A Gentlemen's Agreement, and the NewcomerMature


It couldn't be her! No way! Why would she come back here, and why this waste hole? Wasn't she adopted by rich parents from Earth? She could have anything she wanted. I  couldn't believe my eyes but even when I saw her name the truth was undeniable. I jolted upwards fist clenched and a half made up plan in mind. 

"Where are you going?"  Visp asked.

" I think I'm going to do something stupid." I replied honestly before making my way to my room. It had been a while since I had messed around with interfaces, and hacked into computer systems, but it was still worth a go. Besides my father helped build this colony and despite his usually abusive drunken behavior he did teach me a few useful things before he died. I typed in a few command codes on the electronic interface bring me to a coded command screen.

" Man this is only to easy."  I said aloud hoping that there wasn't something going on in the background that will alert the administrators of my shenanigans. I pushed the plate surrounding the interface off momentarily so I could reset the command codes to default by short circuiting one of the chips. It didn't always work but it was the fastest if it did. A flash emanated the panel, and the interface proceeded past the coded command screen. I was in but with limited authority and I bet didn't have much time to set something up. Then I saw that Visp, myself, Tiamone and Lorrie all had to check in with a doctor. Probably to make sure our powers were working or something. Either way all I had to do was arrange the appointments around so at least I could catch her eye in the hall or something, catch her eye let her know I still exist.  I was unsure to why I was going to this extent but somehow I felt like if I were to escape I should try to get her out to. I scheduled the appointments for tomorrow and made Tiamone's tonight just to spite him. I still couldn't say what bothered me about him but every bone in my body disliked and distrusted him. With a few more commands I put the interface back to normal and rejoined Visp, and the still unconscious Newt in the living room. A smile wide as the great all of china on my face Visp couldn't help but ask what I had been up to. 

"Just hacked the interface. Tiamone is going to be disappointed that his sleep is going to be interrupted later tonight."


"We have appointments with the doctor for some reason. So I changed the times around, also going to get a better look at that girl, and if it is the Lorrie I know I'm going to try to bust her out when were on our way out." 

"Woah wait were busting out? When did that occur?" Visp asked a bit surprised.

" I assumed that you would want to help me get out of here I'm sure your  intentions are not to stay here, is it?" 

"No but you could at least consult with people what your planning." 

"I haven't really come up with any yet, just now I came up with hacking the interface, and seeing that's easy and some help we can devise a plan to get out of this mess. However let’s keep it on the down low. That Tiamone guy doesn't seem trustworthy, and to be honest we don't know her well enough yet." 

"What about that Lorrie girl how do you know you can trust her?"

" I don't just yet. But as a gentlemen's agreement will you help me get us out of here?" I asked Visp with my hand extended, for a moment he hesitated but then quickly shook my had.

"A gentlemen's agreement." He smiled. 

Just then the doors slid open as two human guards quietly escorted and orange spikey haired boy with cold forest green eyes into the room. He wore combat gear, and a cold emotionless expression on his pale face. The once warm air in the room seemed to have cooled as the guards walked back cautiously training the weapons on the boy. One said into his communication device. 

"Subject 15 has been successfully brought area 50. Vacating the area now." 

What was up with this special treatment, why would someone plant such a scary guy with a bunch of newbie’s like us? Was he a plant? Why did they refer to him as subject 15? Either way this guy didn't exactly lighten up the atmosphere, but still I didn't want to let him think I was afraid of him.

"Hi there welcome to area 50. My name is Apex and this is..." 


15 just looked up at us for a moment his eyes giving us once over before giving off a sigh, "My name is Shard Decloak , and stay out of my way." He said before heading down the hall .  Anger came over me, who the hell does he think he is? He sounded exactly like one of those rich brats, that I so desperately wanted to teach a lesson. 

"Oi big shot how about you stay out of my way alright!" I shouted at him. 

“I don't think he cares man." Visp said. 

"No probably not. I'm gonna blow of some steam in the training court. Let me know if something interesting other than that piece of shit comes up."  I seethed before entering the training room hearing Newts telepathic voice asking ," What was that all about?" and commanded the computer, " I want a dozen enemies that will give me a light challenge, I need to pummel something into the ground." 


The next day wasn't any better though but for the most part Shard did stay out of sight except for the few times he showed up to look all emotionless and "scary" before sulking back into his room. What a loser I thought. What’s his deal anyways? A while later Newt, Visp, and I were enjoying a properly made meal funnily made by our other resident creep Tiamone. At first I didn't want any of it but the smell soon became irresistible and I joined them all for a meal.  That’s when Shard came out to get something of his own to eat, and while he made his way for the replicator device he knocked Newt straight off her chair with an air of Malice. 

"Hey! Watch the hell is your problem?" I said without realizing I was threatening him with a butter knife while Visp went to help. Newt gave Shard a murderous glare. He didn't respond but instead asked the machine for something. 

"That's not how we treat our comrades." Visp said with a tone of anger.

"Hey jackass, are you listening to me?" I asked walking up behind him the butter knife still in hand. He turned quickly his arm turning into some bizarre metal blade cutting deep enough to draw blood from my chest. 

"Oh its on!" I said changing my stance and stabbing at him, he didn't even to try to block as the butter knife made contact and bent. Wait! Bent? I looked down to see his stomach had turned into a hardened metal. In retaliation his arm blades went for my head but I flashed away from him long before he could have done anything.

"STOP!"  a voice screamed in my head, giving me the worst headache I had since I got here. I looked over at Newt who held an expression of concern on her face.

"Hmph, not worth my time anyways."  Shard said brushing against my shoulder. Oh man I don't think I was ever going to like this guy. I turned over to say sorry to Newt but she had seemed to catch a glimpse at the cut on my chest and had fainted.

"For heaven sake how is she gonna handle herself in the ring?" Visp asked.

"That's a really good question." I responded trying to lighten up my voice.  

After we had put Newt on the couch the doors opened letting two robots in, "Visp Rainer, and Apex Runiake,Newt you are to come with us for a check up." 


The End

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