to kill him. Within an instant I was behind him and my arm had strangely began to glow a deep orange as if an explosion was going to emit itself at anytime.

"A useless effort. Go train or you probably will die tomorrow." Shard said confidently slashing at me before I could strike at him. How did he manage to react so quickly? I went for a punch but an invisible field caught it, Visp was stood between us a hand outstretched, " Its probably better you don't explode the living room, as much as I hate it here; there is no reason to make it worse."  

"Whatever."  I said before making my way to the training area not because Shard told me to but it was probably the only place I could let of steam with the additional plus of being completely allowed to destroy everything. Within an hour though I was calm and training seriously noticing that I could now control the size of the explosion and where the explosion was going to be without punching or snapping, just simple hand movements. Not only that though but my agility had increased the speed of my punches and kicks I could fit a hundred or so punches in a short few seconds. The only thing though was everything I did still had negative effects on me. My hand was covered in blood, as my shin and foot were covered in bruises and cuts.  I was much stronger but still I had not been able to activate my ice power. 

"I will master it tonight, then." I promised myself out loud getting my tired body up and asking for the computer to give me a few enemies. To get myself nice and riled up in a battle. Somehow that felt like the best way to learn how to use my dormant ice power. The Enemy's the computer provided were fast, and used a lot of distant attacks, so getting up close and personal with an explosion of punch was out of the question, and evading was pointless.  So I concentrated on firing ice needles back at them which at first resulted in just a cold mist but as time went on I was slowing getting the hang of it. Small ice needle flew across the training ground giving minor cuts to my holographic opponents but that was better than what it was. Hours passed by and I still was improving but it was nothing to impressive, I just couldn't seem to get a handle on it. 

"Come on!" I yelled trying to forge a wall with ice only making 1 foot tall wall that shattered as a ball of fire hit it. 

"Apex, its 2 in the morning, you should get some sleep." Newt said in my head. I turned around seeing her sitting on the cat walk above the training yard. 

"Have you been watching me this whole time?" 

She nodded, " Well the best I could without fainting."

"Well thanks for looking after me. I will get some sleep, I have a feeling my so called partner is going to be more like an enemy than a ally." 


Monday came to soon, and I was now standing shoulder to shoulder with someone I had poured all of my hatred and anger into. In front of us was a buff guy who was wearing no shirt, and small guy clothed in vibrant red clothing, and a look of anxious scared, excitement all over his face.  One had taken a double dose of fire serums and dragon skin to which I had no idea was. The other take double does of earth, some serum that made ones bones unbreakable. Either way I felt like Shard and I could be alone and still win. 


I quickly flashed in front of them creating an explosion that forced the two of them to separate. This was my way of letting Shard of his way, so we could have our separate battles.  Unfortunetly this backfired horribly as earth walls shielded them. Unlike us they worked together. The earth trembled below me, I moved as billions of spikes exploded outward, but as I made my escape a  large ball of fire hit me, not only setting me on fire but sending my flying across the field.  With the small amount of control of Ice I put myself out. Shard was still in the same position watching them, analyzing. 

"Great fighter you are." I yelled at him.  He scoffed back, “At least I didn't underestimate them." 

"Whatever. You stand there, and watch me win this fight!" I said getting up seeing that they hadn't wasted a second and had began tearing apart the earth to form a massive stone giant to which they lighted on fire.  That was definitely over the top! There great stone beast  punched downwards seeming to cause the whole the whole stadium to rumble  as it rained fire, and debris. As cool as that was it needed to go down! Evading the debris I positioned myself directly below the rock giant my whole body turning orange before a massive emanated from me blowing the thing to bits. In the confusion I managed to caused our opponents to strike out against each other as a pillar of flame tore crashed into a pillar of earth sending them flying. Shard take advantage of this and grew a pair of wings catching up to the earth user. That left me with the fire user, I rushed up to him, unsure of where I could come from he summoned a swirling wall of fire around him.  I jumped upwards causing an explosion underneath me lifting me above the wall of fire, now his defence was just an inescapable trap. I was going going to barrage him with explosions but for a split second I hesitated wondering why i would easily kill this kid. A bad decision because now I was the one trapped. Flames shot up towards me like a volcano. I couldn't use my flash agility in mid air. Shit! I closed my eyes waiting to be engulfed by the hot flames but instead a cold sensation covered me. I was falling through the flames wearing a suit of ice.  With no time to think I landed creating an explosion around me again to make sure I hit the kid. 

Once the debris had cleared though I saw the kid was unharmed, he was wearing grin on his face. From his hand a pillar of flame came worth its heat turning the ground below it into molten lava. I created an explosion to stop the attack directly, and appeared behind him. 

"Good but not good enough!"  This time I had him with a small command an explosion rocked the stadium and sent me fly backwards but as the debris cleared a wall of earth had managed to save the boy again. I turned around shard was laying pathetically on the ground. So much for Mr tough guy. The ground erupted underneath me I evaded, but was forced to evade another attack from the fire user. I evaded a few more before then decided that I couldn't get close enough to either one. I needed to try to deflect an attack, fired surrounded me and earth spikes were flying at me in all directions. I swung my arm forward causing the floor to rumble, but at that moment Shard had decided to wake up and had decided it best to attack by morphing his body creating several metal spikes go through me and strike at the opponents who didn't expect that type of tactic and did take damage but they weren't out for the count. I flew forwards, hitting the ground hard as he retracting the spikes, blood once again filled my mouth, but I could still move, but that wasn't much now. As I laid on the ground a brain shattering pain shot through my body as our opponents at attempted to finish me off by filling my body with more holes, my own blood filled the air. Somehow I managed to stay conscious, but my breathing was harsh, each breath was harder than the last, but the world was still in focus.

" A devastating blow but our contestant is still clinging onto life, but certainly this next blow will be his last." Screw that I want to live! I don't want to die, I can't die here! 

" for starters stop being afraid of death! Embrace it! When you fight you should put your fear away it will only betray you. When you attack you will maim, when you counter you don't let them hit you. It’s simple, now abandon your fear of death!"  The voice responded. Somehow I couldn't help but agree, with whatever power I had left I stood back up. The air around was still as an orange glow formed around me, then unexpectedly the air around me was forced away violently blowing my  two opponents rate off their feet. 

"What is this?" the commentator babbled. I flashed behind my opponents their astonished faces somehow amused me. I striked with an explosion another earth wall but that didn't survive long as I turned it to debris. I flashed beside both of them putting my hands against them, causing both of them to explode violently covering myself in their blood. What was left of their bodies fell to the ground slowly. Before me I saw Shard with the same non chalant face, regardless of the fact he was my teammate he too attempted to kill me. I flashed towards him but halfway there my injuries took full effect, blood poured out of my mouth, and I fell to my knees but I refused to let myself lie there in a pool of my own blood. The announcer’s voice filled the stadium but I all i heard was gibberish. The world darkened  , however instead of fear this time I felt anger, and when I woke up I was going to kill him, and no one was going to stop me. 

The End

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