The Power Of HypnosisMature

I seemed to had passed out. Again, nothing new, but apparently I was late to a medical check up. It was that stupid Shard's fault. I didn't like him. Then the blood. Ugh, there was always someone getting hurt around her. I got to the medical check-up place and saw Apex and Visp stood talking to this girl I didn't recognise.

"Newt" Visp said seeing me. "Thought you weren't going to turn up"

I shrugged as I leant agaisnt the wall. "This is Lorrie" Apex said drawing my eyes to his bright orange eyes. They were so odd that it made him incredibly eye catching. "Lorrie this is Newt"

"Hey" Lorrie smiled sort of at me as I looked at her. Something was off about that smile. I didn't want to think about it though. My eyes glanced over her and I tried to think of something to say.

Apex leant to say in Lorrie's ear, "She's mute but she talks through telepathy"

The way he leant into her made me slightly jealous. 'Do you know each other?' I thought out to everyone around.

"We knew each other as kids" Lorrie said. I nodded slightly just as the door for the medical check opened. 

"Visp?" the women questioned. Visp stood up gesturing it was himself before going in. I saw Lorrie's eyes follow him and wondered what that was about. I prodded at her mind and saw that her abilities gave everyone a taste. Visp was a windy taste which was refreshing it seemed. Then Apex he was a sunset which was warm and comforting. 

I didn't pry to find what I tasted of and settled on looking at my shoes. I had seen a picture of who I was fighting. She was called Pamela. She was a bulky girl that wasn't all that tall. Her powers were super strength, shape shifting and then creating a mist.

The idea of fighting someone scared me. I fainted at the sight of blood. Could I really last through a fight?

"Newt?" I looked up to see Visp coming out and went in myself. "Sit down" the women said gesturing to one of those hospital bed. I had to jump up to get on but once I got up I swung my legs. Check-ups didn't scare me. In fact this one didn't scare me at all.

She pulled out a stethoscope and checked my pulse. "That's fine" she said scribbling it down on a sketch board. She then checked my blood pressure. She nodded that it was fine to then got out the scan doing a scan and printing that off to check it. "Nothing wrong there. Now I'm going to take your blood for a few tests" 

I stared horrified as she pulled out a needle. Oh gosh. Oh no. I shook my head putting my arms behind my back. The women raised an  eyebrow. "Are you refusing to give your blood?" I nodded keeping my arms away from her. "I see..." she pulled out her clipboard and began to write. "Why is that?"

'I can't stand the sight of blood' I admitted glumly. The women nodded having heard the thought. She put the clipboard down then got something out of the cupboard. She turned around and sprayed something in my face. I flinch. At first nothing happened but soon my gaze got blurry. A hand clamped round my arm and I felt the needle slide in just before I blacked out.


When I woke up my sight was still blury. "She's up!" a voice called. I think it was Visp. When my sight cleared I confirmed it was Visp. He looked worried. "You okay? I completely forgot to warn you that they took blood for tests"

I shook my head. 'Its okay. What happened?'

"I don't know. The women came out and said you had need some medication for the blood tests" he said as I sat up and rubbed my sore arm. 

'What time is it?' I asked him telepathically.

Visp checked the clock. "Three o'clock. Don't worry your battle is at five"

I swallowed anyway. I could go and practice but I didn't see the point. Visp sat quietly on the other sofa as I looked around to notice I was in the living area. Apex wandered in. "Glad to see you awake"

I shrugged and got up. 'I'm...I'm going to train' I said and left I went off to the training room and sat down. I didn't see any point in practicing my fighting my powers weren't very defensive. I needed to think of a strategy. I closed my eyes and thought.

I could always use my hypnosis which would allow me to control her through touch and eye contact. I doubt she'd meet my eyes so I'd have to get close enough to grab hold of her. Maybe my telepathic scream would disorientate her. I opened my eyes and realised I was levitating. Then there was that. I could use it to jump any of her charges I guess. 

Closing my eyes I went back to my thoughts.


I didn't go back to the area before I went to my battle. I walked out shaking terrified. I was lucky my powers wouldn't cause blood. Although hers could. "May the battle begin" a speaker buzzed out. "In three, two, one and FIGHT!"

The girl shifted into a wolf and charged. I jumped up and levitated in the air. Pamela reacted quickly shifting into a hawk and flying at me. I dropped but the hawk came at me. I brought my arms up just before it clawed my face. I squeezed my eyes shut knowing there was blood. I couldn't look. If I did I would pass out and then I would be dead.

Instead I screamed out telepathically. The bird fell off me and I rolled away before stumbling to my feet. I opened my eyes and saw the blood on the ground. I felt a wave of dizziness come over me which gave my opponent time to shift into a bear that roared at me loudly. I stumbled back and the bear charged. I turned and ran but the bear caught up grabbing hold of me then throwing me. I hit the ground tumbling around. 

I heard Pamela shift again and screamed out with my mind. I kept screaming as I got to my feet. I could feel that the bears claw had slashed across my hips so I couldn't look down but blood was across the floor. I was getting more and more dizzy. 

I stumbled up to the quivering wolf on the ground keeping up the painful telepathic scream. Kill it. Make it kill itself. 

Strangely I listened to it grabbing hold of the wolfs head. I thought of the wolf killing it self. I ordered it to kill itself before I stumbled back. I stared down at the wolfs body which slowly changed into the form of a girl. A short bulky girl called Pamela.

A girl I'd killed to survive. I looked down at my body. The various claw marks on my arm from the hawk. The huge claw mark just under my hip on my left leg from where the bear had grabbed me. I also felt a thrumming pain on my right side from when I'd hit the floor. The main problem was there was so much blood. I was loosing so much blood. 

So, I passed out.

The End

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