A Perfect WasteMature


Newt passed out again. She'd have to do something about that, or she wouldn't make it past her first battle. I watched her for a little bit and realized that I didn't want her to die. I mean, obviously there was the whole camaraderie thing because we were in the same Area but... I don't know. Weird thing was I barely knew her. 

"Hey Visp, Tiamone has a match and I'm gonna go watch it. You wanna come with me?"

I looked at the still form of Newt and thought for a moment. How many times would I have an opportunity like this?

"Umm... No. I'm still a little shaky from my fight, and it'd probably be good to keep an eye on Newt. I'll watch it on T.V."

"Ok. Well be looking out for me in the crowd. I'm gonna see if I can catch some airtime."

"Ha ha will do Apex."

I watched as the pre-fight information came up on T.V. Tiamone would be fighting someone who called himself "The Wall." Their profiles came up side by side, comparing their stats and powers. The Wall outweighed Tiamone by nearly a hundred pound... the guy was solid muscle. He had Ea-11, Earthquake, Ec-1, Earth Control, and Rs-12, Rock skin.

I was starting to see a pattern.

Tiamone had Ti-3, Time, Il-21, Illusion, and Po-17, Portals.

A few seconds into the battle, Tiamone was down. The Wall had used his power to rip a chunk of earth out of the ground and hurl it my dorm mate. It looked like it hurt. Tiamone stumbled to his feet and snapped a finger, The Wall fell to his knees and was holding his head like it was going to explode. Tiamone took the opportunity throw a few punches, but they looked like they hurt Tiamone more than his opponent.

I looked over at Newt who was stirring. I turned the volume on the T.V. down as she blinked and sat up. She pointedly avoided looking at the T.V. She took out a note pad and scribbled something then turned it so I could see.

Where is everyone?

I pointed at the T.V., "There. Tiamone is in a match and Apex went to go watch." Instead of scribbling something down on the notepad this time, I heard the start of a sentence in my head.

"Apex. The good looking on-"

Abruptly the thought ceased and Newt reddened. She looked away, embarrassed, and I looked back at the T.V. but wasn't really watching it. 

She liked Apex. Not a surprise really. I was a nerd, he was... not a nerd. I was used to that, but it didn't usually hurt quite so much. Whatever.

I focused on the fight just in time to see a huge crack appear under Tiamone. He fell through, and the crack closed right up. Had he been crushed? A moment later a hole opened up and Tiamone fell through it. That must have been a portal. Tiamone closed his eyes in concentration, and The Wall, who had been charging at Tiamone, began to slow down. Tiamone easily sidestepped the charge and tripped The Wall as he "ran" past.

I looked back over at Newt who was staring at me. I tried to look away, but I couldn't. I was locked on her face. Her eyes. My jaw went slack and I couldn't blink.

What the heck?

Newt blinked and shook her head a few times, as if trying to clear a thought, and suddenly I was free.

"Sorry. I think I used my power on you."

"Oh ok that's what that was." Apex told me something similar had happened to Tiamone when Newt first arrived. 

My attention drifted back towards the T.V. and I saw The Wall, now back at full speed, make a fist and lift it as if pulling something out of the ground. In this case, something turned out to be a long pointy stalagmite. The Wall brought it around so it was facing Tiamone, then he launched it at him with dizzying speed.

Tiamone closed his eyes once more and the stalagmite slowed. He stuck out hand, and a portal opened up between him and the stalagmite. He stuck out his other hand, and another hole appeared behind The Wall. Then without warning, the stalagmite returned to full speed and shot into the hole. The Wall was unaware of the second hole behind him, and had no idea what hit him when the stalagmite flew threw that hole and impaled him. 

Thump. My head snapped over to Newt who was laying on the floor. 

Not again.

I laid her on the couch and waited for Tiamone and Apex to return. Fifteen minutes later, the doors slid open and the two of them walked through. 

"Hey nice fight!" I said, "The ending was pretty crazy."

Tiamone nodded, but didn't give any other sign of acknowledgment as he headed for his room. Apex flopped on the couch and caught sight of Newt.

"Is she still out?"

"No. She fainted again when Tiamone kil-... beat... his opponent."

"Oh. Did you see me on the screen?"

"No. Did you find any cameras?"


"Well that would be why I guess."

We both fell silent and watched as the next fight got under way. While the T.V. showed how much was being bet on the challengers, I realized that I hadn't made use of my time with Newt. In fact, I had barely said three sentences to her!

What a perfect waste I thought. As usual. 

A close up of one of the combatants caused Apex inhale sharply.

I couldn't hear quite what he said, but it sounded like,


The End

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