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When I woke up, I tried not give any sign. Opening my eyes a slit, I saw that I was in bright room that contained a chair, the bed that I was lying, and a robotic guard standing in the doorway. My hands were cuffed but I hand enough mobility to point them at things. 

Things like a robotic guard standing in the doorway. 

I visualized not one, but many small bolts of lightning shooting from my fingertips as if I was Darth Sidious himself, and tensed to let fly. Nothing happened for a moment and then:

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed as the cuffs around my wrist began to burn. The robotic guard turned to look at me as I writhed in agony, and after a moment, it pulled a remote from it's metal pocket and then hit a button. 

The pain vanished. As I lay gasping on the bed, the guard spoke,

"Cuffs are designed to negate all powers and inflict pain upon subject to discourage further attempts of usage. Now that you are awake you will come with me to Area 50."

I stood weakly and shuffled out the door behind the guard. I glanced at my wrists, and was surprised to find no marks whatsoever. The burning had felt all too realistic, but no damage had been done. Did they not want to hurt me?

"Umm excuse me, where are we?" I asked the guard. 

"You are at The Dome. A compound designed to hold and display subjects for the amusement of paying customers."

"Display? Displayed doing what?"

"Subjects are sent into battle against other subjects. Fights are to the death. Your only weapons are your powers."

My stomach dropped. It was all I could do to not collapse, scream, and puke at the same time. Fights? To the death? How in the world was the legal? How come I had never heard about it before?

How long would I last?

Adrenaline and sheer panic took over, and I broke free of the guard's iron grip and practically flew down the hallway. 


The cuffs began to burn again, but I didn't care. I turned a corner, and another corner, and was about to jump down stairs, when I felt an electrical shock hit me, and I lost all control of body.

The guard grabbed me by the neck and continued to haul me back down the hallway.

I was screaming from fear and pain as the cuffs continue to burn my wrists. I think I puked once, and probably would have done so again if I'd had anything else to toss.

Thought after morbid thought shot through my head. I didn't even realize we had stopped in front of a set of doors until another electrical shock tore through my body and the pain in my wrists faded. The guard released his grip on me and I fell to the floor.

I looked up from where I lay to the set of doors. Above the doors was a sign:

Area 50.

The guard picked me up again and hauled me through the doors into a sort of foyer. As soon as the doors had slid shut behind us, a computer generated voice spoke:

"Welcome to Area 50. New subject detected. Prepare for Cleaning Cycle."

The room began to glow, and it grew brighter with every passing second. I had to close my eyes as the room became impossibly bright and then after a moment I could feel the light begin to dim.

"Cleaning Cycle complete. All mutagens and items deemed dangerous by Superpowers Inc. have been removed. Sorry for the inconvenience."

I felt my pants pockets. Empty. 

"Hey! Where's my ipod and PSP? How are those dangerous?"

The only response I received was a push from the guard. It was all I could to keep from falling. Well, at least the cuffs were gone. The doors ahead of me looked wooden and furnished, but they too slid aside to reveal something straight off of HGTV. It was huge... and awesome looking.

Wait a second. They were making us fight to the death.

And I was focusing on the decor. I wondered if that's why the decor was so... plush. TO distract the contestants from the inevitable conclusion that they would stay here until they died. I was shocked from my thoughts by the guard.

"This is Area 50.This is where you will stay when you are not fighting. It is equipped with modern conveniences and appliances. There is also a training area for you to practice. At present there is one other resident. Eventually you will have up to eight residences who will join you in team battles. Question should be directed to any of the CI Responsive monitor units found throughout the area. That is all.

And with that the guard turned and left. I was in a stupor as I walked into Area 50. Despite my earlier thoughts, I was enamored with everything that I saw. My fear slipped away, replaced by curiosity and wonder. This was luxury. There was a huge TV with a few game consoles, some really comfy looking couches and chairs filled the surrounding area, the kitchen had a stainless steel microwave, oven, fridge, dishwasher... everything. There was also some other appliance, that looked like a microwave, but had a keyboard attached to it. 

"It's a food replicator."

I spun around and didn't see anyone at first, but then I noticed the boy sitting cross legged on a rug in the living room. I hadn't noticed him because he hadn't moved an inch since I got here. Even as he spoke, his lips were the only things that appeared to have life in them.

"What is a food replicator?"

"An appliance used to replicate food. You type in what you want and it makes it."

I was confused. "Then why is there and oven and microwave?"

"The replicator can make completed dishes, or simply ingredients for those who wish to cook their own food."

"Oh... ok. I'm Visp. Nice to... meet you."

"I'm Tiamone. Nice to meet you too. I don't want to seem rude, but my power, time, is very difficult to control and at the moment I am attempting to control it. This requires a great deal of focus which I cannot uphold while I talk with you. Sorry."

"Oh. Umm... no problem, I'll just check out my room then."

I walked up a small flight of stairs to a hallway with rows of doors on either side. I chose the first one on the right as my own. I entered and looked around. There wasn't much in the way of entertainment. There was a dresser, a bed, a mirror, a rug, an empty bookcase, a t.v. and a panel on the wall. I wondered if there was some way to get books to put on the bookshelf. I'd have to ask the CI responsive unit thingy at some point, but at the moment all I wanted to do was collapse into bed. As my face hit the pillow, a crinkling sound emanated from my pocket. 

The note.

I rolled to my side and was reaching for my pocket, when I heard the foyer doors slide open. Footsteps accompanied by a male voice reached my ears. We had another roommate. I left the note temporarily forgotten in my pocket, as I entered the living room to meet the new arrival.

The End

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