Kyle: Sometimes I wonder what or who I fight for

I get myself up the girl who saved me from Scarlett biting me. She was talking to Nicas who was at this point ignoring her as he said the words of a death spell. Scarlett was kneeling on the ground covering the side where my bolt of energy went through , she looked mighty pissed, but mobile.

" Its no use!" I yell as I run forwards and grab the gilr before Nicas releases the death spell. Time began to slow but my legs where running at a normal speed. Light was begining to blind us all. It was stupid to go back for Scarlett but I didn't want her to get hurt even though she wanted to hurt me.  I run through the burst of light my energy burning up as I shielded myself agianst it. I could hardly see what I was doing but I felt Scarletts dress , and I yanked her out of the death spells blast. I blast myself the hell out of the way before the main thing happened.  I land smoking out onto the battle field at the feet of the one I was looking for.  I begin to get up but Dracula steps hardly onto my shoulder forcing me down on the ground.

" Do you surrender?" He asks.

" Not until my last breath!"  I say and he begins to crush my chestbones.

" I can make that happen, right now."

" I wouldn't though." I begin to weeze from lack of oxygen. 

Well what better time then now to go all out. My arms begin to glow their seperate colours , and I lift Draccy's foot off me , and throw him off. A long broad sword made of concentrated magic appears in my hand. Dracula knows this fight was going to get seriouse in a very short time , and begins to show off. In a matter of seconds a black like energy emanates from Dracula , and it seemed to increase the force of gravity on weaker beings. I start the fight for real and bring my sword down making a arc of energy slam into Dracula which he blocks bare handed. Dracula slips backwards trying to hold the blast back which explodes in his face blinding , and injuring the ancient vampire.

" Are you kidding me?!" I yell shooting out of the sky my blade peircing the ground, just missing Dracula by mere millimeters. Smoke , and dirt shot off into the sky as I continue to chase after the coward.

" This is not fun how about I step it u..." Pain sheers through me as I feel to sharp points go through the back of my neck. I can't turn my head but I could feel Scarletts presence behind me.

"Bastard.This isn't over." I mutter as my face pales , and reality slips from view. I should have been more observant, I think to myself , I shouldn't have saved Scarlett, I wish I hadn't burnt up lots of energy from ealier  saving Scarlett.

The End

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