A Voice For NewtMature

My feet pounded on the metal stairs as I ran up them to the building. It was a large building. Nothing like I had expected. When I got there I kind of fell into a dizzy daze. I hadn't eaten the whole of today and my stomach was churning hungrily making me feel a bit sick. "Are you okay?" the nurse asked me making me look up.

I forced a smile and began to sign but when I saw her confused look I stopped. Taking my notebook out I scribbled down 'I'm fine. Just a little hungry'

"Oh, well" she walked off and came back with and apple with I devoured hungrily. When I looked back up the lady was looking at me oddly. I held the core of the apple wondering what to do with it. The nurse just plucked it from me dropping it into a bin. "Anyway, you chose Ex-23, Ex-12 and Ag-54. An odd combination but okay. So you're eighteen?"

I nodded hoping she wouldn't prod further and she didn't getting up gesturing that I should follow. I scrambled to my feet shoving my pen and notepad back in my pocket. I followed her to another room where various things were set up. Having never been to school I didn't know what any of it was but when the nurse gestures to the lounging chair I shifted nervous. There were needles around and I barely could stand the sight of them never mind having them sliding into my arm.

The nurse shot me an impatient look and I scrambled up onto the lounging chair allowing myself to be strapped down. "Now, I'm just going to-" I didn't hear what the nurse said next because the moment my eyes had seen that needle looming close. Well, I'd blacked out. Guessing, I assumed it was a sedative.


My mind was assaulted by voices when I woke. 'This girl is so tiny' and 'Is she really eighteen?' Not one was spoke allowed but I could hear them so I was guessing that these powers were really. I could have jumped around with glee but I still couldn't feel my body yet. It was like I was still sleeping. 

My mind seemed to be wandering while my body remained silent and unactive. Suddenly I woke up. I took in a sharp breath as my eyes opened. The nurse was on one side of me then this gangly little doctor on the other. I barely felt them undoing the straps but when they did I sat up and let my head fall in my hands. I looked at the doctor our eyes meeting. He froze just staring at me blankly. 

"Hey!" the nurse snapped drawing my attention away. The doctor came back to life once my eyes left his and the nurse was giving me this cold glance. "Don't use your powers on staff"

I nodded and slid out of the seat. "F-Follow me" the doctor said shakily. "I will be testing your powers today as Mr Kobish is away watching one of the new recruits"

The way he said recruit sounded like this whole place was an army base. I didn't have time to think much more about it as we reached this large room. I was told to stand in the center  of the room so I did. I didn't hear what the doctor said next. Something about a big guy who now stood next to him. Then something about tests. I often zoned out of conversations. Suddenly though two walls swung towards me. I jumped and the walls just missed me but what was amazing was that I was floating about six feet off the ground.

I stared. "Well that's your levitation working" the doctor said gesturing I should come over as the wall fell away to wherever they had come from. I walked over and the doctor thought. "Testing your next power will be a toughy.... your a mute aren't you?" I nodded. "Well... say something into my mind"

Hello? I thought focusing on the man. He grinned and laughed a little seeming to have begun to relax. "And hello to you too dear" he said then waved at someone behind me grabbed me. I tried to scream out which was pointless. I couldn't scream.

Or maybe I could because everyone looked in pain till something clasped round my wrist. The doctor didn't say anything just gestured to the men I should be taken away. I tried to levitate up or scream but eventually I came to the conclusion that what ever was around my wrists left me unable to use my powers.

So naturally I began to mope. I was so use to getting my own way with whatever I did I didn't like that being taken away. They were taken off though and I was being put in a living space. Okay, again I wasn't paying attention. Especially to the programmed intercom. I walked into a room and came face to face with two people.

They both seemed to be expecting someone else and I couldn't think of what to say. My mind went blank at the sight of one of the two boys. He was slim and not that much taller than me which was nice. The door opened behind me and I turned to see another boy. Gosh, was I living with just boys.

Then I saw the blood and blackout all over again.

The End

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