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"Good plan now pull up my opponent. I wanna see my first victim." I said sounding more sure of myself than actually was.  While Tiamone pulled me up Visp was already heading to the training yard. All my luck to him he didn't look like a guy who knew how to fight. I however was different. My whole life was full of struggle.  

"Hey are you paying attention I’m doing ya a favour." Tiamone said with a tone of superiority what was with this guy? 

"Yeah, sorry." 

The screen Red 

NAME:Austin Graven


ATTRIBUTES: 7" , 270 Lbs

POWERS: Re 90,Le4, Cy120

The picture proved his giant like height; he wore a cybernetic implant over his left eye while his face gave this horrific blood stained laugh. His left arm had been turned into some sort of canon. He also had crazy unkempt spiky blood coloured hair. Austin Graven was the textbook definition of insane crazy man. 

"I heard of this guy. He killed his own area team, and enjoys the thrill of battle. Some would say that they took his humanity away from him; others said he wasn't human to start off with. All I know is when I saw him on the field it was like watching a demon from a horror movie he did not kill them quickly, but when he did he made them suffer before he turned them to dust. "  Tiamone said leaving me speechless.  Why did he have to say that? This guy already looked scary enough; Now Tiamone escalated his scary o meter to monster? He pulled up his powers. 

Re 90: Reflection; The ability to reflect all kinds of attacks, and take little to no damage from any attack. However is highly reliant on opponent's and combatant's synchronization levels.

Le4: Laser eyes, can shoot lasers from his eyes.

Cy120: Cybernetic upgrade. Combatants whole body is routed with wires for improved reaction time, and superior strength, combatants whole left arm has been re fitted with a space marine canon. Attached to the canon is a laser blade. Is also not able to feel pain. 


It was a monster I was facing, not a human being; he was more robot than human from what I could tell. He could reflect my explosions rate back at me, if I ran out of distance he could get me with his laser eyes, and to finish me off with that massive canon attached to his arm. Worse than that; if I managed to deal any damage to him he wouldn't be held up by any of the pain.  My breathing quickened and adrenalin was already pumping through my system at just the thought of fighting this man.

" Calm down," Tiamone said with little emotion," There are ways to win but you can't think about that if all you can see is their advantages. I suggest your practice as soon as he is done." 

"It would be stupid not to." I replied," But for now I let him train and I will try to sleep so I can train through tonight. I'm fighting right after him right?" Tiamone nodded then walked off without another word.  There was something weird about him, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  At any rate I needed to get some sleep and ask that computer to wake me up once Visp had finished training , but when I got in bed all I could think about was getting out of here, and how I was going to do it. My mind urged me that instead of sleeping that I should work on getting out, and if I wasn't thinking about that it was about my upcoming battle. So what felt like an eternity later the computer alerted me that Visp had finished up with the training room.

"Alright, no time to waste." I said 

The training area smelt heavily of burnt plastic; what was it with these places smelling like that? Computer I want to work specifically on my flash agility please set up appropriate training parameters. The terrain of the training area changed; starting to resemble a maze and to motivate me to move the walls began firing rubber bullets. I didn't want to find out how it felt to be pelted by rubber bullets so I started to run which then turned into the flash agility. An hour had passed before I stopped with huge bruises covering my arms legs and torso but I think I managed to extend my stamina with that particular power. Now it was going to work with explosions. I took in an heavy breath knowing this was going to be a punishing ordeal. Not even 15 minutes later was I kneeling before my own strength gasping for air and bleeding a dreadful amount, but on the upside I managed to increase the range and the intensity of the attack, but it still seemed like attack damaged me in each case. So I had to combine flash agility and explosions to save myself and double up on the explosions. I managed to drag my tired and beaten body to the replicator device.

"Healing serum, and bandages, actually make that thousands of bandages. I want all the bandages." I said weakly at the machine. 

"Processing." It replied then not a moment later an uncountable mass of bandages fell on top of me followed by the serum. I took the serum first before getting around to wrapping up the multiple injuries, and waited for the serum to take effect. In those few minutes much of the lighter cuts and bruises I had taken from the training had disappeared and much of the pain I felt had subsided. In turn though I felt so tired I couldn't move so I crashed with my back against the replicator. 


"Good Luck Visp.” I said as he walked through large imposing double doors. It was crazy to think that he might not be coming back through those doors.... No I gotta think positive he will make back through those doors just like I will when it’s my turn. The T.V in the living room turned on by itself and provided the days entertainment of my new found friend getting his ass handed to him then turning around returning the favour. At least he won. I stood up ready to meet him at the door as Tiamone joined me from his room however when those doors opened it wasn't Visp it was a skinny pale girl who looked like she really could use some food. Her eyes fell on me for a short bit just before Visp came in all bloodied and beaten then she collapsed just before he did. Perfect now I have to leave them up to him, and somehow I didn't feel like I couldn't trust him. 

