Superpowers IncMature

On mars a corporation captures peoples interest by giving them superpowers if they can't afford and sign an agreement they are turned into gladiators.

"Hello you must be Apex Runiake, I have already read your application." A man with a silver lab coat said happily.

"Yes that's me." I said with confidence today was the day I would have the power to protect my friends from the those damned rich kids who come around and beat us kids who lived in small homes and struggled to stay off the streets. There was a lot of things wrong with this society on mars, and I wanted to change it but I needed strength, and this is how I would get it.

"Follow me then Apex we'll start treatment right away. Now I believe you already know this but sometimes these treatments will change your outward appearance, is that alright?"He asked.


"Your of age to undergo this procedure but I just want to make sure that your parents have not disagreed with this choice?'

"Yes." I said impatiently.

"Alright than we will get rate to it." He said opening a large door that had a noticeable amount of security devices on it. I could only guess why they were in place. Behind the door was a round room with holo consoles covering all the walls. In the middle was a seat surrounded by all sorts of devices that had needles at the end of them. It was sort of terrifying to look at actually," Yeah that machine terrifies me to, however there is no other way then to deal with it, and when you wake up you won't be able to tell where the needles have entered your body." He said in a comforting way. I got onto the chair which was actually very comfortable to sit in aside from the fact that if you opened your eyes there were dozens of needles surrounding you.

"Alright were going to need a drug to knock him out, then prepare serums A15, B15,Z15." The man smiled, he could tell that I didn't pick those powers because of the description I just picked them because my favourite number is 15, and the powers were actually pretty cool. The , man received a needle from somewhere below his chair. 

"Are you ready?"

" I have been for a while." I said comfortably, the needle passed through my skin and before I could count to one I fell into darkness.

The End

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