Nicas: wait, is that me?

'Damn! wrong girl!'

Scarlett leant forward,
"No one is going to remember you anyway" she hissed, opening her jaw to bite.
'Going for the neck, eh? How surprising. Two can play at that, bloodsucker!' My thoughts were unusually clear, and urgent. I brought both my wings down, hard, on her outstretched neck, and heard a sharp 'crack' of bone.
I heard it somewhere that a swan can break an arm with it's wing. I am about three times a swan's size, and my wings are nearly three times as strong.
Scarlett's neck broke instantly, a fatal wound for any mortal, but I knew she would only be down for a hour, or less, and would recover fully within the week. Looking up from my huddle, I saw Kyle, who I had last noticed collapsing, throwing Dracula across the field like a doll. His dark voice boomed across the mass of brawling beings.
"This is what being a God must feel like."
'Well dammit' said my inner ear, 'there is no chance of us beating him now.'

Then I noticed another fight, this one closer to hand. Dracula's daughter was fighting some one who looked remarkably familiar. At first I thought it was dad, and my heart leapt into my mouth. He would NOT be a good visitor to this place. Then, suddenly, I knew what I was looking at.

She was fighting ME.

Or at least an illusion of me. I heard her pleading with it to help her, and simultaneously heard Scarlett groan. The illusion flickered, like a TV image loosing signal, I looked down at Scarlett, she was still concious, that was impressive, but correctable. I stretched out my right arm, and fired a bolt of light directly at her head. It met resistance, but not much, and I easily struck her out.
The illusion assaulting the other girl vanished, and I noticed that she was crying. Real tears. Real emotion. She looked shocked for a second, then saw me walking towards her, Darkcleaver had vanished as soon as I began the death spell, and all I had to defend myself was my magic. Once again I was trusting that she wasn't lying.
This time hopefully, I wouldn't be almost killed. As I got close I tried to smile through the pain still arching through my body, the battle rage had drifted, and I could feel my old self regaining control.

"Well if it's your father's defeat you want, then you would seem to be in luck, Kyle's certainly giving it a damn good shot!"

The End

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