Nicas: not the way I want to be remembered

Through the rising fury and the Latin chant of the spell (you can invoke it in any language, but I learnt all my magic in Latin), I heard the girl's speech, and, through half glazed eyes, I saw in her eyes the genuine feeling I'd only ever seen before in Tyler's, when he was talking to the fairy girl. Suddenly, the spell seemed like a bad idea, but it was too late, I couldn't stop it now. Instead, I changed the target. The spell can be a single point killer, or spread over a wide area, and changing from the former to the latter is, whilst not simple, not particularly hard.

'We're still surrounded by enemy forces,' I thought, as the final words spilled, unbidden, from my lips, 'The energy won't be wasted.'

Then it struck. Light came down from the sky like a falling sea, drenching everything for many meters around, screams filled the air as weaker vampires, not yet fully daylight resistant, fell swiftly to it's impact, but the stronger ones would stand. Only a direct hit would faze them, but even in this force, they were few enough, and my action had wiped out a considerable chunk of opposition.
But I wasn't concentrating on that, the second the spell had released me, I leapt forwards towards the girl, who Kyle had knocked clear of the main blast. Expecting resistance, she stuck me violently in the chest, almost knocking me backwards, but I managed to stay my course, for the third time that day, my wings provided cover for another. Inside the hollow created my twelve feet of muscle and feathers, it suddenly occurred to me that I had just provided a vampire with the perfect opportunity to rip out my throat,

"If you are going to kill me," I panted, "could you give me an second to think up better last words? That challenge is not how I want to be remembered."

The End

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