Kyle: War inside.

I felt my body hit the ground, the lack of energy started a war inside me , The agents of death , attacking the side of life.  Imbetween my mind was getting beaten and crushed.

" No god dammit I control this body!" I try to convince myself. , as two crushing relentless pressures , push up against me.  I had to think quickly or else I will die, and something new will be emmerge from me.   There was only on solution, absorb.  I stop fighting the two pressures , and grab them which in turn absorbs into me. Reality returns I can see a darkeness taking over my eyes, but through the darkness I see Dracula standing over me smiling. I can also see an unstable aura on around him. Wait thats my Aura.  He begins to lean down , to touch me.

" I wouldn't do that." My voice sounds different it doesn't sound like Kyle, or the evil demonic Kyle.

 Dracula steps back.

" What to you call yourself?"

What kinda question was that?

" Kyle you deranged idiot."

" You can't be you Aura , and whole entire being just changed Kyles mind should have been crushed in the process." 

" It doesn't matter we haven't finished our fight." My eyes become much darker, and so doese my voice.   Everything about me was fluctuating trying to balance itself off.  I move my right arm whic scars the ground from the movement.  I no longer needed a weapon, I'am the weapon.

Dracula blasts me with a large fireball which only hits me , and has no effect.

I swing my left arm , and he flys backwards.

" This is being a god must feel like." My voice covers the field, around me flames , and windcombine and compress into a pillar directed at Dracula. When it hits him the explosion of flames engulfs everyone. I luagh maniacally. My mind going between sanity and complete insanity.

The End

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