Cold MindMature


When I woke the room was silent. I sat up on the sofa. I tried to remember what had happened. I'd remember getting my powers. Being dragged against my will. Then the blood the aweful sight and smell of it. I got to my feet moving to what seemed like a kitchen. I checked the fridge and found a bottle of water. Grabbing it I began to wander around more.

I pass doors and heard the gentle breathing of people sleeping. I reached out towards their minds testing my powers and just saw horrific sights of battles so snapped my thoughts straight back to my body. My breathing was now unsteady and I was scared.

"Excuse me" a voice suddenly said and I screamed out telepathically but quickly stopped at the sight of a boy. One of the boys that I'd walked into see. Not the nice one but the one I'd barely even looked at. "Didn't mean to scare you?" he grumbled seeming to have heard my scream. I tried to prod his mind but hit a wall. An ice cold wall that made me stumble back in shock. Fury went across his face. "Don't do that"

I nodded quietly unable to talk to him through my new gifts and being left helpless again by my lack of voice. I began to sign in a hope maybe he understood some of that but the guy just looked confused.

"Can't you speak?" he asked and I shook my head. "No wonder you took telepathy. I'm Tiamone"

I dug around in my pockets and was glad to find they hadn't taken my notepad. I thought about writing down my name. My name... I hadn't gone by that name in a long time. No, I wouldn't go back to that. So instead I wrote my street nickname.

"Newt?" this Tiamone said raising an eyebrow. "You're called Newt?"

I glared at him cause what was wrong with being called Newt. It had been what I'd been called for the past 3 years. He shook his head then retreated into a room. I tried to find a room for myself and did. There was also a shower. It had been years since I'd had a shower. Closing the door I stripped of my clothes and turned on the water. I didn't wait for it to warm before jumping in and letting the water flow over my skin.

When I got out I went back into what I'd made my room and found fresh clothes just my size. I blinked but pulled them on before trying to untangle my hair out of the wild mess it was. There was no point though. I found a clock in the room and checked the time seeing it was still late so I lay down to sleep.


When I woke it was to the noise of a fight. I got up and made my way downstairs. Everyone was their watching the screen. When I got there everyone looked at me. Tiamone looked away but the other two politely introduced themselves.

"Hey, I'm Visp. Sorry about yesterday. I'd just come back from my first fight" he said which was when I noticed he was the guy who'd been all bloody and had caused me to faint.

I concentrated and thought. 'It's okay. I'm Newt' I thought to them and as I did I couldn't help but sign.

"Newt? And you're a telepath? Why did you chose that? I'm Apex by the way"

"It's cause she's a mute" Tiamone said finally involving himself in the conversation. I smiled sheepishly and shifted. Apex looked at Tiamone with a wary gaze which I could understand because he gave me the creeps to.

"So that's why you moved your hands as you talked to us a moment ago then?" Visp asked me and I nodded signing 'yes' as I did so.

Tiamone rolled his eyes. "You may as well come sit down and watch the fight. I checked the fight list and you're on tomorrow" he said. I gaped at the screen though cause I was watching a horrific battle. A blade slid into the body and at the sight of blood again.....well, I passed out. Again.

The End

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