"I'll do..." He began. 

"Nah I got this." I used flashed a couple times Visp was now in his room with half the bandages from yesterday surrounding him, and the girl was peacefully resting on one of the couches. Tiamone gave me the one eyebrow raised look while I returned with the; I'm watching you look.  

"Good luck out there. Yo..." 

"Don’t tell me I’m going to need it. Don’t tell me how strong he is.  I got this." I said opening those imposing those double doors. 

"Whatever your thinking don't kid yourself Apex I can see it in your eyes that you're scared. Possibl..." Bang, man he was annoying, and his negativity its almost like he wants me to die. Ahead of me another set of doors opened and a blinding light filled the halls, I walked forwards trying to ignore my fears as I face this monster. The crowd booed while I made my appearance. Great even the crowds against me. I got into position as my opponent was walked across guided by chains that he was fighting viciously to rid himself of. He howled yelled and roared to be honest I thought I was facing someone who was possessed by some supernatural force. 

"All bets have been placed. Let the match begin! Three, Two, one. Zer..." 

Boom! I was flying backwards he had already fired that canon and I was lucky that I flashed out of the way or I would be toast. I appeared behind him punched his head. He rolled forwards. I couldn't give him an opportunity to see what hit him so I punched again releasing a powerful explosion that sent him flying against the force field protecting the audience as I managed to escape using my flash agility. However he got up looking relatively unharmed. Shit. He charged at me firing that canon of his while giving out this tremendous yell that could be heard in between explosions from that canon. I kept on flashing in and out of his perception yet he had a perfect lock on my location. I had to get close to him so he can't fire that damn canon! 


He managed to hit me while I was in between flashes and now I was the one flying into the force field. My body screamed at me as I hit the ground, I could taste blood in my mouth, I was having difficulty breathing. My ears were ringing as I felt liquid pouring out of them. I was going to die here! I started to panic then he grabbed my limp arm and threw me to the ground so he could see my face. He was salivating, as his wicked face laughed manically. A red laser blade protruded from the canon, he was going to cut me up! I had to move! Come on move body move!

"MOVE!" I screamed frantically managing to role away from him and stand up, but i was barely standing my legs were shaking, My upper body wouldn't stay still and each breath felt like a thousand stinging blades. Then those lasers came out of those eyes and somehow I managed to flash out of the way. I couldn't keep running like this though not in this state.  I had to win or try to or I will certainly die, there was no other way, but how. He was in a perfect state, and I was in horrible condition it was damn miracle I was still standing. 

"Abandon your fears, and move forward." A voice unlike my own said in my head. I wasn't sure if it was just the heat of battle was making me hear things but I listened. I stopped running ,and calmed my breathing. My enemy was charging with that canon pointed rate at me. 

"I got this." I said flashing towards him avoiding multiple canon shots.

 Once I was beside him I decided to flash around him punching him while releasing multiple explosions. When the force began to be to much I was thrown backwards but I managed to keep my footing as I slid backwards against the sand. The smoke and debris cleared my opponent had managed to reflect most of the attacks but it looked like that canon of his was now a huge dead weight.  This time the crowd was silent as this gladiator dismembered his canon arm by simply ripping it off with the other then throwing it at me. To which I happily destroyed with an explosion. He charged at me again this time his eyes fired a continuous laser beam. I dodged his attack and appeared beside him with a fist full of sand that I threw at his face. He turned towards me and I flashed away. Of course that wasn't going to work. Then another idea hit me, I will explode the ground and surround him in a mist of debris so he can't tell where I will be next!  I put the plan to action immediately the crowd was booing again, but who cared I was about to win!  Than with everything I had I barraged the pillar of debris with multiple explosions that even pushed the force fields to their limits.  Another minute passed and most of the debris cleared, but to my astonishment my opponent was stumbling towards me. He was severely burnt in some places and blood was pouring from every orifice on his face but yet he still walked his burnt stump of an arm shaking violently. 

"Finish him, finish him, finish him!" The crowd erupted. At this moment I realized I wasn't prepared to kill anyone.

"Kill him."  That same voice said in my head. 

"I can't." I shook my head.

“Do it now!"  It commanded and what I thought was against my own well I found myself walking towards my stumbling opponent.  I looked down at my hands for a moment and a rage inside me burst forth. This man tried to kill me; why should I spare his life! I viciously waved my hand in front of me making a powerful explosion ripped through my opponent's chest this time he was dead for sure. I looked at my handiwork and screamed. What had come over me? 

The End

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