Kyle: I going to kill you!

After the cloud of flames vanishes, I see Dracula getting up from a small smoking slight flaming hole. He looked pissed really pissed.

" I don't care what or who you claim to be anymore but no one, no one doese that to me!" 

" Then shuddup, Draccy!" My voice , and mind hits insanity.

The world seems to warp at my hands I swing forwards the warping leaves my hands and its looks like I was ripping reality as if it was paper. It stops at Dracula who stops it with both hands. Magic flows into the rip repairing it.

" Don't think your the only one who can do such a thing."

" I don't but I can do something you can't!"  Insanity still clawing at my mind.

I left my hand belowt it seems to rise an impposibly jagged mountian it begins to erupt , lava and flames. Dracula finds himself at every turn nearly being burned to nothing ness or being impaled. He resorts to pushing his aura around him downwards to avoid this new mountian. I simply walk off the ground and swat him back down to earth.  He barely stops himself and compress the ground below him.

I speedily shoot out of the sky and even before I reach him the air that I pushed forwards forced him backwards. I land on the ground and project an aura that lifts rocks the sized of houses out of the way. Dracula just barely holds his ground. People on the battlefield find it har no to watch the fight.   Dracula gets on his knees and springs forwards towards me his form changing from that of a vampire to the real deal. His body stretches out , and becomes massive like a true god, his aura also grows. His voice deepens.

" Its time to show you insignifagant bug what a god is like!" His voice may be normal at this size yet for us it is booming and all to loud.I just laugh manically leaning back power growing at my fingertips.

" The bigger they are the harder they fall!"  I say then leave the ground in split miliseconds. No one could see me at this pace and dracula size he was to big to react fast enough. I bolt appear beside him kicking his face in. He goes off balance then I begin to hit him repeatedly with bolts of red energy to his face blinding him. Once he blinded for a long enough time , and falls over the sky darkens at my command around the battle field it wal illumanated only by strong auras. Mostly mine , and dracula.

" Do you know why i'm going to win Dracula?" I ask  and throw my hands downs a pure blue magic explosion emmanates on dracula body blowing his god form to pieces, but i don't finish there the sky fills with metiorites that are all slamming down onto his rapidly dettiorating  god form.  If he wasn't dead yet but he'll never have that strength ever.I see his smaller form in the dust.

" I'm not finished!"  I say bring my hands together half the span of energy I found when my being changed. I compressed it down , then blasted it into him.  He took the full force of it , he knew to well he couldn't block it or absorb but atleast had the dignity of a leader to make sure none of his forces felt the force of the blast. As it finished he flew through the battle field and crashed miles off. I stood infront of him within an instance and picked his beaten body off the ground and appeared back at the battlefield.

" I win because of." The insanity stops the energy momentarily turns, for just one moment I have no energy , and dracula takes the oppertunity to use his last resort in a fight which is bag which is an alternate univers he cups it around my arm. It pulls my arm to shoulder length before my power returns but its too late.

" Cheat!" I hiss then blast his chest full of spikes ,but miss my target which is his heart.

I take one last look around the surroundings Scarlett was at Dracula's side defending off his allies, and enemies. Obviously his followers we not following his lead anymore. Just before my head is sucked into the bag , Scarlett transports us all to a rather depressing looking chamber. Then I find myself in a realm surrounded by purple , and my energy had no effect on anything.

The End

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