Delphi: Okay...Ou!

I was flung to the ground, my head span... I knew I said that I'd fight him, I know I said that I'd take it, but a death spell? harsh!

"Okay...ou!" I stood up, holding my head "Boy you know how to throw a good spell"

Nicas scowls at me, probably angry that I survived.

I ducked and span out of the way, this guy is kinda scaring me now, where the hell did he learn to do that? I took a deep breath and collected my energy, producing a sheild. "Nicas, you have every right to be mad at me" I deflected another huge blow "but you have to believe that I didn't know! I was 5 years old and very naieve!"

Nicas shot something harder at me, making me wince "Thats no excuse, I know that! Please understand though that killing me, will not even fase my...father" I spat the word "He enjoys it, you'll only be giving him more reason to kill you, which to be honest I dont want!" I felt the tears course down my cheeks. I havn't cried since the last time I saw him, must be a tradition. My sheilds faltered breifly but I felt no attack.

Nicas's fists were balled up, his anger was plain. "Nicas" I pleaded "Please" my head turned to the sound of my father and the leader of this assault, they were having their own fight, and Scarlet was at war with herself, injured but her loyalties were torn. I stepped closer to Nicas, who actually seemed to be listening now.

"Nicas, hate me. Hate me if you want but right now, that, that thing, my father...he's leading the assault and batlling it out with your best friend. Please Nicas, I know that we're supposed to hate eachother but a vampire is not all I am, my mother, Penelope Orchid was a wiccan, a healer. I don't like it! I don't like where I come from" I gestured toward Dracula "but I don't have a choice. Will you fight with me Nicas, take Dracula's power once and for all? or will you destroy the only one who knows how?"

The End

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